Devils Story Time: Clank Clunk Splash.

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ch 5

Clank, Clunk, splash, all over again. She’s so tired, The mud, the cold, and oh god.. is that a face I’m feeling.. Who’s face? Oh god is it. Her eyes opened. Her husband looking down at her. “How did I get back into bed?” She asked. He looked at her confused. “You went to bed with me last night.” He felt her head. “You are burning up! And you are sweating up a storm. I’m going to call Leo and tell him he’s working alone today. You need a doctor.” He said as he rushed out of the room. “A what?” was all she can manage as she looked up at her ceiling fan. Its rotations were making her sick. “A doctor,” Stanford said as he came back with a wet cold rag and placed it on her head. “No!” She called out. “I’m already cold!” She said and weakly tried to bat the rag away. “No, you’re burning up,” Stanford said as he put the rag back on her head.

Before she knew what was happening, he was helping her to the front door. They made their way through the kitchen. Jessie looked around to see how bad the mess was. But everything was fine. Even the cutting board and the wine bottle were in one piece. She should have felt relieved, but she felt sicker. Did it happen? Did any of it happen? They made it out the door and to their car. “Crap,” Stanford said as he patted down his pockets. “Forgot my keys. Please stay right here.” He ran back into the house. She stood for a little while but felt her knees begin to buckle. She began to fall but before she could hit the ground, she felt two strong hands catch her. “I got you to miss.” He said as he helped her up. He pulled her up and she was face to face with her neighbor Hal. “No… no no.. she muttered and she tried to back away but found that she did not have the strength. He held on. “It’s OK mam, I got you. Your husband will be right back. He gave her a reassuring smile. His teeth were fine. Not only were they fine, they weren’t even false.

Her husband came out. “Norman? Everything alright?” He called out. “Yes, I think so. You’re missis nearly fell down. She doesn’t look so good if you don’t mind me saying.” He said as he helped Stanford get Jessie in the passenger seat. “Yea I’m getting her to a doctor.” He said and shut the door. The two men spoke a little more as Jessie began to nod off. “Norman… I thought his name was Hal….” And she was back in the mud.

A realization began to dawn on her and as it did she began to panic. But with panicking comes heavy breathing. Not the best thing to do in a place with minimum air available to you. The fog began to roll over her again, she expected to see her ceiling fan when she opened her eyes. But no, she was in Stanford’s car. She was relieved. This was a reality. It had to be. She looked over at her husband and for the first time in a long time, she loved him. “When will we be at the doctor's?” She asked. He glanced over. “Doctors? Why? Are you sick?” He said and his concentration went back to the road.

Jessie looked at herself. She was no longer in her PJs. She was in her jeans and t-shirt. She still felt sick, but when she checked herself, she was no longer sweating. She looked fine. “Where are we going?” She asked. “You don’t remember? Honey maybe you are sick. After we get done checking out this investment property with Leo I’m taking you to the doctor.” And after he said that it all came flooding back. Today was the day. Ok. She knew it would come to this, they had planned it for days. And it’s finally going to happen. “No, I’m fine. I remember now.” She said. And try to reassure herself that everything was fine. But why did she still feel so bad? Why did her head hurt so bad?

Clank, Clunk, Splash echoed in the back of her head as the pulled into the building site. Leo was standing in front of the hole. A front in loader was parked next to a huge mound of dirt. Next to Leo sat a shovel by his feet. Jessie could see in her mind how things would play out. She reaches for Stanford’s arm to tell him to drive away. But he is already out of the car and walking towards Leo and the hole. She gets out of the car and runs to try and catch him before he makes it to Leo, but somehow, he seems to already be there. The two old friends talk, and Leo holds his arms out displaying the possibilities of the land before them.

Jessie reaches them and grabs her husbands’ arm. She pulls him towards her, but before anything can be said a loud Clank is heard. And her husband falls into the hole. She has just enough time to register the surprise on his face and the gleam of a shove before he hits the muddy bottom. “What? Did you get cold feet?” Leo asks Jessie. He still holds the shovel over his shoulder. “I.. I don’t know… I’m so confused.” She says as tears began to fall. She runs around the rim of the hole she is now looking over Stanford. He landed near the big pipe that at the moment is gushing water making the ground beneath him muddy and soft. She can see him begin to stir and get up. She feels relief wash over her. But the feeling is cut short by a sharp pain in the back of her head. Clank. Ash, she falls she feels another pain to the front of her head as she hits the pipe. Clunk. Then she feels the cold water. Splash.

The last thing she sees before blacking out is Leo dropping the shovel and pulling out a pistol. She starts to reach out to him. To beg him to stop, but before she can Stanford stands up with his arms out, shielding Jessie from harm. The shot rings out and Stanford calls backward on to her. She blacks out.

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