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Moosa was sitting in his office, lost in thoughts of Hemayal. This was first time he was unable to concentrate on work. Whenever he tried to concentrate, the image of that girl with concerned eyes, lying on top of him popped up and unconsciously a small smile would form on his lips, making him to scold himself.

Why that timid little girl is effecting me so much?

His thoughts were broken on the sound of knocking door. Getting himself together, grabbing the pen, opening the file infront of him and mocking seriousness, he said

"Come in."

Ahsan came inside, practically feared of his precvious scold.

"Umm boss, i got some more information on that secret agent. He is working for Abbas Malik from past 15 years and he has successfully completed his every job. That's why he is his favourite and kinda right hand." He said passing some notes to him.

"Hmmm, that son of bastard is now planning to ruin this project too. But this time i don't want dad to involve in it. His flight is now after three days and that's a relief. Without wasting anymore time, go and bring that girl here. I'll deal with her on my own." Moosa said angry on Abbas Malik, but happy on getting appropriate reason to meet her again.

"Yes boss, i'll do it this evening." Ahsan said bowed.

"And Ahsan what's the name of that girl?" Moosa asked him desperate, before he could step out of the room.

"Hemayal Abdullah." Ahsan replied confused and was about to ask him when Moosa stopped him saying,

"I want her in this evening and take her to farmhouse in Newyork." Ahsan nodded and left.


Her name rolled of his tongue unintentionally, giving him a sweet taste

Get ready to meet me soon baby. He laughed evilly, trying his best to persuade him that it's just because of her bravery he is getting attracted to her.

While on the other hand, Hemayal was disturbed alot after returning from coffee shop. She was a strong girl, no doubt, but this time she was getting weak on hearing the truth. Tears were continously flowing out of her eyes on remembering the time she had spend with her father. Spreading all the photo albums, she was sitting in his room and touching the pictures of her parents, trying to make them alive through her touch, wishing not to be cause of their death. She was so immersed in past that she didn't noticed Shayan coming into room. Taking pictures from her hand, he just hugged her tightly and that was when she jerked back into present. Finding comfort, she burst into tears and cried her heart out. Shayan just kept hugging her tightly, whispering sweet nothings into her ears.

"Shhhh, it's okay Maya. Everything is fine. Abbu is with us, in our hearts." He tried to calm her.

"I am missing him bhaii, i am missing them alot." She cried hard.

"I know and i am missing them too, but shedding tears like this will increase their pain. Everyone has time to return. Their time had come, and you are my strong sister. How can you cry like this?" He wiped her tears and treated her just like a child.

"I am sorry." She tried to stop her tears.

"It's okay. Come let's go for dinner." He suggested her.

"Yeah, let me grab my scarf." She said and got up to go, when loud beep was heard. Both of them looked at eachother with wide eyes. Shayan hurriedly checked his phone camera and was shocked to see a group of boys, standing at their gate, trying to break the main lock.

"Who the fuck are they?" Shayan yelled angrily, while Maya just snatched his phone and on seeing the man, she sat on her bed lifelessly.

"May what happened? Do you know these guys?" He asked her panicked.

"He is Mr. Ahsan, who wanted to destroy my university. I refused him, but he is again here. Bhaii what does he want now?" She cried in last.

"Shhh, Maya now is not the time to get carried away by emotions. We have to do something. Have you kept the documents in safe place?" He asked her hurriedly.

"Yeah, they are in my....."

"Okay, leave it if they are safe. Before they attack on us, we have to do something. Maya i need to call police." Shayan said immediately, while sweat was forming on his forehead.

"Then what are you waiting for bhaii? Call them na." She also said panicked.

"No, i am sure my phone is being traced and now they knew that we know they are here. I can't take the risk to call the police. I have to go by myself. Will you be able to hold them for a while?" He asked her by grabbing her shoulders.

"But bhaii...."

"Maya, i know you are strong girl. You can do this. These are the people who killed your father....

"Our father." She corrected her weeping.

"Yeah, our father and they don't deserve any kind of repsect, nor they are worthy for your tears....." Before he could speak more, the loud bang was heard, clearly telling that they got successful in breaking the doors.

Both of them went stiff like ice.

"Maya, i need to go now. I am going out from back side exit. You just hold them for sometime. I promise i'll be back soon." He for the last time looked at her and then ran away, leaving crying and scared Maya.

You have to be strong Maya, nothing is going to happen.

With little built courage, she went out in lounge, where her name was being called by one and only Ahsan.

"Oh there you are, Miss Hemayal Abdullah. You must have missed me, right?" Ahsan asked her, taking steps towards her.

"What are doing here Mr. Ahsan?" She asked with gritting teeths.

"You know what i want Miss, so why beat around the bush?" He asked her innocently.

"You know my answer, why don't you just leave me? You can take any other land in whole fuckin' world, why are you so adamant to buy that tiny piece of land?" She yelled angrily, fed up with his attitude.

"Well, i also don't know that why we are behind that little piece of land, when we can own the whole world." He said with pride.

"But it's boss' order and he want that....."

"Hell with you and your boss." She cut him in the middle, grabbed a vase and throwed at one of his men.

"What the fuck?" Ahsan yelled angrily.

"Get her." He ordered and soon two goons were holding her arms tightly.

"What are you doing? Leave me." Maya said scared.

"I am sorry but now you've lost the chance. You have to come with me." He told her making her shock to the core.

She was continuously trying to set herself free from their grip, but it wasn't possible when you are caught by two body-builders, and especially when you are a girl.

"Leave me." She said sternly, she was getting drenched in fear, but her expression remained same, stoic and fearless.

"Tch tch, that's not gonna happen girl. Give us what we need and then only you will be able to save your life." Ahsan said again, roaming around her with gun in his hands.

She was resisting continuously against their steel hard grip, but was getting fail again and again. Tears were threatning to come out, but she hold them under the fence of her eyes. She has to show herself strong, only then she would be able to survive. She can't surrender herself to those goons, she is strong, she has to. She was waiting patiently for her brother, but now her patience was hanging on thin line, making her to tightly grip the last corner of it, hoping for her brother to come soon.

After some time, she heard some shuffling outside. Everyone tilted their necks, perked their ears and moved their eyes to see what is happening. After few moments, Shayan with bunch of police force came in the house, making her to calm her breath. She freed her breath, which she didn't know was holding till now.

"You are under arrest." One of officer came and grabbed all the goons in room, making her to rub her wrist and run towards Shayan.

"You okay?" He asked her.

"Yeah, Alhamdulillah." She hugged him tightly, fearing he might not disappear.

"Are you both kidding me? You think these playboys will arrest me? Are you seriously that much innocent or just playing infront of me?" Ahsan said laughing, making both of them scared.

But before anyone could say anything more, one of officer hit his forehead by back of his gun, giving way to his blood to ooze out.

"You bastard. How dare you touch me?" He freed himself in one go and started beating that officer. Following him, all the goons freed theirselves too and joined their master in beating the hell out of them. They both were standing still, hugging eachother tightly, praying for this dreadful nightmare to end soon.

"I told you to agree to their demands." Shayan said, accusing her through his silent words and eyes.

She raised her head in disbelief and looked at him with her big teary eyes,

"How can you say this? You know it was Abbu' wish to...."

"Stop it. We could only get free ourselves by aggreeing to them, so it's....."

Suddenly a loud gun shot was heard, making everyone to stop at their places. They looked towards the source, only to get more scared then they already were. There stood, in all his glory, THE DON, THE SOLE HEIR OF MAFIA WORLD, with guns in his both hands, eyes throwing daggers of fire at her. He came forward and started firing with his both guns, making her more shocked. She witnessed the falling bodies filled with blood on floor lifelessly. Her breaths were getting abnormal by each passing second. She felt loss of oxygen, as if the whole room is getting suffocated, but he didn't stopped. After three minutes, which were like eternity for her, he came towards her, who hugged him more tightly,

"Come with me." He said the very first words which shook her spine, making her to tighten her hold on him.

"Listen Mr. Mafia, we will give you all signed documents. Just leave us." Shayan said mustering courage, although his eyes were clearly telling the fear he was feeling under his firey eyes.

"Am i talking to you?" He said dangerously, coming closer. Meanwhile all his men stood behind him in protective manner and in respect.

"I am just saying that..." Before he could say anything further, he shot him right on his leg, making both of them to yelp in pain and fear.

"Are you insane? How could you...." Before she could speak for her brother, he killed his other leg mercilessly, making him to fall on his knees in front of him.

"COME....WITH..... ME." He said each word separately, putting emphasis on them. He was loosing his patience, that girl was really testing him, so before he could shoot her and loss the deal, he grabbed her furiously and started scrawling her.

"Stop please. How dare you, leave me." She was protesting which he was ignoring completely.

He stopped for a moment and looked behind at Shayan who was trying to call someone, making him to loose his patience.

"KILL HIM." He ordered and at same instant a man was standing with gun on his forehead.

"Nooo, please No. I will go with you. I will do whatever you say. Please don't kill him, please.." She was crying hysterically, trying to free herself, but was failing everytime.

"Make him beg for mercy. Kill him so ruthlessly that he will remember me even after death." He ordered his men, who at the same instant stood around that man with guns in their hands.

"Please don't do this. Please, i beg you, please. He is only family i have, please i love....."

Before she could complete her sentence, he dragged her towards Shayan, who was trying to free himself. He pushed the girl infront and said dangerously in her ears,

"This is your punishment, punishment for not obeying me. Didn't i gave you warnings? Didn't i told you i am dangerous? Now stand here and watch how is life is taken by me, bit by bit." She was shocked, she tried to stop him by bending on her knees, which only increase his rage. He took the gun from his man, and shoot him on right arm.

"Ahhhhhhh." That boy's loud scream only increased her pleadings.

Then left arm.

Then right hand.

"You thought you would hide from me, and i won't be able to know the nasty acts which you are performing behind my back." Moosa yelled furiously.

Then left hand.

"Please i am sorry, i am so sorry. I know i did wrong, please forgive me." Shayan pleaded in pain, his heart wrenching screams were ringing in whole house, causing the sky to hide itself in clouds. Stars started disappearing, because they were unable to bear that much voilence.

"He didn't do any wrong. Why are you hurting him, he called the police just to save me." Maya cried, trying to melt the stone heart with her explanation.

Again a gun shot was heard, this time piercing his stomach. He was drenched in blood. To say there was more blood outside his body than inside, would be an understatement, because now his inside didn't contain any more blood to loose. But still he wasn't satisfied.

"You, my dear, are innocent. You know nothing. So just keep your little mouth shut for a while, because it will only increase his pain." Moosa said with hollow laugh.

"No, please, just try....."

He shot him again, this time on his left eye.

A heart breaking scream, this time screams because now she also let her throat to release the loudest scream of her life.

"Please kill me too, please kill me. I am begging you, kill me..." She said loudly, crying and covering her eyes with her trembling hands.

A gun shot and this time right eye.

The earth was watching, clouds were witnessing, owls were gazing, birds were hearing the dreadful screams, but all were unable to stop this. His body was now shaking in pain, his breaths were now scared to come out, but still he has life, he still have to suffer. He wished to die soon, but it seemed that was not his time.

After watching him in pain and begging for his soul to now move out, MOOSA KHAN got up from chair, came near him, grabbed him with his head and shot him directly on his heart, and then kicked his lifeless body on floor.

"Don't dare to mess with what's MINE." He growled loudly on his unrecogonizable face.

Mine, haan? Before his heart could go in wrong direction, he moved back and grabbed that girl with her hairs and dragged her with him. She was shocked, numb and stiff, she let him lead her and take wherever he want to. She was not in her senses, she was still not able to believe his death. Her foot entangled with table, letting her to fall on cold floor, which was getting filled with his blood. Her hands touched that blood and she looked at her hands in disbelief,

"You killed him."

"You are a beast."

"You murdered my BHAII."

"You killed him." She was whispering continuously in shock and then darkness consumed her, letting her to fall too on blood filled ground.

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