Devils Story Time: Clank Clunk Splash.

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A wife is plagued with bad dreams while having an affair and plotting the death of her husband. As told to you by Lucifer.

Thriller / Mystery
Tim D Clemons
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Devil's introduction

People’s perception of women has never been accurate. They see women as the frail softer side of mankind. Man is seen as braver and more violent of the two genders. He is perceived and quick to anger, first to throw a fit and willing to protect what is his. Women on the other hand are seen as the more thoughtful and caring side of the duo. She is perceived to be the one to try and talk things through, to take care of those who are hurt but to shriek and beg for help at the first sign of trouble.

Speaking as one of the creatures hiding in every shadow in every corner of human existence, I will be the first to testify to just who wrong that perception is. I have seen men jump and shriek as a rat rushes across their foot. And I have seen women unleash unholy wrath over the smallest provocation.

Don’t believe me? Well, there are two ways I can prove to you that females of the species can be just as vicious and brutal as the male. The first way, you can get a job working at a cash register at any local grocery store. It won’t take long into your first day for it to happen. Either an item will be priced wrong, or maybe you make an error calculating the seemingly sweet old grannies change. Whichever the cause, it will happen. And when it does you will behold wrath that even makes me shiver. And I have beheld the highest of high’s wrath.

What? You don’t want to change your career just to prove my point? Well, I did say there were two ways. And to be honest, no one should have to be a cashier in any big chain store. Even I am not that cruel. No, the second way is simple. Just listen to my story.

First let me tell you, the names have been changed. No, not to protect anyone. But because I did not care enough to remember them. So, let us call the subject of our story, Jessie. Jessie has been married Stanford, yes, I made that name too, for little over five years. She thinks of that first couple of years as being pure bliss. Stanford was attentive, he showered her with gifts and compliments. They went out to eat almost every night and they made love almost twice a day. Ok. If she was being honest with herself, they made love about twice a week. But when one is reminiscing one exaggerates.

Now however Stanford seems to be more tired and worried. After the first two years of their marriage, Stanford went into business with his friend Leo. I honestly think that was his name. Stanford had talked Jessie into working with them with promises of wealth, travel, and adventure. And while wealth did come and came in abundance. Travel was relegated to only when the business called for it, and the adventure, well, that came to Jessie from the capable hands of Leo.

At first, Jessie felt bad about her extramarital hobby. The first time was supposed to be a one-time fling. She was feeling neglected and Stanford was coming home so tired he was asleep on the couch before she could even hint at her womanly needs needed his husbandly attention. She supposed she could wake him up and demand satisfaction. But why should she be the one to have to instigate their lovemaking? Was she not attractive enough for him? Sure, she may have put on a little weight over the last couple of years, but she felt that it just filled out her curves more. And men took notice.

And she loved it when men took notice. Lately, she had taken to going out to the mailbox in her shortest bathrobe. The first time she had underwear on underneath. But as she realized she was catching the eyes of the men in her neighborhood the braver she became. Soon there was no underwear at all, and the robe was loosely tied. She realized that the man who lived across the street was timing his mailbox run with hers. More than once she caught his eyes gazing towards the loose opening of her powder blue bathrobe. And more than once she positioned herself to give him a little thrill for his efforts.

Sure, she also drew angry looks from the neighborhood wives, but that was almost as big a turn on to her as the reaction she got from their husbands. But like a junky, soon the highs she got from her front yard performances wasn’t enough. So, she started performing in the office. Stanford paid her no mind. She would bend over his desk letting all her womanhood hang out for him to see. In their courting days, he would stare into her cleavage like he was a starving wolf and she was a raw steak. Now, however, his eyes glide over her breasts like he was a toddler and she was broccoli.

But Leo noticed. Soon she was giving him glances at every opportunity. It wasn’t long before they began jokingly flirting. That evolved in to “Accidently” brushing by each other in the hallways. And ended in full-on sex in the office bathroom while Stanford was away with a client. This went on for months. And Jessie had never been happier. She was having her needs filled splendidly. And sometimes when Stanford was in the mood, well she would let him take a turn too. She was still his wife after all.

Everything was going splendidly until Leo decided he wanted more. They had just got through with a company meeting in the supply closet when Leo dropped the bomb that would rock her newfound joy to its foundations. “I want you to leave Stanford and be with me.” He said. She was shaken. After all, it was just sex. Phenomenal sexy, but she had no plans to go any further with him. But he was fun. So much fun. And Stanford, well, he was boring now. All he lived for was this business. She hated this business. Sure, it gave her a comfortable life, but it had also stolen her husband from her. Killed him from the inside. She became the widow of a walking corpse.

“Leo, no. I’m married. And besides, if I leave my husband for you, he will fire us both and we will both be out of a job.” Jessie said while pulling jeans up from around her ankles. No easy task from inside a storage closet with another person. Leo who himself was buckling his belt and zipping his fly smiled. “No, I have all that figured out. But, I have to warn you, it’s risky.” from within the closet Leo tells Jessie his plan. And it excites her. The risk, the danger, it was just what she needed. She was so thrilled she let Leo take her one more time in the closet. And another on her husbands’ desk.

That night when Stanford got home, she met him at the door. She made him take her right there on the floor. Somehow making love to a man she planned to murder was a bigger turn-on than having sex with Leo. That night an exhausted Stanford laid down in the bed next to his thoroughly satisfied wife. They both slept hard. He slept so hard that he could not hear his wife struggling in her sleep.

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