Devils Story Time: Clank Clunk Splash.

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ch 7

Jessie laid under the trees for hours. She was greedily breathing up the air. Her head still hurt but the cloud over her mind was starting to clear. And once the fog lifted, she had to face the reality of what she had done. The dream world she was drifting in and out of was filled with half-truths, the other half was nothing more than dark fantasies built out of lust and guilt. For instance, she had once walked out to her mailbox in just a bathrobe. But no one ever saw her, and she never did it again. She did get a cheap thrill out of it and often fantasized about doing it more. But she could never bring herself to do it. The one thing she could bring herself to do was to cheat on her husband with his friend Leo. This part was true, though they only had a two-minute quickie in the office bathroom.

It’s amazing what two minutes of lust between a somewhat attractive man can do for you though. For the first time in a long time, she felt she was wanted. She felt sexy. And when he asked her to run off with him, well she fell for it with all of her heart. She did everything he asked. She got her husband to fill out the forms giving Leo full ownership of the company. Just like in the dream, Stanford never bothered to read them.

She even agreed to help Leo murder her husband. Though at the time she was too far lost in the romance of the situation to realize Leo meant every word of what he said. She didn’t fully understand how serious he was until the shovel made contact with the back of Stanford’s head. She did panic and rush around to check on him, just like in the dream. But unlike the dream, Leo didn’t say anything. You see, Leo had what he wanted. Controlling interest in a company that was doing well. Jessie was just a way to get it. I think she would have come to the same conclusion had the shovel not scrambled her thoughts just before she fell in the pit.

So no. Our sweet Jessie found no vindication in her memories. But she did still have one thing to keep her going. Rage. It was her rage that got her to her feet. It was her rage that got her to her car. It was even her rage that gave her the energy to walk to the highway once she realized the keys were buried with her husband. And after twelve cars passed her without stopping, either by the fear that she was the walking dead, or they just didn’t want to get dirt and grime in their car, a policeman finally stopped to help her.

The policeman asked her what happened. In her mind, she had two versions of the truth. She had the one, that was the basic lovers killing a husband's story. She had seen people get out of jail in fifteen to twenty years on similar charges. And there was the one in her dream world. It was the same story, but it was raunchy enough to get public interest. It was the kind of thing the tabloids run with. It was the kind of story that churches reference in sermons of what not to do. It was the kind of story that housewives secretly pleasure themselves too while telling everyone at work how disgusting it all is. But most importantly it was the kind of story that would get them both the chair in the court of public opinion.

That was the story she told the officer. She omitted a few things that wouldn’t make sense. The run-in with her neighbor for instance. But everything else went in. And she was right, minus the part about getting the chair. They both got maximum sentencing. And even if they managed to get out early on good behavior, there would be no place in America they could go and not be seen and the monsters they are.

She is right now laying down in her cell ready to get another wonderful night of sleep. She prays again, to a God she had turned her back on in the pit. She thanks him, She asks for forgiveness, and she prays that she won't dream of mud, dirt, and suffocation. And she does not. Though it isn’t his doing. She has already pledged herself to me. And there will be plenty of time for that kind of fun when I come to collect what is mine.

Now before I conclude my commentary on the true equality of men and women. Let me ask you this, why do you think men have worked so hard to keep women subservient? Eve was vilified in the bible for taking the first bite of the apple, but let us be honest, she was only first because she was the only one who had the balls to take the first bite. Adam wanted to, you can bet on that, and I know, I was there. But he would not unless someone else took the plunge. Then like a true coward, when God demanded to know what happened, well he sold out his wife with hardly a second thought.

Eve also experienced the first childbirth. She suffered pain that Adam couldn’t even fathom. And she would go on to do it again and again, as would all her daughters and her daughter’s daughters. I assure you if Adam had to go through that, his lineage would have halted with just one child.

I think Eve would be proud of Jessie. Well minus the whole attempting to kill her husband thing. Eve probably thought about it, but never did. And she probably wouldn’t have smiled on the cheating, but then again who knows. There wasn’t a lot of options as far as sexual partners go back then.

Jessie screwed up, but she owned up to it. She fought her way through her own mind and dug herself out of a literal pit. She even sacrificed her own freedom to see that her husband's murder got what was coming to him in the worst possible fashion. And yes, she fantasized about other men, but there is not a single man that has crossed my path that doesn’t dream about other partners. Humans just don’t look down on them as much as they do women for doing it.

No, overall I think Jessie did just fine. I may even go easy on her when she finally winds up in my domain. Probably not though. Once you go soft on one, they all start begging for mercy. Well more than they do already, and this time they may actually think it will happen. No, when Jessie finally crosses over she has a deep muddy hole waiting for her. But maybe, just maybe, the mud will be just a little warmer.

The end.

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