Devils Story Time: Clank Clunk Splash.

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ch 6

She’s back in the cold mud. But this time she knows she is awake. Just she knows the dead body on top of her is her husband. She also knows she is at least partially responsible for putting him there. For a moment she considers just going back to sleep. She feels that she deserves to be in this hole. Drowning in filth. But that would mean that Leo gets away. Not only that, but Leo gets their business. The sorrow and guilt she was feeling were replaced by Anger. And she let that anger grow. She let it light her way through the fog in her mind.

“Think Jessie.” She told herself. “You’re in about twelve feet of dirt.” She reasoned. “It’s loose dirt so you should be able to dig yourself out.” For a moment she panicked as she realized she wasn’t sure which way was up. Then she felt her husband’s lifeless hand against hers. He was on top of her. He fell on top of her. She knew which way was up. She needed air. She was blacking out again… but wait… The earth around her was loose. There was air it was just breathing it without inhaling the dirt. She managed to get her hands up to her shirt. She pulled it over her nose. It made a small pocket of air. Not much, but enough to take a breath.

“Now you have to get out.” She told herself. She tried to push up from the ground, but her arms sunk into the mud. She almost panicked but again she felt that dead weight on top of her. She forced herself through the mud to get on top of Stanford. She then used him as the solid ground to push up from. She tried not to think about what she was doing. She tried not to think of pushing the man she once loved further into the mud. But he was dead, and she wanted to live. But it wasn’t enough. She began to pray to God. But no one seemed to be listening. Then she began to pray to anyone who would listen. And I, my friends am always listening.

It wasn’t long after her prayer that she got the feeling she should simply reach up. And with all her effort she did. And her hand touched something metal. The tube she had hit on her way down into the hole. She grabbed it, and even though it had rough edges that cut at her fingers she pulled. And when she finally pulled herself to eye level with the tube, she could breathe. The water in the tube was a little deeper, but it was still mostly hollow. And she was of small frame so she could fit easily into this portal to freedom. And it was just a short trip to the forest on the other side.

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