Royal Nightmare

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I Can't live

Returning to Doxa was a miracle, having escaped alot of near death experiences on this journey. Spending more days than I bargained for made me realise I'd missed out on a lot of happenings.

Yes, I wanted to come back as stipulated but lots of hindrances. I was still not satisfied with what I'd found out and wanted more and then secondly, I was scared Aris wont make it and so there was no use returning.

Though I feared for my life, if the king got to find out, but more for my princess who was unconscious when I left. Yet, little did I know that I will be returning to chaos that will be so heartbreaking and unbearable.

I sneakily entered into the capital with Theon who brought back words of the current situation of things at Zirconsite but the plan was too tacky for me to go with.

That was why I choose to go straight to the king and confess everything.

Trust me, he was furious and felt I deceived him, betrayed him, took the crown and the nation for granted, endangered my life, acted stupid and uncultured.

I threw myself down at his feet pleading for forgiveness all along, while he kept lashing out angrily at me. He said lots of things of which I was sorry for.

"I'm sorry father for acting so irrationally and childish" was all I could say.

He almost pronounced disciplinary actions on me and Adrian and of course all who aided me but surprisingly, the queen joined in the plea and said she would discipline me herself.

It was on that note, the king was pacified, warned me sternly and wanted concealing my misconduct from the council until I told him my findings and he decided to reveal it.

The queen promising to discipline me herself sounded ridiculous. I swear, would have preferred that of the king than hers. What plan does she have rolled up her sleeves? I imagined. But well, I guess I just have to wait and find out.

So my narration went like this - I had an ally in Otholia who accommodated I and Theon once we arrived. The plan was to find out if truly they were responsible for the Bashuri attack and why? And furthermore, if they were preparing for war and finally,see if I could stop further attacks from happening.

With so much to do and less time, I and Pigeon (my allies code name) together with Theon began our findings.

We encountered lots of confrontations and dangerous obstacles. One of such was when we infiltrated the Otholian battle training camp; my disguise was almost blown open but luckily we narrowly escaped.

Honestly, if I was caught, it would have been treated as a spy situation and will definitely infuriate them the more.

Apparently, I got to find out that my uncle, lord Castor was a mole and saboteur, constantly revealing our secrets to the Apog people and giving them top classified information about the kingdom.

If this was not treason, I wondered what word it will be called.

The Apog was a group of aggrieved ex-top officials and citizens who have now grown into a terrorist group. They felt their crown was being unruly and unfair to them hence began fighting the monarch by frightening people and sabotaging all effort to making Otholia a better place.

So Bashuri land border attack was just one out of many for them.

Now, what does my uncle get to gain in all of these?

First and foremost he is an illegitimate child of my grand father- the late king Vernadoz and desperately wanted to be king.

He felt he should be king, not my father and worse still when the king refused to confer on him the title of a duke, it was like the battle had been lost.

So he's been fighting the crown pretenciously, and though the people outside do not perceive it, the royal family does.

Secondly, with the help of the Apog group, he would be able to achieve his plans of killing me and over throwing the king quickly since there will no longer be an heir.


Three days after I returned, I was told everything thathappened to Aris that necissated her abrupt dismissal. Infact Charles explained it carefully and in details.

I could not believe my eyes, ears and heart. How could Aris commit such grievous deed against me? The woman I chose to spend the rest of my life with.

All I have done was try to trust and love her and get her to also trust and love me.

I was broken and shattered, and nothing could make me feel better.

Recalling the times I had said Aris was my world and I couldn't live without her. It was true, the feeling became strong on me and I feared for my survival.

I couldn't even get angry at Charles, the queen or even the king for kicking her out.

Loads of pain and anger flooded my heart, I was hurt and swore to give Aris back her own piece of cake - wishing I had the liver to act.

How could she hurt me this much without fear or reverence. And for heavens sake with my fucking best friend!

If she was fucking horny, she should have waited for me. So much for a decent and proper lady. I scoffed.

She was nothing than a slut, a whore, a cheap skank who pretended and won my heart, betrayed it and broke it into pieces.

However, my feelings did not prevent me from answering the queen when she later on summoned me to her chambers.

"Are you still mourning that loosed fool, Eridian?" She asked with a frown as I took a seat, but I ignored her question.

"Eridian, that girl did not deserve you. You are the prince and the next king of this kingdom, you deserve better"

"Mother I'm fine. Its normal to feel hurt. Besides, I was beginning to fall for her" I explained casually.

"Well, thank God, you didnt fall" she sighed, rolling her eyes. "That would've been disastrous. Now you can focus on your life.... " She paused. "Imagine how you've been acting ever since you made that stupid decision of yours- breaking every rule that is ever known without even thinking" She started, complaining and that was what I never wanted.

I knew she'd rub it in on my face and would go on and on.

"Mother!" I whisper-yelled frustrated when my head was getting full. "Why have you called me? I know it's not because you want to remind of how erroneous my choice was and how you cautioned me earlier and I ignored your warnings"

Smiling, she stood up from where she sat and edged closer to me. "I'm sorry Eridian, I can't just help but say I told you so...... Anyways that aside, moving forward, what's your plan?"

"About?" I asked her confused.

"About picking another bride of course" she smirked.

I let out a heavy hysterical laugh because my mother was always predictable.

"What would you have me do?" I asked after calming down.

"Marry Gemma. She is the destined one for you and that is my disciplinary action"

"What?" I asked gaping at her in unbelief. Was she serious? When did marriage become a disciplinary action? It was ridiculous and unheard of.

"Mother you can't discipline me by making me marry Gemma" I argued.

"Trust me, I can because it is an order from the king. And you've got seven days to prepare yourself." She pointed at me "And a piece of advice, take a trip to Wayfort and go see the duke and duchess there, ask for their forgiveness for disrespecting them. Also try speaking to Gemma too...... I heard about some of the hurtful and awful things you did to her? She needs an apology. Do you understand?" She asked as I stared at her deadpanned and unbelievably.

"Yes your majesty" I answered reluctantly after a brief staring contest.

At that point, I was too exhausted for further arguments and disagreements, since it was an order, I'll obey it.

Finally, here I was once again, fulfilling my parents wish. So much for being a man of my own! I scoffed.

The moment I got back to my chambers, I flung myself on the bed. Charles was there and tried engaging me in a discussion.

"What did she say?"

I sighed, shaking my head. "She wants me to marry Gemma....again"

"Hmmmm. I see. But you know you really dont have a choice any longer?"

I breathed deeply in pain and agony . "That's the point. I wish I did"

"Look man, just fulfil your parents wish because any other woman outside their choice may suffer the same fate as Aris" he spoke confidently when I caught on his words and awkward disposition.

"What fate are you talking about?"

"Uhm......" he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, avoiding my eyes.

"I meant the dislike and her dismissal. Hey........" he chuckled awkwardly trying to distract my thoughts. "What are you thinking man?"

I retreated from suspicions running my hand through my hair in mild frustration.

"I miss her so fucking much and I think I'm in love with her... For real" He shot me a stupefying stare briefly.

"Guess she didn't feel the same way about you. I even heard she also fancied Adrian. Can you imagine that? A wife who has a thing for your best friends. That's promiscuity"

Hearing Charles emphasize on the whole issue again reignted the feeling of anger in me, I've been fighting off.

There was a hot blood rush of anger that ran through my veins, stiffening every muscles in my body.

"Just forget about her - " He spoke after seeing my reactions but kept sending eccentric signals to me.

"But I feel I need to see her and hear her own explanation" I cut him off his statement.

"What's the point? Dont you believe me and your parents and your people. You want to choose her words over ours?" A frown creased his face.

"Not really" I shook my head "But I just feel it will be unfair if I dont get to hear her out. Be it she admitting to it or defending herself, whichever, but in cases like this and in leadership, it's always good to hear from all the parties involved before giving a verdict" I analyzed squarely.

"Well, thats true and it has also been done. Remember she admitted to it only that it was in your absence" Charles defended.

"Did anyone find out why she did it?"

"What's wrong with you man?" Charles pummeled frustrated at me running his hands through his hair. "Do you want to go against the crowns position on this again? Remember it wont be treated lightly..... Do what your parents fucking want you to do and forget that wench" he created an outburst and I just stared at him imagining why he's so worked out over the situation.

Without further word, he begged to take his leave and walked out leaving me in a state of anger, sadness and shock.

After drowning myself for the next one week in pain and heartbreak, I decided to embrace my reality and move on.

Taking a trip to Wayfort was at the top of my agenda and my presence was also needed as the interrogation of my uncle was ongoing. They were both important but I trust the queen.

As predicted, she pressured me into taking that trip and here I was on a journey to Wayfort with no plan on how to go about the whole apology stuff.

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