Royal Nightmare

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New Queen Vs Old Queen

Gemma's POV

Troy had been coming through with his words of not having anything to do with me. Its been hell for me, coupled with the ongoing feud between the king and queen and now, the kings health.

Who would have thought? but one thing remained,the queen has always been on my side all the way giving me the moral support I needed.

Actually, It was kind of working for my favour because with all these happenings, Troy may be asked to step in soon, that's the more reason I must keep fighting till I win his heart.

Two nights ago was so demeaning for me. Reluctantly, Troy allowed me to accompany him for the banquet at Souli, only to get there and he abandoned me to myself, thank God for Cleo and Julia who Ofcourse came to my rescue.

I felt humiliated and angered when I noticed he was nowhere in the room and obviously that wench, Aris was also gone. I really hope they weren't together cause that was the last I saw of them throughout the night.

I was lost in my own thoughts sitted in my living room when Cleo walked in.

"Gem! Gem!" She shook me hard before I came out of that state giving her audience.

"Hey Cleo, didn't think I will be seeing you soon?"

"Well, me too but I've got some unfinished business"

I gave her a confused look. Why was everyone having unfinished businesses? As I remembered, I also had one to sort out with Troy. How dare he treat me like trash back at Souli? I needed to confront him.

"Here, at court?" I asked her for clarity.

"Ofcourse, not just in court but here in Ambersite" she demonstrated pointing her fingers to the floor of my living room.

Okay, this was getting serious with the way she kept dishing out her words like arrows.

"Calm down babe. What's the problem?" I became concerned.

"Where's that servant girl of yours?"

"You mean Echo?"

"Whatever her name is...Yes, she"

"Well, I could get her for you but first tell me what's going on"

I heard her inhale and exhale before she looked at me, shaking her head slightly angry.

"Can you imagine that servant girl, flirting with my man?"

"What!" I bursted out into laughter because it was a very funny assumption. Adrian will not stoop so low to do that. Except one thing, Aris is playing with us.

"Its not funny Gem" she groaned and grumbled annoyingly and I apologized for laughing.

I sent for Echo and minutes later she was standing before us with her face lowered to the ground.

"Hey......., servant girl" Cleo called at her and she lifted her head up, looking at her. "What were doing with lord Adrian, two nights ago?"

On hearing that question, I quickly turned to Echo, realizing that I also saw her with Aris that same night. I narrowed my eyes to her with a raised eyebrow.

"And what where you doing with Aris? You're forgetting you belong to me" I added to the questions while she just stood there wide eyed and lifted eyebrows like a criminal that's been caught in her own crime.

"I- I was.. not with lady Aris" she lied.

"Shut up your mouth, I saw you both together talking and hugging each other. What was that for?"

"And I saw you flirting with Adrian" Cleo added.

She just stood there frozen, shocked, shakened and dumbfounded with her mouth slightly parted, not uttering a word.

Cleo stood up smirking wickedly and walked to where she stood that they were now measuring on the same height. Her arms crossed across her chest, staring deep into her eyes before she spoke.

"Oh, my God!" She gasped and clasped her hands over her mouth. "You love him!"

Turning to me, she darted her fingers inbetween. "Gem, she's in love with Adrian. I cant believe this" she covered her face with her hands embarrassed while my body immediately stiffened at her remark.

"Cleo, calm down. Thats impossible" I told her and walked towards Echo for confirmation. "Are you in love with Adrian?"

She bit into her lower lip, swallowing unnecessarily while Cleo was now pacing with her fingers raking through her black silky hair, anxiously waiting for Echo's answer.

"Speak! Are you now dumb?" Cleo snapped at her and she quivered and began stammering.

"T- The....thing...... is .......-"

"Do you love him, was the question Echo" I repeated cutting through her words.

"I don't know what it is, but I have feelings for him" she confessed and before we could procrss it all, Cleo gave her a resounding slap on her face that even I, felt it.

"Idiot, let me give you an advice, kill whatever feelings you have for him if you want to live...... How dare you be my competition- you!, a mere servant, a nobody,a dirty hag" she crinkled her nose at her sight as she yelled at the top of her voice

"If I ever see you near or around Adrian any other time, I will kill you.... Do not fucking cross your boundary. Know your place and remain there fool" she broke down in tears exhausted.

My arms were now crossed across my chest as I watched, tears descending uncontrollably from Echo's face also. I felt a little sorry for her but more for my friend. And with that, I forgot about the answers to my questions, probably they were just exchanging pleasantries.

Now, that I think about it, that could be just what I saw. Afterall they were both very close when Aris was here. With that, I dismissed the thought.


Moments later, I decided to take care of my own business by visiting Troy. When I got to the Zirconsite, I was told he was at the office.

And when I got to the office, was informed he was in a closed door meeting with the investigstion team on the queen's case since the hearing would be taking place soon.

I had to wait for him around whilst he finished up. Sitting down in his reception, crazy thoughts concerning the queen flooded my mind. What if she was punished in a very brutal way, that means I would really be thrown out because by that time, there would be no one to defend and protect my interest.

But on the second thought, I brushed off such thoughts. The queen was a very strong and smart woman, she wouldn't let herself be disgraced and humiliated so cheaply especially now that the king is incapacitated.

I would have to do everything to protect my position and my families name. Noises from outside the door caught my attention, the doors opened and Troy walked in.

Immediately he saw me, he halted and gazed at me briefly before stepping into his office.

I gave him few seconds to catch his breath and relax his nerves a bit before going in.

Surprisingly, I wasnt restricted from entering as other times.

"What do you want here Gemma?" His voice sounded in a cold and harsh tone even before I comported myself.

"I want us to have that talk" He lifted his head from the files infront of him, eyeing me.

"What talk?" He asked as I helped myself to the chair infront of him.

"Stop acting naive Troy, you know how you've been treating me for months here like I do not exist"

"Well to me you dont and I will repeat myself again, you mean nothing to me Gemma. Even though you have the backing of the crown and the queen, I don't care. You're not a good person, you singlehandedly destroyed our friendship circle of years because of your greed, insensitivity and selfishness"

I closed my eyes as he spoke, digesting his words as they tore through my heart and every limb of my body causing pains while he continued.

"I really thought I knew you.... that you were a good person all these years but -" he shook his head. "I cant even stand your presence" He gnarled with disgust and irritation.

By this time, the tears were already gushing out from my eyes but notwithstanding, I summoned the courage to say something.

"Was that why you humiliated me last weekend at Souli? I knew you were with her.. I saw you plan with Adrian... I saw everything Troy, how you slipped out of the room abandoning me to be with her but you know what-" I slammed my hands on the table, with a shaky voice as tears kept falling from eyes,

"I am the bride-to-be everyone knows and I will never give up my position for any other not even Aris. You would wed me as your wife and I will become your queen" I snapped at him with so much boldness as he started out with light chuckles before bursting out into a horrendous laughter that was getting under my skin.

"Oh my God!......" still laughing, he pointed at me teasingly. "You need to see your face right now Gemma. I am the bride to be everyone knows and I will never give up my position for any other not even Aris. You would wed me as your wife and I will become your queen" he mimicked me mockingly and huffed. Unable to hold the tears because I felt so embarrassed, I let them down again.

"If you're done with your agenda, kindly leave my office. I've got lots of things to attend to" And with that I stood up reluctantly, with a heavy hiss, I walked out headed for the queen's chamber.

I wasn't going to keep quiet and endure these humiliations in silence any longer. The queen has to know. I needed encouragement, an assurance that no matter what, Troy would be mine.

"Ahhh" I screamed in my head, stomping my feet embarrassed and angry as I walked past some guards till I got to the Ambersite.

The guards at the queen's entrance wanted announcing my presence after acknowledging me but I stopped them.

Approaching the door, I stopped in my tracks when I was about opening it. I heard some noises and they were not mere noises, it was like scolding noises. The queen was definitely scolding someone.

I don't know why but my instincts asked me not to barge in just yet but listen to the conversation, so I pinned my ears closely to the door to get all they were saying.

"I'm disappointed in you, Fiona, this was just a little thing for you to do yet you couldn't get it right. Was it difficult?" The queen yelled at the top of her voice filled with rage.

Fiona was one of her hand maiden but she was personally assigned to attend to the king, more like a personal maid servant.

What has she done wrong? I listened keenly to get a clue when I heard sobbing noises. It was like Fiona was crying.

"I'm so sorry your majesty, the prince was there that day, so it was difficult for me to poison the food"

My eyes and mouth widened in shock as my hands swathed across my mouth unbelievably. What did I just hear? I so hope I'm not having issues with my hearing..... No... definitely didnt hear clearly.

I pressed my ears closely again to the door, switching on my full antenna to get clarity.

"Eridian was with his father?" The queen asked in a very subtle voice but I didnt hear Fiona's response.

"What did they talk about?"

"I wasn't paying attention, your majesty but I suspected it had to do with your hearing" Fiona's shaky voice responded and immediately I pushed through the doors causing them to shudder.

"Gemma" The queen called out to me gently while Fiona bowed respectfully. I could still see the smudge of tear drops on her face but I moved my gaze back to the queen.

"Your majesty" I curtsied and stood upright. A ray of nervousness appeared on her face as she asked Fiona out of the living room.

"What are you doing here and how was your outing with Eridian?"

Her face relaxed and for once I didn't want to talk about Troy but about the revelation I just heard.

"I......heard......." I whispered pointing to the door.

"Heard what?" she asked coldly.

"Fiona......,poison.....The king"

"You were eavesdropping?"

"No, I wanted to see you but popped in on that" I explained, her expression was impassive and cold.

"Well, it is what it is" She spoke confidently and I gasped, covered my mouth again and slumped to the chair, tears gluing up in my eyes.

"Why?......" my voice shaky and low.

"Gemma, there are limits to what a person can take. I love my husband but recently, he's pushed me to my limits and I can't bow to pressure. Never!"

"So poisoning him is the best?"

She exhaled deeply. "I dont intend to kill him but to make him incapacitated and unfit to rule...... He had the guts to subject me to disciplinary action, such insult and embarrassment and then cheat on me with those low-lifes, making me an object of mockery"

She huffed "He deserves the treatment he's getting. Again I want Eridian on the throne as soon as possible..... and you as his wife" she smirked with confidence as I jumped excited in my head.

If only she knew that Troy does not believe in us. I gaped at her unbelievably. I knew I could be alot of things but not to this extent. How can she be responsible for the kings condition and still be happy about it?

"Now what really brought you here?I know it's not the kings condition?"

"" I got stuck and changed the topics quickly. I dont want any harm coming to Troy. I love him so much and cannot stand to see the queen put him through misery also.

Obviously, the queen is capable of anything and everything..... no one should underestimate her.

"Gemma, what you just heard is a secret, and I don't need to remind you to keep your mouth shut..... because if I get to hear this from anywhere..... " She stressed "you wouldn't like the outcome....moreso, yourself " she warned and I nodded nervously.

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