Royal Nightmare

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The Setup

There's a saying that once you tell a lie, you will need several other lies to ack up the initial. This was our present situation. I was back to Ambersite and still pretending to be down.

Adrian on the other hand was stuck in Zirconsite still pretending to be the prince and nobody could go in maybe except Charles because security level have been doubled.

Dorothy and Echo have really been very helpful but at this point that Troy was not forthcoming, it was imperative I ended the movie.

And so the news of my recovery spread through court. It was at that point my parents knew I have been down an visited me.

It was an emotional reunion for me, seeing both of them after a couple of month.

"I'm sorry my beloved child for ignoring you" my father apologized as my mothers hand kept stroking my hair gently. She was seated on the bed with my head on her laps and body stretched out on the bed.

"I know its really been difficult for you Aris" my mother spoke her eyes hovering and peering into my face. ,"I'm sorry. It's just that we received a letter from the queen restricting us from visiting or even writing"

"That's harsh and unfair"

"Thats tradition" the Duke said protecting the queen.

"Why do you always defend her father?" I asked curiously because this was not the first.

"I'm not defending her child. Its a tradition that I know?"

"But it's still unfair" I hissed. "Some of these stupid laws will have to be abolished when I become queen" I commented and they both grinned widely at me.

"And it will come to pass. Your reign will be peaceful and prosperous" she prayed and afterwards we spent some time with each other before they left court travelling back to Rythfork which I missed undoubtedly.


As the days went by, I kept drowning myself in worry, fear and tears. Was it a feeling of love or just guilt? I kept wondering.

Also I noticed the queen's assault on me were gradually reducing, though looking weird and unusual, I just prayed it was for the better because I was sick and tired and felt I had lost all of my dignity by her constant humiliation.

Undeniably, I was happy about the break but still scared for Troy. It's going to two weeks and no word. This journey was not supposed to take this long except something else had gone wrong. Has he been held captive or worse still killed? I felt helpless and more afraid whenever I thought in that direction.

Bashuri town was gradually becoming calmer and I felt the plans about war will also fade down but it didnt rather the king was ontop of his gear about the whole war issue.

Adrian had tried to persuade the defense minister on delaying but the kings pressure was on him was unbecoming and he was on the brink of giving in.

Thankfully Adrian was able to pull off our stunt successfully and was out of the prince chamber.

It was thirteen days today and counting since Troy left. I tried to busy myself still with the kitchen duties and after which I buried myself in my bed.

"My lady, you dont have to keep blaming yourself about the prince's decision?" Dorothy spoke up as i cuddled myself up in the bed.

"You dont get it Dorothy" I whispered under my breath sadly "That was my suggestion and he went with it. Not that his absence has changed anything though because the preparations for war are still ongoing"

"The prince will return. That I'm sure of" Echo added smiling as she walked into the room. We both looked at her a bit startled as to her appearance.

"My lady, Lord Charles demands audience with you"

Immediately I jumped up from bed. Maybe it had something to do with Troy or maybe not. The thing is Charles had actually been a regular at Rubysite since I moved back.

Not that I'm complaining or I dont fancy his company, but sometimes it feels weird the way he stares at me. It gives me the chills and makes me nervous especially whenever he closes the gap between us.

"Hello Lady Aris, how are you doing today?" He asked me moving toward where I stood in the living room.

I faked a smile nervously when I saw how extra hot and handsome he appeared wearing a very strong seductive fragrance. "I'm fine. Any news on Troy yet?"

"No" He shook his head as he was now closer to me, he took my hands in his and planted a warm kiss on it. I quivered immediately withdrawing my hands.

"You dont have to do that?"

"Oh cmon that's nothing. You deserve more than mere courtesy" he gave a half chuckle and pulled me down to take a seat.

We talked and discussed about about alot of random things before he finally said what I felt has been on his mind.

"What's the history between you and Adrian?"

"Wh...what?" i stuttered at first letting out a nrevous laughter that made me tear up whilst he just sat there with a raised brow and confused stare.

"That was a hilarious question" I said exhaling to calm myself.

"No it's not. I feel you both have a history together"

"Does the prince feel the same way" I asked becoming a bit worried.

"Well, yea he does" his answer only meant one thing - Adrian was yet to tell him about us. It almost got me mad, oh yes! It did get me mad because we've talked about this.

"Aris" he broke through my thoughts. "I'm just curious, that's why am asking. You both seem alot close almost intimate" he shrugged.

"Intimate?" I gaped wide mouthed at him.

"Yea, its obvious" he nodded.

Should I reveal or not. I struggled within me. I wanted to tell him about our relationship but then I wondered why Adrian has refused to tell his best friends about it. After pondering further, I decided to keep mute.

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