Royal Nightmare

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Walls Have Ears


The journey to Rythfork was more of a torture to me than an official one. Why did I even think of embarking on it when I knew she was going to be there?

Eridian, you're a coward. Many times, I wanted to talk to her, I was missing her but I couldn't summon the courage to do so.

That night of the feast, Gosh, she was looking damn hot and gorgeous that I could hardly take my eyes off her. Her beauty captivated me even though I saw how reluctant she was in being part of the event.

I noticed how nervous I became whenever I sighted her, the way the anger disappeared whenever she looked at me with those glacial blue eyes of hers, I became mesmerized.

The only regret I had was my pride getting the best of me and also letting Gemma tag along. Thanks to the queen.

Gosh! That girl hardly gave me any breathing space. She was all over my face, following my eyes wherever they went and more annoyingly, starting unnecessary arguments while questioning my emotions.

I had just finished narrating my pathetic story to Charles who was snacking, since he couldn't tag along.

"That was interesting. So are you and Adrian still not speaking to each other?"

I chuckled lightly. "Adrian is so funny"

"But you know this won't be the first time, you guys are acting this way. Its childish man. I dont know" he shook his head.

"How about you? Have you settled your scores with him yet?"

"Nah, Adrian is so stubborn. I mean who takes a girl's side over his friends?"

"You mean who takes family over friends?" I corrected him.

"Family," he repeated with a crinkled face. "Whose family?"

"Apparently, Adrian is her cousin and we never knew"

"What! Aris is Adrian's cousin? Fuck!" He exhaled running the nape of his neck as I nodded affirmatively to his questions.

"Why did he keep it a secret?"

"Same thing I asked him"

This was one of the reasons I really got mad at him for concealing such important information.

So Charles lost appetite at the snack immediately, standing to his feet, he begged to take his leave but honestly he too, was acting all weird.

"What's the problem man, why you leaving all of a sudden?"

"I don't feel too well" He lied and I saw through him.

"Really? Is it the food?"

"I don't know. Let me just go" and he left leaving me jumbled in thoughts.

Three days later, I just returned from the executive council meeting where lord Castor's fate was been decided upon, after the act of treason he committed.

Honestly, I didn't want the verdict to be that of execution because one, he is my uncle and it will only increase the enmity within the family.

I was just about to have a nap obviously after showering when Echo came in trembling and appalled.

"Your higness" she bowed...

"What is it Echo, I dont remember sending for you.. Wait... did lady Gemma send you to me?"

"No" she shook her head. "I have..... something to tell you....Very important" she said panting like she was being chased by wild animals.

"Are you okay?"

Apparently I've come to like Echo very much, more like a sister because of how close she was to Aris.

"Yes" she nodded and I heaved a sigh of relief, then motioned for her to take a seat.

"So, what is it you wanted to discuss with me and how did they even let you in?"

"Told them lady Gemma sent me to you" she half smiled and I chuckled.

"Oh.....okay. So -"

"I just overheard the queen tell lady Gemma that she set up lady Aris with lord Charles"

"What?" And I burst into serious laughter that got me teary because this was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

"Repeat yourself" I spoke after I must have calmed down now wearing a serious look and she did.

"You mean you were spying on the queen?"

" sir, I escorted my lady to Rubysite and was waiting for her outside, that's how I got to hear them and again they were quite loud".

At first i didnt take it serious but seeing the pained expression on Echo's face just made me believe her, besides I've also gotten fillers from Gaius and Adrian that she was innocent.

But then, why would Charles do such grievous act. What was he to gain from all of these?

"What exactly did she say?" I asked for clarity.

"She told her, she planned with lord Charles to defile her so that she would be dismissed from court and away from your life. She explained how much she detested her and why she kept telling lady Gemma to hold on as everything will work for her favour soon"

I was more than mad and furious. I jumped up from the chair I sat and all I wanted was to have my hands wrapped round the neck of Charles choking the life out of him.

He knew the queen was never in support of my choice from the very beginning, but betraying me by forming alliance with her to undo me was painful.

"Please sir, you need to remain calm so that you dont don't anything rash that you might end up regretting" she pleaded with me, her knees on the floor, tears trickling down her cheeks.

This was after I must have destroyed one or two glass antiques in my living room.

Gaius and Ian rushed in after hearing the shatters.

My hands were curled up in a fist about to release another destructive act when Gaius held me, trying to calm me with his eyes moving around the place, definitely imagining what must have caused my outburst.

I screamed and wriggled out of his grip letting out harsh breaths. My whole body was vibrating with anger and I began pacing around, my hands running through my hair continously but it wasn't working.

So I decided to leave to somewhere where I could clear my head with Ian and Gaius following me.

When I got to the Agate (outskirtof the court that houses the training grounds, golf course, foot ball clutch, stable, race track and swimming pool).

I broke down in tears mixed with pain and anger.

It took me hours before I could control my emotions and then narrated everything to Gauis because I needed his advice.

We were strolling through the Golf course as evening was swiftly setting in.

"What do I do Gaius?" I exhaled. "I wish I had listened to you. But how could I have known?" I shut my eyes briefly in pains and regret.

"I thought I knew the queen's capabilities but this one, was the height of it"

"Yea, I know. I never would have imagined it. Setting up my fiancee just to achieve her agenda. Gauis I do not want to set my eyes on Gemma again. She's pure evil! I've lost my friend- infact lost all my friends" I sighed feeling tired.

"Don't say that my prince. You know lady Gemma is innocent in all of these"

"No she's not" I yelled angrily. "She's at fault. It's all because of her stupid obsession with me that the queen had to do what she did" I threw my head back breathing deeply while Gaius patted my back.

"I'm sorry, I'm losing my temper" I apologized admitting sadly. "I hate Gemma now and even more"

"No, my prince please dont say that. It's TRUE that it was for the sake of lady Gemma but she took no part in it"

"And what do you say about the poisoning of Aris?"

"What?" He shot me a stare, shocked.

"Gemma would have killed Aris at my uncle's birthday banquet. She confessed it to the queen. So you see she's just as guilty as them all including Charles"

"I cant believe this" he whispered in disbelief and disappointment. "Then you need to confront all parties my prince and see how you could get lady Aris' forgiveness"

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