Royal Nightmare

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I anxiously waited, anticipating all tonight had in store for me, it's been like ages since Troy and I spent such time together.

Though I couldn't figure out what to expect as I recalled his words.

'I'm really sorry I've been so busy since my arrival but I promise, we will spend some good time together tonight when I'm back and if you're not too tired'

After showering, I dressed up in some less provocatively blue shorts and a white tank top, applied a little cologne with light makeup and let my hair fall freely on my shoulders...

As I waited patiently for their return from Ibita, I thought of who to have the first conversation with... it definitely had to be Adrian.....because his, was more like an emergency...

"Hey Rian......" I acknowledged him, letting out a small smile as I took a seat by the edge of his big bed.

He was seated on the bed with his head tilted back, resting on the headboard wearing a camouflage shorts with a black shirt and a book beside him.

He nodded in response without saying a word which frustrated me further.

"Adrian, I just want to apologise for the other day... I'm sorry for being out of line and unbearable... I was having an emotional breakdown......I'm sorry"

He just kept peering at my face making me shy and uncomfortable.

These feelings around Adrian were new to me and I couldn't understand them.

"Please say something......your silence is driving me crazy" I snapped at him quietly.

Closing his eyes, he breathed heavily while his hands roughly rubbed his face continously, before he opened them again.

"I need the answers to my questions"

My heart froze as I gaped at him appalled. What does he need the answers for. It's all in the past now...

Oh my God! Adrian was doing this deliberately, He knew I'm supposed to be with Troy, yet he's demanding answers questions he will never get.

It's either he planned on delaying my meeting with Troy or he's damn serious about clearing his head.

"Let me repeat them... perhaps you might have forgotten...... Are you jealous that I'm with Echo? And do you love me?"

The atmosphere all of a sudden became too tensed and utterly serious. It was discomforting and my heart kept pounding in my chest.

Laughing out nervously, I hoped to ease the mood yet Adrian didnt bulge rather he looked down into the book he was reading making me look stupid.

"Rian, I-"

"Dont lie to me Aris, please" he said with a softened face.

Shutting my eyes for a few seconds, I imagined why he desperately needed my answers before replying him with the truth. "I......was jealous.......when I read the letter"

He looked at me with an impassive expression.


"I don't know.......maybe...maybe -"

"You love me...." He spoke outrightly, my heart speed racing uncontrollably, combined with the big lumps in my throat.

Abruptly, I looked away from him feeling embarrassed, It felt my eyes betrayed me as he deciphered his answers from them.

He heaved a sigh of relief and pulled me up into the bed in such a way that I was facing him whilst seated in between his legs.

"I love you Aris..... I've always loved you in every way. I understand the way you're feeling because I felt so too the night Troy picked you at that ceremony..... It was like a knife piercing through my heart......."He paused like he was reminiscing the moment and continued.

"Yea ....yea, I know we ain't supposed to nurse such feelings for each other but the unexpected happened and here we are....." He swallowed the lump in his throat while my eyes were glued on his face processing everything.

Maybe I was dreaming or did Adrian just confess to being in love with me? I pondered as he continued.

"But there were barriers, I couldn't break through, the fact that we were cousins - that meant we are family and the fact that you're in love with Troy and..... I tell you that he's head over heels for you" He explained carefully as whilst I listened.

"Adrian....... I can't believe this... why didn't you say anything all this while?"

"Because you didn't....."He half shrugged. "I felt it was just me..... and I had no right to impose my feelings on you..... Can you remember when you started having feelings for Troy and you told me about it?" he squinted at me for acknowledgement and I nodded.

"I was madly jealous but then I had to discard the feelings because I knew it wasn't going anywhere...."

"So why were you mad at me?"

"I wasn't mad at you baby, but at myself for not opening up earlier" He made a funny face and we both chuckled. Gratefully the atmosphere was becoming more relaxing.

"So you took out your anger on me......" I arched a brow, questioning him and he playfully kept a sober face.

"Rian you're one hell of a work, I swear.... Anyways, thank you for talking with me... I'm glad we could talk about our feelings and sort things out... I love you" I smiled.

"Same here -"

"So are you happy with Echo?" I asked curiously.

"She's a sweet, Intelligent, adorable, smart, beautiful lady" he blushed in admiration and immediately I figured out my answer.

"And you dont mind her position and what happens?"

"I don't care" he massaged his chin. "Although we're still talking things slow"

"And Cleo?"

"She's just there"

"Are you guys together?"

"In her imaginations" he chuckled.

"Is Troy aware?"

"He's got a hint.....though but honestly, we've really not had time for personal talks......" He said and for the next few minutes, the room grew quiet.

Then he twirled me around so that my head was resting on his chest whilst and his hands gently stroked my hair lovingly.

"You know he's waiting for you, right?"

He was literally talking about Troy , which I almost forgot about.


"When do you want to go see him...... I know you guys have missed yourself so much"

"Soon.... I've missed my best friend too and I want to spend sometime with you"

"Oh!....okay.. You know if you eventually become queen, we can't do these anymore" He stated in a whisper getting me somewhat confused.

"Why is that?" I asked upon realizing what he meant.

"Because you'll be queen and married.... How do you think Troy would feel seeing his wife with another man in bed?"

"C'mon Adrian, you're not any man" I protested.

"True....but I'm also not your husband" he chuckled as I playfully slapped his torso..

"When we get there, we will cross the bridge" I commented pursing my lips.

"Yes your majesty" he teased and I slapped his chest again as he held onto my wrist, squeezing it tightly as I squealed in pains..

After a while, he freed my hand and I was about repeating it again when he wrapped his hands around my waist and spun me, my back against the the bed beneath him whilst he was towering above me.

At first, I was all giggly but suddenly, the atmosphere charged up again... flushes of heat filled my entire body as he lowered himself slowly toward me.

I sucked in all the air I could, holding in my breath, yet my heart pounded erratically. My eyes lost their urge to remain open so I shut them as a cold wind rushed through my spine, subjecting my body to a bone - chilling condition.

Then he stopped abruptly when our faces were only inches apart. His eyes were filled with lust and desire, with twitching lips.

"What do you want Aris?...... He groaned. I'm sorry, let's not do this" and quickly he stood up from me gasping whilst running his hand roughly through his hair.

Fuck! That was so close. I swallowed hard uncontrollably.

Sitting up on the bed, I looked at where he stood with his back against me and his face lowered.

"Rian" I called out but he was silent, Then I walked over to him and cupped his face lifting it up to gaze at him.

"Dont beat yourself.... you've done nothing wrong.. I will always love you no matter what" I hugged him tightly, he restrained at first but reciprocated.

"I love you too...... Now hurry up and don't keep my prince waiting" He said in a commanding tone and I smiled because his personality was back.


Troy was in the shower when I got in. With my eyes roaming thev environment I couldn't help but notice the two bottles of Rythfork finest wines in a bucket of ice on the table.

What does he have planned for tonight?.... I imagined.

"Hey princess" his voice pulled me back to reality.

Before realizing that he was only on a towel, his hands had wrapped me in an embrace, such that my body was pressed against his fine naked muscular body.

Oh my God! Troy was perfect.... a god in human form. Sexy, provoking, seductive ,hot and steamy.

"Hii...... how.... was....your.....event?" I stammered.

"Awesome... you know.... maybe I should focus more on Islandes in course of my reign.....because they've got the best of everything..." he stated with a grin and I laughed placing my both hands slowly on his hard chest..

Gasping hard as I felt them, I trailed my fingers through every visible veins down to his lower abdominal region, teasing him all along.

He wheezed and seized my hands, halting my actions whilst breathing unevenly.

Leading me to sit on the couch, he walked into the bedroom to put on some clothes so we don't get tempted further - He wore a black sweatpants and a grey shirt.

Later, we were both seated on the couch, now facing each other with our legs coiled up , he opened the wine pouring its contents into the glass cups and offered one of them to me.

"Hmmmm. White" I teased, licking my lower lip.

"My favourite" he smiled as we sipped on them, talking randomly.

Much later, the ambience of the room changed to a more heated subtle one, filled with wild driven passion and seeping emotions..

None of us said anything for a long time, other than staring lasciviously at each other.... the truth was I couldn't take my eyes of him....His scent was provocative and intoxicating...and desires were building up in all the right places of my body....

One look at him and I could sense he was obviously having the same struggle of controlling his urge.

The next I saw, he was up on his feet with his back held against me. I could hear the continous taking in of deep breaths.....

"Are you okay?" My voice filtered out in a whisper as he turned back to me.. his face hiding all of its emotions.

"That was.......something else" he breathed again and took a seat. His hands cupped my face and with his index finger, he trailed it slowly against my lower lip whilst the other still held my cheek.

Holding my head still, he whispered. "Princess, so many things I want to do to you.... alot of them, your lips are succulent and inviting and each time I stare at them, I just want to dive them in mine, burying deep into you..."

Oh, Troy....your words are invigorating and pressure is erupting from within me ...... I feel the same way too...... I want to devour you, surrendering myself to you......your touch......your desire.....Aris.....control! Shit.

"But -"


"We should wait...." He said and relaxed back on the couch and a frown creased my face.

"How long?"

"Till I make you mine" He smiled, caressing my face with his hands. Those words melted my heart instantly. Troy was going to wed me, was all I could think of at that moment.

"Speaking of weddings........ I thought the bridal ceremony is supposed to have started?" I interrogated him.

"Well its ongoing....." he answered, rather impassive.

"But you're not there...." I arched a brow at him waiting for the perfect answer.

"That's because my bride is here...... I have to be with her"

Flustered at his words, my face lighted pink and shone brightly. "You're so good with words, your highness" I teased.

"So are you my lady" he leaned forward and kissed my temples pulling me into him such that my back was resting on his chest and his back against the chair.

Our legs were sprawled forward and intertwined with each other. This was the closest position I've ever being with him.

Wrapped in his arms, one of his hands swaddling around my stomach, just below my breasts while the other fondled with my hair.

This was comforting and relaxing...... I loved being around him....around my prince.

Repeatedly, he fed me wine from my glass cup as we conversed into the young night...

"So how's being king been for you? You know some times Adrian informs me of how exhausting it is?"

"Not been easy.......but getting all the support I kinda adjusting.." He shrugged. "Only one thing is certain, and that is, with you by my side, it would get alot easier and better" he kissed my hair again.

"Hmmm......I like the sound of that" I giggled and got saddened almost at the same time when I remembered that Gemma was there in my position "And what about Gemma?"

"Let me worry about her..... and take care of things. Okay"

"Okay." I nodded. That was consoling.

Thereafter, I decided to switch topics to other pertinent things that's being troubling me of lately, my demeanor was literally laced with worry and anxiety..

Apparently, Troy perceived my mood switch and interrogated me about it....

"Feeling sleepy princess?"

"No" I shook my head.

"Then Why you quiet all of a sudden?"

"Nothing...." I lied.

"Then why ain't you saying anything"

"Hows the king?"

"Well..... he's still down, his case is worsening by the day....... Its just tiring to know that there's no improvement" He sighed, tightening his grip on me.

"I'm so sorry.... Can't he be taken out of the kingdom for better medical care?"

"Last option.....let's exhaust all existing ones here first..." and I nodded in acknowledgement.

"And your mother?"

"She is still mad at me for stripping her off all her powers"

"You know....I still can't believe you did that?" I retorted.

"Neither do I..... but most times, we do things we can't even comprehend. However, it was the best thing to do for us and for the kingdom"

Pulling away from his hands,I was eager to watch him as we talked, so swirling around, I faced him, my legs folded in on the chair.. his hands were constantly running through his sexy tousled brown hair as I spoke.

"I know you did it for me...... Thanks" I muttered gratefully.

"Anything for you my princess" he smiled and leaned forward and kissed my forehead in a soothing manner.

"Anything else you want us to talk about?"


"Shoot" he urged me on.

"Have you forgiven Lord Charles?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Don't you miss him... he was a good company for you"

"I do but he toyed with you....... he tarnished your image" Pain and anger appeared on his eyes and his body stiffened as he spoke.

"Hey" I placed my hand on his face warmly. "Its okay... if you dont want to forgive him, then don't but I can tell, you miss him"

"He's been coming lately to the palace pleading but I can reinstate him back..... I don't even know if I can have him around..... I would be too scared to have him around you too..."

"Let bygones be bygones... though I can forgive him just like your mother but I can't forget the pain and humiliation he put me through"

"Forget about him, Theon will fill up his space" he dismissed the talk instantaneously.

My eyes opened in surprise. "Theon?"

"Yes.... I'm considering him my friend and a worthy ally... he's brave, strong, caring, intelligent , very protective and a good conversationalist"

"I see..... maybe sometime in the future" I was literally talking about his friendship with Charles.

"Maybe sometime....Come here" he lugged me forward toward him that our faces were inches apart from each other, tossing my head to the side, he exposed my bare neck, and ran his fingers through my ear in slow languorous movement, down to my neck.

I tilted my head back, with slightly parted lips and closed eyes, gasping and shivering at the most sensual touch of this prince....

Next I saw, his lips were trailing hot lingering kisses along the traced line, my breath and pulse quickened as several moans escaped from my mouth.....

He continued, his teeth grazing and testing the skin on my neck as his hot breath electrified every nerve endings in my body.

The constant quivering of my body caused me to collapse to the couch with my back but that didn't stop him, rather he laid on me, his arms behind my back giving me support.

"What are you doing Troy?" I whispered in between the pleasure I was feeling and then he stopped, still hovering above me, now supporting himself with his elbows.

Please don't stop, please don't stop....... I pleaded in my head.

Opening my eyes, his dark greyish ones greeted me, piercing into mine with so much desire and want...His chest rising and falling with harsh breaths.

"I want you........I want you Aris........There's no doubt my body keeps betraying me because it desires you....." He admitted softly, licking his lips before cocking his head to the side.

Looking away from my face, a little frustrated, he growled quietly "Fuck! a month is damn much for me"

"Hey......" I tilted his face back to me. "I want you every way" I swallowed hard "But we've come this far, a little patience won't hurt........please" I calmed him down with my words as he lifted himself up from me and walked into the bedroom.

"Shit..... " I breathed heavily, letting out all the sucked in air...... my body was shaking.... "That was so close" I mumbled to myself.

The emotions were real, the desire was felt like my whole body was ignited by fire..

Thank God for the control....... I huffed.

At that moment, a part of me wanted to sneak out of the room but then the effect of the wine was begining to surface, which was not too good.

So I chose to stay..... but away from him....... no more closure for the rest of the night as I was tired of fighting with my feelings.

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