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Chapter 5- First direct encounter

The training room was banging with loud noise of gunshots. It seemed as if many people are trying to improve their targets. But on entering, you would be shocked to see only one person, playing with guns. His both hands were shotting continuously on target and not a single time he missed the target. He was pro in using gun, and that is one of those things which he was proud of. But right now, his facial expressions were clearly telling that he was pissed, annoyed and angry.

Moosa was angry and he was busy in taking out his anger, when loud click of heels was heard. He remained busy, knowing very well who that person is,

"Hey Moosa how are you?" A girly voice caused him to close his eyes in annoyance, but he ignored.

"C'mon now you can't pretend that you aren't listening to me. I have some spicy news for you." That seduce-filled voice reached his ears and he stopped shotting, knowing very well that she isn't leaving him, until and unless he listened to her.

"What is it?" He turned and asked bitterly.

"You know what, rudeness suits you alot." The girl with black jeans and tight shirt, which was hugging her curves beautifully, hairs clasped in high pony-tail and gun in her hand, while viscious smile playing on her lips said.

"Just tell me what i asked lishay." Moosa said, grabbing water bottle and drinking it while standing.

"I know what you asked and i will answer you, just let me have some fun." She said seducingly, moving the tip of her finger on his throat.

"I am not your toy to fun around. Just answer the fuckin' question and leave." Moosa said harshly.

"Don't stress out Moosa, it's al...."

"Boss, it's boss for you." Moosa cut her in middle, as usual.

"Ughhhh, same sentence. Can you please change it now, i am bored of it." Lishay said smiling, while lust evident in her eyes.

Moosa didn't beared it and grabbed her neck, hindering her to breath,

"I am not your servant. You are my servant, so just do what i say. I want information right now, and if it isn't valuable, then get ready to bear the consequences." He was tightening his grip by passing second.

"Moosa....le....lea...leave. Le...eav m...mee." lishay said, trying to free herself from his icy grip. Her face was getting redder by each passing moment.


"Boss, call me Boss." Moosa barked furiously.

"Bo, boss lea..leave." She said and instantly Moosa pushed her on ground. She took deep breaths and coughed to normal herself.

"Information." He demanded again.

Lishay passed her red colour file, which he opened and his facial expressions were changing with every passing page.

"Good. That's what i need. Abbas Malik, get ready for a war, for your end." He laughed loudly and then left, without a second glance at her.

While on the other hand, Hemayal was sitting in her room, waiting for her brother to come and make her happy. She was sure that Shayan would come definitely, he can't be angry with her for long time. Her thoughts were interrupted with a light knock on door. She jumped from bed in happiness and went to open the door.

"Finally you remember that you have a sister in your house." She said looking away, just trying to tease him.

"Well, now a days there is too much work to done. Sorry i forgot." Shayan teased her too.

"Ohh yeah, you are right. It's okay, you should go and do your work. I am fine here." She said, this time annoyed.

"Dumbo, i was kidding. Now please come and ease my arm's pain. They are hurting for you." He said, opening his arms for hug, which she returned gladly.

"Okay now, please make breakfast. I am hungry yaar." Shayan said to her, rubbing his stomach, making her smile.

"Yeah yeah dinasour, come let's feed your big stomach." She jokingly said and they both laughed.

Later that day, Hemayal went to coffee shop on returning from university. She was having her coffee when a group of boys, all clad in black, entered tye coffee shop, grabbing everyone's attention.

Gosh they are handsome. She pushed the first thought that came in her mind.

She was looking at them, who cleaned the already cleaned table again, roamed around the coffee shop, like they were looking for something. Some of them stood set the chair around the table and removed the rest of them.

They are preparing the table like president of America is coming. She rolled her eyes and diverted her attention to her own coffee.

After some time, she randomly looked upwards and her breath stopped. The devilishly handsome boy with hoodie covering his face came and sat on the main chair. His face was hidden from her, but still her heart skipped a beat on his handsome and toned body.

Damn yaar, is he for real?

I mean he is too handsome.

I swear i am dreaming. Wattpad is getting on my nerves.

What are you doing, Maya? Hold on, harram thoughts are on their way. She shooked her head to clear her thoughts, which were getting out of the way.

She peeked again at him secretly and her mouth opened on protocoal he was recieving.

Is he seriously president of some country?

She thought because the whole management team of shop was around him. Some were cleaning the table again, some were writing his order, some girls were busy in staring and manager was standing with his head bowed.

Before she could stand and ask about him, a loud gunshot was heard and she frozed on her place. This was first time, she heard real gun shot. Before that she only watched in movies and she always fantasize the reaction she would give on hearing some gunshot. But now, on hearing the loud and clear voice, she frozed.

Are you insane?

Why are you standing like a fool?

Run and save your life.

Her brain mocked her and she looked around to come across with the chaos. People running here and there. The black clad boys were firing and some were getting hurt. People were running for their lives, but she was standing still, trying to absorb the reality of her being in real mess. A broken window right behind her ear, caused her to left the scream, which her throat was holding for quite long. She covered her ears and looked behind to see some masked men running around with guns in their hands. Instantly she grabbed her bag and tried to run, when her way was blocked by one masked man, who was aiming his gun at her. She got stilled, her hands started shivering and her breaths stopped.

Bhaii i am so sorry for everytime i hurt you. She knew that was her end, so she started asking forgiveness for her sins.

Abu please forgive me for not fulfilling your wish.

Ammi please forgive me for not becoming a good daughter and...

Before she could say anymore, someone shotted him right on forehead and he fell.on ground with eyes staring dangerously at her. She screamed and hide herself behind the chair, trying to save herself from them. She looked around and prayed for this to end soon. It was then she noticed the hoodie man, with guns in his both hands and he was killing without any effort, as it was his favourite game. His eyes were still covered but she could see his lips, which were twitched into viscious smirk. She shuddered on his bravery and dangerous aura. He and his group were busy in killing, when she noticed a red spot on his right arm. She first ignored, but as her all attention was fixed on him, she noticed that as he moved, that red spot also moved, like from his right arm to chest, then to forhead and then leg. And it didn't took her long to realize in that chaos that ut was a laser beam.

Someone is trying to kill him. She whispered in fear and her heart beats quicken.

You are not going to save him. Her brain said, before she could take any step.

Why not? He isn't aware, i should tell him. Her heart said in reply.

So what? He is also killing others, if someone kill him too, ot doesn't matter. Her brain said emotionlessly.

But he didn't start. He was just having coffee, when suddenly these masked men came and started shotting. Her heart said and she nod in approval.

She looked at laser beam, which was now focused on his heart. She got up instanly, ignoring his brain which was trying to stop her, and went towards him. She was just holding tiny bag on her head to protect herself from gunshots, knowing very well that it is of no use. But that didn't matter at that time. She ran towards him and on nearing him, she pushed him hard on ground, falling with him too.

Moosa, who was busy in killing goons of Abbas Malik, looked at front and saw a girl, carrying tiny bag over her head running towards him. He was confused in start, but before he could ask her, she pushed him on ground and fell on top of him. He held her from waist and looked at her, whose face was covered with hairs. Abbas Malik is one of his rival, who always try to create problems in every situation. And this time too, he is having his dirty hands on this project. He knew that his men would come here and he wanted that. But right now, his attention was focused on that tiny girl. Before he could ask her, he heard a gun shot, but this time very clear. Both of them looked behind and saw the black spot which that bullet created on wall, infront of which Moosa was standing seconds ago. Hemayal heart beat in fear and she looked at him instantly, forgetting the position they were in. Adjusting her hairs behind her ears, she asked him in fear,

"Are you alright?" No reply, but just stare.

"Hey, are you alright?" She asked him again, jerking his shoulder.

Moosa who was stunned on this girl, was busy staring at her chocolate brown eyes, which were looking at him with concern and fear.

She saved me.

She fuckin' saved me. This thought was running on his mind, when she jerked his shoulder and he came back to reality.

"Huh, yeah, i am fine." He replied stammering.

Why in the hell are you stammering?

You are Don, a Mafia leader, and you are stammering infront of girl. Shame on you. His brain mocked him.

"Oh Thank God." She exhaled her breath and put her head on his shoulder again tiredly.

While on the other hand, Moosa was shocked on this girl and on his heart. It was beating differently and when she exhaled, her breath caught his attention. That minty breath, which he would prefer to smell daily.

What are you doing, Moosa khan?

You are DON, for god sake, get yourself back. His brain again bought him to reality, and when he was about to get up, she put her head on his shoulder, hindering her every action.

"You know, i was so scared. The moment i saw the laser beam on you, i got......." Hemayal started telling him the whole story, when suddenly she realized their position. She looked at him, who was busy in staring at her.

"Umm, i am sorry, i was just..." She stammered and tried to get up, broking his trance too.

"Boss, situation is under control. We have full control now. We have.... " Ahsan came running and told him, but stopped looking at Hemayal.

"Mr.Ahsan?" Hemayal was also shocked seeing him there.

"Miss Hemayal, what are you doing here?" Ahsan asked her confusely.

"I came here for coffee, but then suddenly this chaos started and i saw the laser beam on you boss. So, i just......wait, what? Boss? He is your boss?" She was telling him, when she realized that Mr. Ahsan wanted that land and documents for his boss, and for that he killed her father.

"Did you killed my father on his order?" She asked hesitatingly and looked at Moosa whose jaws were clenched.

"Yes, Miss Hemayal. He is Moosa Khan, DON of Mafia, ONLY HEIR of MAFIA WORLD. And he want that land for...."

"Shut the hell up Ahsan." Ahsan was stopped by Moosa's loud voice, who was glaring him with his firey ice.

"You, yo...you kill...killed my f...father, m...my Abbu for just a piece of land." They both looked at Hemayl, whose eyes were getting filled with tears. Moosa's heart constricted and he, for the first time, regretted that desicion.

"You are killer."

"You are beast."

"I shouldn't have saved you." Her teary eyes were accusing Moosa silently and his anger triggered,

"You are no one to save me little girl. Yeah i killed your father and i won't hesitate to stab you too for those documents. So, don't try to say a word to me." He spitted his harsh words, but her shocked eyes and soft gasp made her to regret again. Hemayal left without any further word, causing Moosa to close his eyes in frustration.

Damn it. He punched the table infront and left, but not before giving Ahsan a hateful glare.

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