Devils Story Time: Clank Clunk Splash.

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CH 3

Clank, Clunk, Splash!! It was happening again. Another damn nightmare. Only this time it was worse. She was somehow deeper in the dirt.. suffocating, and there was something else, a dead weight on top of her. She couldn’t get it off. So hard to breathe. Why can’t she wake up!!!

Her eyes opened. There was her fan again. Her husband happily snoring beside her. And her clothes cold and wet with sweat. She found herself in the bathroom again staring at her reflection. She asks herself if she has always looked this old. Her eyes seem sunken in and her skin seems paler than normal. If she had seen someone else that looked like her she would assume that that person was sick. Possibly the flue. But she felt fine. A little tired maybe. Cold for sure. But fine.

But it was just as well. Today she was going to tell Stanford that she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to stay home from work. Her rundown looks would come in handy. Only she hoped it passed before Leo arrived. He was going to take her to show her something. She did not know what it was, but she wanted to look her best in case Leo was up for some fun before, or after, maybe even during the trip.

A few hours later Stanford was up and already heading out the door. He expressed concern for her, told her she should go to the doctors if she didn’t feel any better. She made a note to herself that he did not offer to take her to the doctor’s office himself. Nor did he offer to stay home. She would have sent him along to work anyway, but it would have been nice if he had offered.

She stood at the door in her bathrobe as her husband drove off. She waved to him but he didn’t look back. The old man in the house across the street stepped out to take their little dog out for a walk. She allowed her robe to open up in his full view before stepping back into the house and closing the door. From the look on his face, she knew he would be thinking of her while on top of his wife tonight. She smiled as she pictured this in her head. And took pride that even looking a little run down, she was still hot enough to turn a head or two.

She had thought of what she had done all morning and when Leo arrived at noon she was aching for his attention. But he told her there was no time. And she supposed he was right. Afterall her husband will be home in a few hours. Besides she could have some fun with Leo in the car on the way to wherever they were going. But this turned out to be a disappointment too. On the car ride, she reached over and unzipped Leo’s fly. She reached in and found his manhood, but he shewed her away the moment she pulled it out.

“What are you doing?” he asked angrily while tucking himself back in his pants. “Having fun. What? You don’t want me to make you feel good?” She asked sounding both playful and disappointed. “Later.” He said briskly. Jessie sat back down on her side of the car. She was angry. Leo was starting to act like Stanford. And that was no fun. She began to wonder if she was making a mistake. Not in the plot to kill Stanford, that part was still exciting to her, but in the being with Leo afterward. Before she could give the subject anymore thought however the car stopped. They were in front of what looked like a building site.

“We’re here,” Leo said as he opened the door to his car and walked around to open Jessies' side. “Where is here? Jesse asked as she stepped out of the vehicle. “Here is where we are going to start our new life.” He said as he took her hand and walked her to a massive hole. She looked down. It was just a big mud hole with a large mettle pipe sticking out the bottom. The pipe had a small trickle of water running through it. Her back suddenly felt a cold stream run down it. Clank, clunk, splash. Echoed in the back of her mind.

“How?” She asked, but she felt like she already knew. Leo answered. A buddy of mine owns this land. They are building a neighborhood here. That hole is a drainage ditch. It was installed to support the neighborhood that’s being built here. You know, to handle rainwater and runoffs and stuff. But they have decided to reroute the drainage to another location. So, this hole will be filled in in a couple of days.” He said. Jessie nodded but didn’t say anything. Leo finished for her. “We need to get Stanford here. We can kill him and dispose of the body in this hole. No one would ever think to look here. And if his body is ever found, it would be years later. No one will connect it to us. You will be the crushed widow, and I will be the morning friend. We will tell people we found each other in our grief.

Jessie could hear what Leo was saying. Every word. But all she could do was look into the hole. And hear the sounds. Clank. Clunk. Splash. She didn’t remember going home. She couldn’t recall any conversation that may have taken place on the ride. She found herself at home in bed with her husband, And she was tired. Her husband spoke some words. She didn’t know what they were. Probably good night, or I love you. Whatever it was it passed right over Jessie like a cold breeze. The lights went out, and as soon as the dark hit, she was back in the cold wet dirt again. Clank. Clunk. Splash.

She can’t breathe. She opens her mouth to try and dirt rushes in. She tries to get up but the pressure of the soil on top of her keeps her down. That and something else. There’s something else on top of her. Like a heavy it just seems to get heavier. She forces her hands to move through the mud. The exertion with so little oxygen causes sparks to form in front of her eyes. She feels a fog rushing over her brain. But before it cloaks her mind completely her hand rests on something familiar. Her last thought groggily echoes through the darkness. “Is that a nose?”

Jessie’s eyes open. Her husband is looking down at her. He’s already dressed. “Hey, sweety. I let you sleep in. You look terrible.” He says as he feels her head and cheek. “Thanks.. Just what every girl wants to hear from her husband.” She says as she tries to lean up but the pain in her head screams at her to lay back down. Stanford pulls the covers over her. “No need to get up. Leo and I can run the office just fine for a couple of days.” Jessie doesn’t protest. She settles back into her pillow. But it provides no comfort. The pillow is wet and cold from her sweat.

“You should see a doctor,” Stanford said as he picks his keys up off the nightstand and starts walking towards the door. “Can you take me?” Jessie asks as she forces herself up one elbow. “No time. Call an Uber if you feel like you cant drive. See you tonight!” He calls back as he shuts the front door on his way out. “Basterd.” Is all she can say as she falls back down on the bed. As she lays on her side her eyes focus on his side of the bed. She hates him right now. But she wished he had stayed. She feels worse than she has ever felt before and she feels alone. But he didn’t stay did he? “I’m glad he’s going to die.” Is the last thing she says before passing out.

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