Royal Nightmare

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This was definitely going to be a long meeting seeing Gemma present here at Ambersite, the queen's chamber. After her summon, the other day, it took me an additional two days before I finally came to answer her.

Gemma's gaze had not left my direction since I walked in. She tried to familiarize herself with me but I reminded her of what I said the last time we met.

"How have you been Troy? Heard what happened to Charles"


"I'm still very sorry...... I'm even repenting" she stated obviously to make me feel better but still, I felt irritated.


My eyes roaming round the room continously in circles admiring the beautiful art designs and colour blends.

"You have every right to still be mad at me but please tamper Justice with mercy, for the sake of our baby"

What? My eyes and ears shot opened. What the hell is she talking about? Maybe I didn't hear clearly.

"Repeat yourself Gemma" I growled silently and she went mute. By this time she had fallen to her knees pleading again but couldn't utter a word.

"What the hell did you say Gemma?" I howled raiding my voice louder at her and she trembled.

A side of me she's never witnessed before in all our years of friendship, now revealed.

"I said our......." she stuttered as tears welled up in her eyes.

"Whose baby?" I spoke disgusted.

"Our.....s" She paused midway and broke down in tears.

Was she being funny or just putting up a show, maybe a prank. because I couldn't remember sleeping with her or having any intimate moment with her. The thoughts alone were starting to stir up fragments of anger within me as my hands clenched into a fist ready to lash out.

"Gemma I think you need to see the doctor" I told her and immediately the queen's voice came through.

"Eridian you're the one who needs to see the doctor" she stated emphatically as she walked in, a scowl pressed on her face while I stood to my feet, with a forced bow.

"Get up from the floor Gem. Eridian, have you been brainwashed? How can you treat your fiancee like that because of a wench. Gemma told me everything -"

"Oh she did report to you" I smirked. "Good that means you already know that I know what you did" I spoke angrily through gritted teeth.

"Yes I admit it" She spoke casually, settling down on a couch. "Bt then I did it for you and for our great nation"

My mother was too good. She always had a way of maneuvering herself out of every issue. This was not the first time but she kept getting good at it.

"Mother, why would you go that far to tarnish someone's image?" I asked unable to even shout at her.

"Because I warned her and she refused to listen"

"No.....! You took it too far this time and have caused alot of damage already. I can't and wont marry Gemma" I stated categorically again and was stomping out when she spoke up.

"How about the baby?" I turned back to her, thinking it was all a joke when Gemma said it but seeing the look on the queens face, it was definitely serious.

"What baby?" She looked at me with a mischievous smirk on her face.

"The one Gemma is carrying"

"Oh! So she's pregnant. That's wonderful. Whose the father?" I spoke sarcastically.

"How could you be so insensitive" She scolded. "You ofcourse"

"Me" I said and burst out into some serious laughter while they both stared at me like I was some crazy asshole.

"Eridian this is not a joke"

"Really! No, tell me, how would it not be a joke when I've never slept with her before..... How?" I stated and it was my mother turn to burst into laughter.

"Oh, my poor child, how could you not know when it happened" Looking at her surprised, my expression softened and I took few steps toward the couch and sat down again since I felt weakened by their words.

Did I really sleep with Gemma or was I suffering from dementia? How come I had no clue? Maybe this was a mind game.

Then I turned to Gemma whose head was lowered, she was avoiding my eyes obviously. "Gemma when did this happen?"

"Naxos City"

"How come I don't remember?"

"Because we were both tipsy that night when we got back from the party"

I forced my mind back to our journey to Naxos City and particularly to the said night. There was no way anything of such could happen.

I could not believe my whole world was gradually becoming one mess I cannot escape from.

"Nothing happened that night" I yelled at her after much remembrance.

"Eridian, you should be happy about this pregnancy. Besides it's just three months remaining and then the wedding. You just have to be there for Gemma and your baby" She said and that was when I reacted, losing myself and releasing all of the anger I've been suppressing.

"Stop saying that mother,It is not my baby! It can't be!" Turning to Gemma, I pointed at her, my eyes shooting daggers "You can't fool me again. Never! The earlier you look for the father, the better for you" I told her and stomped out.

I was so furious when I got back to my chambers. Screw her! Screw the queen! Screw everybody!

I paced around my living room, crashing my hands into everything breakable and sending them right to the ground. I needed someone to talk to, otherwise I might end up in the hospital the next day with a lost mind.

The whole room was in a mess, what made it worse was immediately I got in I locked the doors preventing anyother person from coming in.

So right now, I believed there were lots of persons already at the door trying to gain entrance, judging from the several voices calling out to me.

I strutted toward the wine bar and helped myself with a bottle of vodka, drinking directly from the bottle, I slid down the wall to the floor feeling defeated again. I needed a friend!


"I can't believe this Troy! Gemma pregnant for you even without- "

"Forget about that issue for now man. I need to see Aris and fast - the reason I sent for you. Please help me"

"Troy, you can't just ignore a serious issue as pregnancy and want to make up with Aris. Have you thought of how she would feel hearing that Gemma is pregnant for you?"

"Adrian, Gemma is not carrying my baby. The girl is not even pregnant"

"And how do you know that?"

"Because..... I know" I smirked at him, slightly irritated.

Adrian was delaying my apology process to Aris. I was so eager to see her and Adrain was the only one that could make that happen. If I go directly to see at Rythfork, she would probably murder me.

He chuckled asking me. "Are you now a doctor?"

"Not at all but the thing is, I'm more smarter now, man and I can smell a rat even from afar..."

"Hmmmmm! Interesting" he chuckled again, killing the issue and we focused on strategizing on how I could apologise to Aris.

So last night, surprisingly Adrian appeared at court, not just at court but in my chambers. I was a wrecked mess when they finally got a spare key and opened the door.

I was wasted and Adrian together with Korina, helped and cleaned me up.

Earlier this morning, I was surprised to see him still here, even though last night, I couldn't comprehend my environment, I knew he was there, tall, dark tousled hair with broad shoulders and toned biceps and abs.

The whole morning, we was spent rendering apologies to each other. It was an emotional moment for both of us but at the end of it all, we forgave each other and buried all the hatchet.

And after all of that was when I decided to intimate him on everything thats been happening and even the latest developments.

Finally, we agreed on Adrian luring Aris out from Rythfork to a neutral ground where we could meet probably in his home at Paramythia.

But before executing this plan, there was something urgent I needed to do first.

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