Royal Nightmare

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Wedding & Coronation

All I could think of was the memory of last night... The desire and passion was high, nothing I've felt before. And yes I did right, I gave her the fucking ring because she was going to be mine in split seconds.

The reception dinner became unnecessary lengthy causing a growing irritation every time I was asked to perform one act with Gemma. The thoughts that my princess was alone back at Zirconsite, angered me.

I had to ask Steflos to end the ceremony abruptly because the more I remained here, the closer I was to breaking, a sight which I wouldn't appreciate my guests seeing.

No sooner, the party ended but the exchange of pleasantries did not as more persons came toward I and Gemma, congratulating us whilst crowding our space.

Gemma, though unbothered, was enjoying the moment as she kept grinning from end to end, shaking hands, hugging and of course, responding to their wishes.

Just looking at the scenario was exhausting, I excused myself with the help of Adrian, there was somewhere I wanted to be - in the arms of my chosen one. my princess. my queen.

As I sauntered out of the banquet hall where the event took place, Lycus, the kings personal guard accosted me, informing me of the kings summon and with that, I diverted my movement toward my father's room.

After spending impatient couple of minutes with him, literally discussing today - the wedding coronation, I returned back to my room.

Greeted by a worried Ian, who explained to me, that Aris wanted to leave. I meant she literally was running away.

I froze at that moment. Leave? To where? Did she want to abandon me? Run away from me? The questions of uncertainty filled my thoughts as fear and panic engulfed me.

Whatever I needed to do had to be done fast. There was no way I was letting her go - out of my sight again. This was it. The final lap to pur forever.

Hasn't she also noticed that I can't live without her. She is my air. She completes me, thus I need her desperately in my life.

So I rushed into the room, only to find her sleeping peacefully on my bed.

She looked so adorable and beautiful, I never wanted to disturb her but I had no choice since it was going to be the long awaited wedding day in less than four hours.

I woke her up with a kiss on her forehead and when she was awake, I proposed but this time with a diamond ring given to me by my father just like the necklace.

She thought of bringing up the previous proposal I did with the necklace, but I hushed her. That was just a gift, I wanted her to have but this ring was all of me. I was giving her the entirety of me.

To my expectations, she accepted my props excitedly and I slid the ring into her well sculpted fingers, my eyes burning with hot wild passion, I darted it to her succulent lips that was inviting.

My eyes lingered on her lips briefly while I fought off, all the urges and emotions to devour hers.

It was war within me as I remembered our boundaries - one we swore to uphold together till we were ready.

Fuck the stupid boundaries! I yelled in my head. This was what I wanted and undoubtedly i was ready for it and with that, I crashed my lips on hers.

At first, she was stunned but i dared not give her the impression, i wanted to retreat. I kept forcing mine on hers until she allowed me entrance and that was how we lost ourselves into each other's mouth. Kissing and biting and devouring -whatever goes in there.

A hot, wild, passionate kiss - our first proper kiss.

Our lips were fucking swollen by the time we pulled away from each other. She didn't want to stop but I had to break it so we could catch our breaths and that was when she asked me if my plans were to make her my second wife or a concubine.

I was shocked and slightly annoyed at that question. Was that how she saw me? A playboy? A heartbreaker? A polygamist?

When she stared at my face, I wore an impassive expression that radiated silence, she broke down in tears assuming my plans and thinking she was right in her thoughts.

I sighed and sat up on the bed, buried my face in my head. She was compelling me to tell her the surprise I had for her and the silent sobbing wasn't helping a bit.

"Why can't you tell me..." she whimpered "Is it because I'm right?"

"No princess! Its because, its supposed to be a surprise"

"I hate surprises...... and you know that?" She shot me a glare that spelt 'fuck off"

I couldn't loose her again, I knew all I went through in getting her back and that road was one scary road, I never intend to pass through again.

Apparently, I had to reveal every details to her, and immediately her face brightened, her eyes sparkled like the diamond ring on her fingers and she hugged me. I reassured her again, that she was and will always be the one.

Next, she dived at my lips, and we kissed more passionately, more heated, more immersed than the the first time.

How was I able to resist her all these months?

My thumb travelled through my lips slowly as I reminisced the memory of the night, sat in my room, as Korina helped with my shoe laces.

Apparently, today was the wedding proper and I was dressed up in a complete Doxa regalia. An oxblood double breasted tuxedo with a black shirt and a gold bow tie with a brown leather whipped shoe.

The jacket held conspicously the three Doxa symbols, stylishly embedded on both sides of the shoulder and also carefully encasing the buttons of the suit. Each symbol designed with gold.

The suit colours expressed the national colours of our kingdom.

Still engrossed in thoughts of few hours ago, Adrian's voice interrupted me as he roamed his eyes incessantly across my body.

"She won't be able to resist your charm, trust me" he commented and I blushed harder eyeing him.

He looked elegant as well in the well tailored tux he wore. "You look great man," I complimented, he chuckled as I strode over to the mirror to get a better glimpse of myself.

Damn, I looked hot as hell..... Obviously, I stood very attractive and graceful. There was no way she would be able to resist me. As I peered into the mirror, I caught on Korina's eyes intently gawking at me.

She blinked and lowered her head once she caught on my eyes. Speaking in a low, calm tone, she apologized.

"I'm sorry your highness, it's just that you look really handome and majestic. I'm so happy for lady Gemma - she indeed, won a gold trophy"

"Thank you Korina" she blushed shyly, turning her attention back to arranging the room as I waived off the words she said about Gemma.

Adrian appeared behind me as I stood infront of the mirror, and placed a warm hand on my shoulders, smiling. "Are you ready for this?"

"More than anything" I spoke confidently, still lost in admiration of myself when Theon walked in.

"Your highness, a note for you from lady Gemma" and he handed it over to me as I and Adrain looked at ourselves confused.

He shrugged while I just shook my head. It was strange more especially on the wedding morning.

Accepting the letter from Theon, I didn't want to overthink its contents so I opened the letter as my eyes devoured its words one after the other.

My love,

As the minutes to our forever draws closer, I can't help but feel anxious about sharing my entire life with you. But more importantly, remorseful to you.

Returning to Rubysite last night, I was suspended of consciousness because my heart was heavy and the only elucidation was to make less painful the mental weight in my heart.

Thirteen months ago our relationship was unwrinkled and affectionate. We were strongly knitted from childhood.

I remembered confessing to you then, about my crush on you for over ten years. It surprised you more, especially with the selection ceremony just around the corner.

There was no doubt, our parents perceived the sentient aura that surrounded us, thus making it easier by matching us together, which you agreed to.

Unfortunately, on the said day, you got swayed by the fake allurement of a certain somebody who cinched you up in her web of lies, betrayal and enchantment.

I know I was cruel and harsh to you in the past because of her; I acted in various irrational manners, some of which I'm not proud of, but nevertheless I apologize sincerely from my heart.

My only crime was falling in love with you and wanting you for me alone. I am ingeniously sorry.

As we begin a new chapter of our lives together, I wanted to rewrite the wrongs I've done and correct my mistakes.

I'm sorry for letting my greed and selfish drive for you destroy our friendship circle of years. I hope we can restore it back after today because it means a lot to me.

Furthermore, I can't wait for you to behold the indescribable beauty, astuteness and royalty I possess, one I promise to uphold as long as I live as your queen.

I love you so much, Troy Eridian Vernadoz.

I vow to love you unconditionally.

I can't wait to be addressed as her royal majesty, Gemma Eridian Vernadoz — the queen of Doxa kingdom.

It's a dream come through. Thank you for making my dream a reality.

Your queen.



The royal chapel situated within the palace was filled to capacity with royals and dignitaries from both near and far.

This was literally the wedding of the century.

The large space of over one thousand seating capacity was gloriously decorated to fit the occasion. There was an artificial night sky above with synthetic candle lights beautifully suspended.

Marching in regally, closely followed behind by Adrian - my best man, I put on the most excellent version of myself. Shoulders upeneded, head held high, eyes glistening and heart pounding, praying that all will be well.

The congregation were on their feet as I strode forward, to where the priest stood at the altar with the melodious tune from the organ.

Once immobilized in front, I moved my head across the room, scanning through as my eyes fell on some familiar faces.

The king, my father was dressed sharp and dynamic in his royal ceremonial outfit. It was good to have him present despite all the arguments of concealing his present condition from the public.

He was sitted infront in his wheel chair, close to him was Leander, his personal physician. Next to Leander was my mother, queen Rhoda looking all stunning.

Actually, there's this saying that I got my good looks from the queen. It was true because she was an epitome of beauty just like my princess.

She gave me a small smile of fulfillment which I returned in a spiky manner.

At least if not for anything, she had succeeded in impelling Gemma on me. Beside her, sat Dionysius and Isabella Argyros - Gemma's parents.

Apparently, I noticed that the front rows on my right seated, Doxa's royal council - the Duke's and duchesses, ministers, advisers, Earl's and countess', knight's and their ladies amongst others while the front rows to my left sat our royal guests.

The kings and queens of Capri, Moonside, Nothshire, Otholia and Fremont were gracefully seated, radiating glory. They gave a small nod with a smile as my eyes graced them.

After the exhausting survey of the room, I whispered to the presiding priest who was smiling widely. He then, made an announcement urging everyone to their feet as the bridal crew arrived.

Sounds from the orchestra was loud, symphonic and harmonious. For a moment there, it made me forget the throbbing sounds in my chest, the big lumps in my throat and my sweaty palms.

"Relax man" Adrian's voice filtered from behind me and I let out a nervous chuckle, wiping the tiny droplets of sweat that had formed on my forehead.

Then I prepared my mind for the best, the large doors opened and through it appeared the most beautiful and gorgeous woman ever - my princess, my aphrodite...

As she walked down the aisle majestically, I couldn't help but admire her stunning appearance - A white damask ball gown covered in lace with a plunging neck line and a long crystalline laced sleeve, combined with a cathedral veil.

Her long brown hair was styled into a big, low chignon with rolled top section and a silver stoned tiara attached to the side with an attenuated makeup yet natural.

The dazzling natural bouquet she held radiated oxblood, white and gold colours which represented Doxa and Rythfork's symbolic colours.

Not forgetting, the colombina silver white mask that was plastered against her face covering her eyes, nostrils and cheeks.

A growing noise began springing up from the crowd, some were blown away by the aura emanating from her while others looked confused like there was something wrong.

Through the mask she wore, our eyes locked on each other and I gasped continously since I couldn't control the feelings of desire consuming my being.

There was an electric charge and pull between us with each slow step she took, her eyes constantly fixed on me like she was drawing the needed energy from them.

The aisle was appearing longer than normal as I was growing impatient on the wait to have here with me. Our eyes were still locked on each other as she approached the altar with slow steps.

In that moment of waiting, I reminisced on the meeting I had with my father the previous night.

"Eridian" he called out to me once I stepped into his room.

"Father" I hugged him exhaling deeply not wanting to let go. "I'm not ready" I whispered.

"You are my son... you've been prepared for this from the very day you were born" he stressed and pulled back. "Now how is your queen, has she arrived?"

"She's wonderful and yes she just arrived the palace"

"That's a delightful news" he smirked handing over a small black box to me. "Give this to her, it belonged to your grandmother. It was the last thing she gave to me before she died" he paused sucking in a large amount of air.

I opened the box and a rare diamond ring studded with silver stoned shone brightly infront of me, causing a moan to escape from my mouth.

"Its beautiful. Isn't it?" He chuckled.

"This is the most beautiful piece of ornament, I've ever seen" I confessed, lost in admiration.

"Give it to Aris. She deserves it because she has earned it" then I hugged him again, a tear slipping from my eyes.

Many times, I'd wished he wasn't sick and bedridden or he was probably recovering but No, there was no cure, no improvement whatsoever and no hope anywhere for him.

Finally she was before me as I snapped back to reality, we were standing side by side to each other facing the priest who began the ceremony.

He started by welcoming everyone to the wedding and coronation ceremony before he admonished us briefly and proceeded to the joining.

We were asked to say our vows to each other before the exchange of rings and gradually the church grew totally silent.

I knew this was the moment of truth, the moment where all hell would let loose but inspite of all I didn't care.

My heart and its feelings together with the woman standing infront of me with the glacial blue eyes was all that mattered to me.

I unveiled her carefully revealing her majestic beauty as the rings were handed over to us by the ring bearer. We were now standing and facing each other.

She locked my fingers in hers gazing passionately into my eyes with my heart racing rapidly, and my lips slightly parted. I moistened them as she spoke.

"Troy Eridian Vernadoz, I promise to grow with you and build with you a better life each day as we learn from each other to be patient, kind, giving, and to always cherish each day together" she breathed as I blushed. "I promise you my unconditional love, tenderness, and undying devotion, to not ask you to be more than you are, and to love you for being you as long as I shall live" And she slid the ring down my finger, eyeing me and biting into her lower lip.

I gasped with a light chuckle mouthing "I love you"

Next, my turn.

Taking her hands again warmly in mine, staring into those enticing eyes of hers, I began slowly and solemnly not just reciting the words but letting her know I will honour them with everything in me.

"Aris Zoey Floros, I take thee to be my wife and promise to look into your eyes just like I do now, with love and soulful amazement. I vow to make you happy, to make you laugh, and to always be there for you, to make my life forever yours and build my dreams around you"

Immediately I was done putting the ring on her finger, the whole auditorium was thrown into ruckus.

Loud gasps and shocking noises filled the air.

My mother and the entire Doxa shot me a terrifying stare including Aris' parents.

"Stop it!" A familiar voice roared. "This wedding cannot continue" and before us appeared Duchess Isabella wearing anger all over her face, fingers

pointed directly at me.

"You swore. You promised us your highness... that it would be Gemma. Where have you kept my daughter?"and she broke down into tears.

I stood there emotionless looking at her as she wept. There was nothing I could do. Yes, I promised but that promise was made under compulsion - I had no choice.

"Eridian" the queen snapped as she rushed to the side of her friend, looking up at me. "What have you done? This is disgraceful" she spoke through gritted teeth, shaking her head disappointed.

Suddenly, the king growled, his voice terrifying as he spoke angrily, threatening that nobody, henceforth should disrupt the occasion and with that, everyone obeyed and retreated, boxing their emotions.

The room became still and quiet once again. The royal guards who were positioned within and around the cathedral were ordered to throw into prison, anyone who caused further commotion.

Fear gripped Aris. She felt guilty over what just transpired and the emotions were written all over her face, so I had to snap her out of the negative mood.

"Hey love, look we're married" I held her shoulders letting out a small smile. "Nothing can change that. You did nothing wrong. I chose you and it's always been you. Okay? So please cheer up"

She nodded, the bright spark appearing once again in her eyes and I asked the priest to complete the rites which he did.

"In the presence of God and all witnesses gathered here today, I therefore pronounce you both, husband and wife. You may now kiss -"

My lips crashed on hers before the priest completed his sentence. We kissed passionately, our tongues swirling and fighting for dominance, We were not stopping until Adrian and Echo decided to intervene.

Yes Echo was her maid of honour. Now the big question you might been wondering about, Where was Gemma?

Actually, I gave instructions to Ian and Victor that Rubysite be locked up with Gemma and Cleo inside.

I know, I know it was a cruel thing to do but that was the only way I could comfortably marry Aris without hitches.

As soon as the wedding was over, the coronation began. The Archbishop conducted the coronation as that was his jurisdiction.

We were asked kneel on the soft cushions that were provided as the clerk straddled forward holding two pieces of gold crowns - one that has been passed on from generations to generations.

The kings crown had the three ancient symbols of Doxa engraved on it - a lion, a sword and a cross. each representing power,bravery and leadership.

While the queen's was charmsine with Swarovski crystals and faux pearls representing humility, service and beauty.

"Your highness, crowned prince Troy Eridian Vernadoz" The archbishop began reading the coronation oaths. "Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the People of Doxa and of your Possessions and the other Territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs? "

"I solemnly promise, so to do"

"Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?"

"I will"

"Will you promise to protect them from harm and danger and put their best interest at heart"

"I will"

"By the authority vested in me" He removed my crown and replaced it with royal one. "I crown you the king of Doxa kingdom"


Loud Applauds!!

Then he crossed over to where Aris knelt as I remained still in bewilderment of what just happend.

"Your highness, princess Aris Zoey Eridian Vernadoz, are you willing to take the oath?"

"I am willing" her voice sweet, low and captivating.

"Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the People of Doxa alongside your king giving him all the support and strength he needs according to our respective laws and customs? "

"I solemnly promise so to do"

"Will you promise to protect the people of Doxa from harm and danger and rule over them with humility and love, having their best interest at heart?"


I spun my head gazing at her as she shuddered. She turned and stared at me with fear and uncertainty consuming her eyes. I watched her chest rise and fall rapidly. "Hey" I whispered and nodded softly in acknowledgement, letting her know that, together we can do this.

"Yes I will" she answered, after swallowing incredibly and the archbishop read the oath again.

"By the power vested in me, I crown you today the queen of Doxa kingdom.

Cheering and loud applauds filled the entire room for a while before the place was made calm for the presentation.

"Your royal majesties, Your Grace's, Your highnesses, Your lordships and the great people of Doxa, all protocols duly observed, I present to you, your king and queen, their royal majesties, Troy Eridian Vernadoz 2 and Aris Zoey Eridian Vernadoz of Doxa kingdom.

And we both stood up to our feet and swirled around, facing the whole congregation and the entire kingdom of Doxa.

Taking Aris' hand in mine, I kissed her knuckles lovingly then hugged her warmly "Congratulations my queen" as tears of joy streamed down her cheeks.

It was at that moment, I realized we had gotten victory and I was fucking ready to explore this whole new world with my queen.

As chants and songs of jubilation filled the air, I could see the happiness in Adrian's face from the corner of my eyes, Not just him but also on Isidore and Isadora's and some of the royal guests, including my father.

I tugged my queen forward in a careful manner as we knelt infront of my father awaiting his blessings, afterwhich we repeated same with Aris' parents before processing out to make the coronation speech and ofcourse join the great coronation banquet.

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