Devils Story Time: Clank Clunk Splash.

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CH 2

CLANK!! CLUNK!!! SPLASH! The sounds followed by a rush of cold-water rush over her. Then dirt. She tries to open her eyes but as soon as she does the dirt gets in them, sting them. Her body is cold and muddy. Where is she??? How did she get here... it’s so hard to breathe.

She tries to open her eyes again. This time she sees her fan above. She is in bed. She still feels cold and wet, but she realizes that was due to the cold sweat that has covered her body. She got up from the bed. The T-shirt and pajama body she wore was clinging to her body. She stripped them off in the bathroom and toweled herself dry. She stood in the bathroom shivering trying not to relive the dream. Clank!!! The sound echoed in her mind and she flinched. Clunk!!! She absentmindedly reached for the back of her head when that noise replayed in her mind. And she shivered when she heard the splash as if her body was doused in ice water. She shook off the horrible feelings and checked the clock on the bathroom wall. The little hand was on the five and the big hand was on the six. Five thirty. Sanford’s alarm will go off in thirty minutes. No point in trying to go back to sleep. Not as if she could.

That day in the office the first part of Leo’s plan went into motion. Leo wanted ownership of the company. The company itself was owned by both Stanford and her. But there was a clause in the contract, that at the time she thought was reasonable. If the two should ever divorce she would be forced to sell her holdings to Stanford. And while it would have made for a decent sum of money, it would not be enough for any long-term plans.

Now with something like that in place you would probably think that Stanford does not trust Jessie, that opposite is true. At the time in Stanford’s eyes, the contract ensures that Jessie is taken care of, even if he is heartbroken and angry by the divorce, though he himself would not have added it to the contract had his attorney not insisted on it. And he still trusts Jessie to this day. And Jessie knows this. That’s why she knows he won’t read any of the papers she is bringing him to sign. She knows he will just glace over them without actually seeing what is written, sign them and hand them back with a smile and a quick I love you. Had he taken a moment to read the documents he would have seen that he was signing over the company to Leo. He would have realized that his friend and his wife were planning to betray him, and possibly even figured out that they had been betraying him for quite some time. But he trusted his wife. He trusted his friend. And with a few marks with a pen he sealed his fate.

Jessie realizes all of this too. It excites her. She wished Stanford would leave the office. She would take Leo on Stanford’s desk again. She looked over to Leo’s desk and realized he was out of the office. She looked back at Stanford who was hard at work on some unknown project. “What the hell?” She told herself, stood up and undressed on her way to her husbands’ desk. Stanford protested, but she did not take no for an answer. She rode him hard on his desk like she did Leo the day before.

But even as she was mounting her soon to be late husband, she still felt the cold wet dirt on her skin and the water running behind her back. She shook her head trying not to think about it. Trying to prevent her mind's ears from hearing the metallic clank, the sickening clunk, then the cold splash. “What is it?” an out of breath Stanford said out of concern. His concern sickened her, She held a hand over his mouth as she ground into him harder. He moaned in pleasure. She moaned too but Stanford couldn’t help but notice a little anger in her deep-throated wail of pleasure.

When they finished Jessie said nothing to Stanford when she climbed off him. She merely walked back to her desk while collecting her clothes. She dressed and sat down. She watched from her desk as he gingerly got to his feet. Pins and paperclips fell off his bareback as he reached down to pull up his pants and pick up the rest of his clothing. For a moment, watching him all red-faced and out of breath, she almost wanted to change her mind. For a second, she saw the man she married in him. But soon he was back in his seat and concentrating on his work again. The sympathetic thoughts left as soon as they came. The man she loved had died long ago, killed by this business. It was not her job as a loving wife to see that the body gets laid to rest along with his spirt.

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