Royal Nightmare

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Undoing the Wrong

"Can you stop with the name mention Rian, I don't want to hear it...........I'm sick and tired" I yelled, warning him.

"C'mon Aris, dont be so difficult. You know you're always a softie" I threw some scary stares his way.

"I killed that part of me" I answered coldly.

"What?" he chuckled "So you're saying you're now heartless?"

"Emotionless" I corrected him with a smug look on my face.

Adrian was really acting like a pest today. First of all, showed up unannounced as he usually does, then followed me to the office and have since been raising topics about Troy wanting me to talk when there was honestly nothing to say - acting like an advocate.

Honestly, its becoming tiring just listening to the same name over and over again.

"Really?" He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes at him focusing my eyes back at the book before me. "Okay then let's find out truly if you're now emotionless"

"I'm not interested in any test"

"C'mon babe, it's just a simple one. I'm sure you'll pass"

"Adrain, read my lips. I'm not interested in any stupid test. Why do I have to prove that I've changed?"

"Because you're a good person Aris and you can't just change yourself because of a little misunderstanding"

I was not understanding Adrian any longer.

"What happened to you?"

"Me? Why?" He raised a brow, half shrugging.

"Because, a while ago, you were the one pushing that I forget about the prince but now you're asking me to remember him. Why?"

He exhaled deeply raising his hands in defeat. "Okay, Aris you got me there. The thing is Troy is a mess. He is a shadow of himself, he's wrecked"

"Well he has his fiancee, isnt it" I shrugged, watching as he closed his eyes briefly before opening them again.

"Its complicated "

"That's the thing Rian, I don't want to be a part of it. I need an uncomplicated life. Please understand. Letting Troy back into my life is dangerous for me and him"

"Don't say that, please. You guys are perfect"

I scoffed. "Were is the word because it didnt work out. I showed you the letter he wrote to me, right?"

"Yea about that....... he swore that he never wanted you to see that. It was discarded"

I huffed and mumbled under my breath "Discarded, such lies" if he had no intentions of me sighting it, why didnt he shred it or better still, burn it.

Truly I was done with Troy or any other relationship, right now I just wanted to focus on my work and learn how to be a good leader to my people.

Even though Adrian won't come forth directly, I knew he and Troy had settled their differences. Also the truth about my innocence was now the latest headline news all over the kingdom.

Two days ago, the prince came with lots of peace offerings to apologise to my parents and also did a live broadcast to apologise to the people of Islandes.

Well all that didn't matter to me anymore but my parents were happy and no sooner began singing his praise all over again in my ears.

Sometimes I wonder if they really mean well for me.

Again, I remembered shortly after I discovered and read that letter, it triggered my nightmares.

For seven consecutive times, I kept seeing myself running from a burning village and hearing a woman's voice shouting 'run Harissa!'

The dream was becoming more real each day with little fragments added yet it wasn't making any sense to me, thus keeping me worried.

If they were my memories and they real, then I wanted to know what happened. I wanted the full memory. It could have been something very painful for me to have forgotten, and I kept digging for solution that's why I was reading this book 'Nightmares: how to find your lost memories'

Since I wanted Adrian to stop talking about the Vernadoz family and especially the crowned prince and he bluntly refused to, I excused myself and went out, when I returned he had left but scribbled a note for me.


Please you need to meet with Troy and talk things out with him. He's sincerely sorry and I know, deep within you, you know that but you're acting overly stubborn.

Anyways ,please give him a second chance. I dont want to loose both my friends.

I will see you soon, heading to the capital. Heard something urgently came up.



"Conversation?" I hissed. Where was he when I needed and longed for that conversation when I was ready to forgive and forget everything.


I couldn't wait for Adrian to return and hint me on what the emergency might be. I had waited for him for three days now even my parents had gone to the palace and had also refused to return.

It started to feel like the only thing that gets things done faster in this kingdom was the word emergency. No body was telling me anything because nobody knew anything.

I was anxiously pacing that day, my thoughts could not go off Troy. What If he was the emergency? That was when I panicked more, praying and hoping it got nothing to do with him.

Though I say I don't want to have anything to do with him, deep within, I was only lying to myself.

"My lady" Ida's voice trailed through my thoughts, jerking me back to reality and I shot her a stare which was obviously discomforting.

"Dinner is ready" she reported.

"I'm not hungry"

"But it's been two days you last ate"

"And I'm still alive, so I'm not hungry" I sounded sarcastically and she let me be.

That's right, two whole days gone without food. What was I thinking, starving myself for Troy, someone who hates me.

Nah! I wont act so vulnerable. I dont care about him or whatever happens to him. He's out of my life for good.

After convincing myself that I had no feelings for Troy anylonger, my appetite returned and I rushed back to the kitchen to secure my dinner.

"Adrian I dont understand what you're saying? What do you mean the king wants to penalize the queen?"

Adrian returned back this morning with some sort of news about disciplinary actions, which I knew very well Lord Castor was undergoing but the queen, its unbelievable.

"Yes and it's because of you" he stated emphatically.

Okay, I was confused. It's not like I was still in court so why would I be the reason? Adrian was keeping me in suspense and it wasn't funny.

"Tell me everything!" I sounded almost in a commanding tone.

"Are you sure, your not just eager to find out about Troy" he smirked at me while I backed him facing the windows in my room not wanting to give in to his quips.

Was he being serious right now? Do I look that obvious?

"Actually, it happened that Troy told the king about everything, you're being dismissed as a set up and all of that, and -" I cut him off.

"He did" with my hands covering my mouth surprised.

"Yes he did because the pressure is still much even when he's trying to make amends" he exhaled and lay back on the bed, his hands against his head.

I strolled back and sat down on one edge of the bed with my head buried between my hands, I lowered them to my laps. A cold feeling of guilt rushed through my body.

"Hey babe, it's okay, Its not your fault so dont feel bad" Rian comforted me. He must have figured out how I felt. His hands stroking my back softly before pulling me up, I buried my face into his chest as he embraced me tightly

So apparently, after the king got to find out everything from his son, he got very furious and didn't want to deal with it at the family level any longer, so he blew it open to the council exposing his wife and Charles because he wanted them disciplined by law which to me was not very good but I appreciated it anyways, because it got to clear my name and the bad records held against it.


It's been a week, my name yet graced the news headlines again but this time it was a good one. Having the negative image that was created of me and my family cleared brought great joy to my heart.

At first I didn't even know how to take the news but when I was interviewed, I got to really find out, how happy I was. Same went for my parents who were beyond words.

The whole Islandes were in jubilation and celebration. For me, I thought it was about the fact that I was innocent of what I was accused of, little did I not know, there was more to their celebration mood.

I got to find out when my interviewer asked me when I will be returning back to court.

What? Like seriously, what do they take me for? Why would they even think I would go back?

"I dont think that will be happening anytime soon. Besides there's another in my place" was my answer.

"Even if his highness wants you back?" She curiously questioned again.

"I would really appreciate if we dont talk about this" I said, slightly irked and that was how I ended my interview.

The second thing that baffled me was how they were able to keep the queen and Charles' name off the press when they were literally the main perpetrators of this unjust act against me.

They blamed an innocent servant for divulging false information and conniving to hurt the prince. These royals were disgusting and heartless. So much for protecting their stupid family name at the expense of others.

For me, I was eventually going to give Charles a taste of his own bitter medicine when time comes.

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