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Chapter 7- Farm House -II

Next day Hemayal woke up to unfamiliar surroundings. Frowning she got up, only to sit back again and held her head.

"Ahhhh, why my head is paining like hell?" She asked herself in whisper.

"Bhaii." She tried to call him loud, but her raspy voice didn't let her to.

Before she could get up and call him again, the big photo on front wall halted her actions. There was Moosa Khan standing in all his glory, viscious smile playing on his lips and gun in his hand, forcing her to dive in the past and accept the reality.

"Bhaii, no, please bhaii, don't leave me..." She started chanting, her heart beating in fear and dam of eyes ready to spill out.

"Kill him."

Moosa's voice ranged in her ears and she ran to the door like a mad woman, but to her dismay, it was bolted from outside.

"Is anyone here? Please open the door, please." She banged the door loudly, only to hear the voices bounced back.

She kept banging on the door, but it never opened. Sliding besides the wall, she yelled loudly for her her brother, for help.

"Bhaii how can you leave me like that? How can you do this to me?" She cried on her helplessness.

"I am sorry bhaii, i really am. You were right, i am selfish. I just think of my own. I lost my family because of my selfishness. I am so sorry bhaii." She kept crying on her cruel fate.

Her painful screams halted on slight knock on door. She immediately got up and went back, scared that Moosa might also take her life. But after some shuffling from outside, the door opened and came in the slightly old figure.

"Who are you?" Maya asked that old woman scaredly.

"No need to get scared child. I am Hamna, the head maid here. I came to give you food. You must be hungry right?" She asked her gently.

"I ain't hungry. I don't want to die by eating your poisonous food. Just get me the hell out of here." She yelled loudly on that poor lady.

"Child, i haven't add anything in it. If you don't believe me, i'll taste it infront of you." The old lady replied her calmly and took one bite of food to ensure her.

"See, it's totally okay. You seem very tired. I'll send you clothes, take bath and then have food." Hamna left, placing food on table.

After sometime, a young girl came and gave her the dress, advising her to have food. She didn't understand what was happening. To make her brain cells work, she took bath and change into the dress she was given. But she didn't even took a bite of food and start beating the door again.

"Hamna are you there? Please open the door. Hello, is anybody there, open this door." She continued banging and after sometime the door opened to reveal that same young girl.

"Hey, i am Hayyat. Umm, Ammi has gone out for groceries, so she isn't here." She replied keeping her head low.

"Where am i? I want to go home." She said, ignoring her.

"Umm, that's not my place to tell you, but you can't get out of here." She replied her calmly.

"What the hell are you saying? I am being kidnapped by that beast and you want me to stay here when that bastard killed my brother and father?" She yelled at her, trying to let out her anger on that little girl.

"Where is he?" Maya asked her, who just kept standing there quietly.

"I am asking you something Hayyat. Look i don't wanna be rude to you. You are like my little sister, but you also have to understand my situation. I need to get out of here." Maya explained her lightly, knowing that anger won't take her anywhere.

"Mam, you can't get out of here until boss allowed you to. And since he isn't here, you have to stay." Hayyat tried to make her understand.

"Where the hell is y......"

"Hayyat you go inside, i'll talk to her." She was cut in middle by her mother who came home recently and heard them. Hayyat nodded her head and left without any word.

"Come child, we need to talk." Hamna hold her hand and took her in lounge.

"Hamna please let me go." She pleaded her, hiding the shakiness of her voice.

"Child, this is not my house and nor you are here on my order. I am just a servant here. Moosa hired me for you, but i seriously don't know what he wants from you. This is first time, he is holding a girl captive. He isn't like that." Hamna tried to explain her

"Yeah, he isn't like that. He just kill the person he wants to, and never thinks of their family and their sufferings, because he kidnaps them and make them bow infront of him." She said sarcastically.

"No child, he may seem cold, ruthless outside, but he has very soft heart. Yeah, he kills people, but not innocents. He just want to erase evil from this world and in doing so, he is being portrayed as evil."

"You think my father and brother were not innocents? They were evil?" She asked her in voice filled with emotions.

"No, no, i didn't said that. I just say that Moosa isn't invo......"

"Miss Hamna, lemme clear your confusion. I don't know which Moosa you are talking about, but the Moosa which i am talking is the one who is heartless, cold, rude monster, who don't care for anyone. He killed my family just for the sake of that tiny piece of land and still not satisfied he held me captive." She freed her tears which she was holding from morning.

"I am so sorry, child. I....i don't know what to say." Hamna said, while confusion written on all her face.

"You don't have to say anything, just let me get out of here." She pleaded her.

"I am sorry child, but it isn't in my hands. Just wait for tommorow, Moosa will be here and you can ask him anything." She consoled her and then when sleep consumed her, she didn't know.

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