Royal Nightmare

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It was three days after our wedding and coronation, and I was still in awe of how things played out.

One second I was scared of uncertainties but here I was feeling so sure about everything including life itself.

The thoughts of finally having Troy to myself were crazy and unbelievable. This was indeed victory for us and a dream come through. I never want to leave his side which was gradually becoming my safe haven.

One of the best memories I will have in life would be memories the last forty-eight hours when we both unleashed all of our buried emotions, passions, desires, wants and lust in the arms of each other.

Who would have ever imagined that the people of Doxa had a king who was so fucking great in bed?

We were miles away from home, on a private Island belonging to the royal family. Away from the ruckus and emotional rush of the angry and aggrieved people — A scenery, we were not ready to face, at least for now.

As good as this honeymoon had been, I could not help but remind myself of all the explanations I'll have to do especially to my parents once we were back.

They were literally nostalgic and confused as hell and because of the whole celebration, I was unable to tell them how and when events turned around.

Things at the palace were kept in the care of Adrian. He was in charge of the kingdom temporarily as we planned on reshuffling our cabinet once we got back.

I was seated by the large window in our bedroom that showcased the blue sea clearly, peering and admiring my king as he lay peacefully on the bed.

His handsome face coercing me to more need of him while his white shirt hung loosely above my thighs as I didn't bother to button them. I was completely naked underneath the shirt and I loved it as natural air grazed and soothed my skin.

My eyes travelled through his full toned and masculine body... Troy was a full hot package. I bit my lower lips as I relished the crazy moments of the past forty eight hours.

Hot, wild, sexy, long and passionate love making sessions were the right adjectives to describe them.

How my body was able to withstand it all was a mystery, and I did not intend to find out. Other than being sore down there, I was perfectly fine, though still in full need of the one who completes me.

He dozed off after many rounds of orgasm revealing how tired and exhausted he was, but I was too enervated to sleep even as he wrapped me in his hands.

I wanted more, craved more of him and I knew the moment he wakes up, we were going through another round of pleasure. I blushed hard sucking into my lips deeper as I released myself off him.

Darting my eyes back to the sea, admiring the sight of the beautiful aquatic creatures squirming and playing in the waters, I was drawn to go for a swim but definitely not alone. Hopefully I would be able to coerce him into swimming the next day.

As I turned my attention on, I couldn't help but picture what Gemma would be going through at the moment — the pain, hurt and agony.

I'd probably had given up on life if I were in her shoes, maybe.

Gemma was crazily obsessed with Troy, and it was more than obvious. Even though I didn't fancy her much, I still felt for her.

Last we checked before jetting out for our honeymoon, we were told she fainted then later went into shock, as they tried to resuscitate her.

Her name was one, Troy prohibited me from mentioning. I just wanted to know if she was better, but he kept ignoring my advances.

He acted emotionless whenever I mentioned her name but deep within him, I saw he still cared about her. They were childhood friends for heaven's sake and you don't just go around breaking up with your friends just like Adrian and I.

“Hey” Troy called out in a husky yet sexy voice, interrupting my thoughts as he whirled on the bed and our eyes locked on each other.

“Hey” I smiled at him admiring this greek god, I call my husband.

“Come to bed” he patted the free side of the bed for me but I shook my head, smiling and biting my lips.

“Not feeling like it” and he narrowed his eyes at me with a slight frown on his face.

“Don't do that! I need you here” he hissed quietly at me, and next I realized, he was right infront of me, he grabbed onto me, carrying me bridal style back to bed.

His face nipping my neck and his hands grazing the most sensitive part of my bare skin. I giggled as pleasure engulfed me.

“Hey! Princess! Wake up! You're okay, Shh.....” A warm hand shook me up from the bed as a voice cooed into my ear desperately. My eyes shot open and blinked a couple of times before I was wrapped in his hands.

After going through another wave of undying pleasure with my king, my body caved in and though i fought with nature, my body abandoned me and drifted off to sleep.

“You're shedding tears. Was it a nightmare?" He asked me as I stared at him, confused. Then I buried my face into the bare skin on his chest, inhaling and sniffing his scent.

“Yes” I whispered and his grip on me tightened. He kissed ny hair while his hands gently caressed my back.

It was a nightmare, the same old scary one that I was still unable to decipher. Yet each time, I dreamt, it became more entangled like a spider's web.

There seemed to be a deep connection between me and the little girl. Could it be me? I recalled asking my mother some questions about my childhood, but every time I brought it up, she stylishly dismissed it.

Maybe it wasn't just a dream but memory, my memory.

“It's okay love... you're safe. I'm here with you” he spoke in between kisses on my hair and forehead.

Later, when I was much calmer, I felt super famished, I could swallow anything, including a house.

Troy ordered for a late night dinner because it was pretty late. While we sat down to eat, he kept staring at my face deadpanned. I ignored every gaze he was giving to me as I dug into the plate of lobsters.

“Uhm.....” he cleared his throat, his eyes still on me. “Do you want to tell me what that was about and for how long?”

What does he mean for how long? Does he suspect? No, I can't tell him anything yet, it was still foggy.

“No” I shook my head, and he breathed in a little annoyed.

“For heaven's sake princess, you were crying and mumbling some unclear words. I noticed you were saturated in sweat and tears when I woke you up. And now you don't -”

“I don't feel like talking about it.... I'm sorry” and immediately he let out some exasperated sighs.

“Fine” and stood up from the table leaving me alone. Tears welled up in my eyes and began rolling down my cheeks as I watched him exit the room.

What just happened? I felt my whole world collapsing upon me. Did we just have a misunderstanding? He was angry, I get it but there was nothing I could do. He felt I was shutting him out and didn't trust him with my problems.

As the tears rolled down more, gradually I lost my appetite and the food tasted like poison in my mouth.

When I woke up the next day, the bed was empty. Troy wasn't in it. It felt like he didn't even come back to bed after walking out on me.

My heart started to race almost immediately, I felt anxious to my stomach and stood up abruptly from the bed to go in search of my king.

"Troy.....! Baby......!" I called his name as I wandered along the corridor of the beach mansion, but there was no clue that someone was even in the house part from the servants that were cleaning.

"Morning your majesty" One of the guards greeted him.

"Good morning" I gave a small smile. "Do you know where I can find my husband?" I asked him not wanting to show an emotion that will betray me.

"His majesty is resting by the beach"

What!. My eyes widened in surprise. And he wasn't even properly dressed to such cold exposure. I moved along swiftly to the shore side.

The wind was blowing profusely and the weather was chilly as I got outside walking towards the shade by the shore, just to find my charming prince sleeping so peacefully wearing a black sweatpant and a white tees.

He looked so adorable and sexy. The way his hands were extended and buried underneath his head revealed the muscular shape of his biceps and that was just the sight to behold. It quickly brought back memories of the past two nights.

Careful not to wake him up, I hovered over him, placing my marks on his face with a kiss. From his foreheads, to his eyes down to his nose, his cheeks, earlobe, his chin and finally his mouth.

Just as my lips touched his, he opened his mouth and consumed mine while his hands wrapped my waist, pulling me onto him as I straddled on him, giggling like a school girl, almost forgetting that he was mad at me.

He gazed at me with those grey eyes of his that were tempting.

"Hey beautiful" he tugged forward and kissed my lips.

"Good morning, your majesty"

"Morning princess"

"I missed you on the bed... Why did you choose to sleep out here?" I queried with a frown.

His expression became serious as he relaxed back on the beach bed, cocking his head to the side, avoiding my gaze and question.

"Are you still mad at me? Was that why you denied me your presence last night?" I scowled, whisper yelling so that the guards around wouldn't get a hint of our little fight.


"Baby, please answer me" I pleaded in frustration, tilting his face to look at me with my hands but he stopped the process holding onto my wrist.

"Please" my voice begged again softly. He closed his eyes briefly, and exhaled staring at me.

"I hate seeing you hurt princess. It pains me that you don't trust me enough to let me into your heart again. Last-"

"Hey" I cupped his cheeks, cutting through his words "I trust you....., with my life"

"Then let me in"

"Troy, you're already in my heart..." I assured him.

"Tsk. Then tell me"

He wasn't giving up and that made me ponder on why the persistence. How did he even know that was not the first time?

"How did you know about -"

"Your nightmares? Adrian told me"

Right. Big mouthed Adrian.

"Ofcourse he did" I murmured, nodding my head while he shot an impatient look at me.

I can't tell him exactly and I dont know why? But I have to find a way around it and say something to him, otherwise he wouldn't concede.

We spent the next four days doing what married couple do on their honeymoon and Troy decided that it was time to head back home.

He knew the weight of the crown and obviously, felt for Adrian who was holding brief, hence the decision.

I couldn't wait to return home too, in as much as I would love to be in the arms of my king forever, I had missed my parents, Adrian and also Echo.

I longed to see their faces. Yet in my excitement, a small nervous feeling formed causing me to be nauseated.

It happened mostly when I thought about my position as queen and the many oppositions against me. I felt a cold chill of anxiety run through my spine as my legs wobbled where I lay down by the shore.

Our journey back was tomorrow and I wanted to enjoy the sun and chilly breeze on my skin once again before heading back.

Apparently, I had no idea when next, I would be able to take a vacation. The workload of Doxa kingdom was so enormous.

I rolled from one end of the mat to the other end in a restless manner, lost in thoughts of how I could fare as queen. I wanted to be a good queen with a good heart - clearly the opposite of Troy's mother.

Seeing the large discrepancy between the royals, nobles and the common man was one burden I hoped to change.

In Doxa kingdom, a commoner can never be an elite unless maybe you're a wealthy businessman and also can not serve in the council, where decisions are being taken.

I wanted a kingdom where everyone irrespective of status or class can have a common meeting point to discuss pressing issues and reach a resolution that will be for the greater good of all.

As I sat up to sip the wine from my cup, Ana - my new handmaid walked up to me.

"Your majesty" she bowed. "The king wants audience with you immediately" she spoke up and I shot her a confused stare.

"Is everything alright?"

"I don't think so.... Sir Axel just arrived from the capital"

"Axel?" I repeated and she nodded as I jumped to my feet. If Axel was here, then there was a problem.

Axel was the second person, Troy put in charge to assist Adrian before we travelled. Why was he here? I was almost panicking as I walked into the study dressed in a denim shorts and a white mono strapped top.

Troy was standing and facing the wall with his back against Axel, who was sitting down, but on the edge of the chair. His hands were massaging the nape of his neck.

Something was definitely wrong, just taking in their worried postures.

"Your majesty" Axel rose and greeted me, signalling Troy of my presence as he turned around. Worry written all over his face.

"What's wrong?" I asked approaching him. He held my hands and hugged me, inhaling all of the natural scent on me.


"We will have to return today" he said and I pulled back, looking at him.

"Why the sudden change in plans?"

He breathed. "Its nothing to worry yourself about?"

I scoffed. "Tell me!" I said in a demanding tone. "Why is Axel here?"

He lowered his head, taking some steps away from me while I stood with my arms crossed, patiently waiting for an answer, otherwise I was going to ask Axel, with the knowledge that he can't refuse me.

Few minutes passed by before he finally spoke. "Axel, please excuse us"

"Yes your majesty" he answered and walked out while Troy took a seat and pulled me to sit on his lap. His hands gently shoving my hair to one side, revealing my neck as he trailed kisses along my neck line.

His actions caused me to shudder as a moan escaped from my mouth and he groaned but continued.

Okay, this was distracting and definitely what I wanted but I knew what Troy was doing. So i squeezed my body and withdrew from his touch with his hands wrapping my waist. He snorted looking at me with pouty lips.

"We will continue with this after you have told me why Axel is here" I commented with a smile and he rolled his eyes.

"Fine. Adrian sent him. Said there's a small issue back at the kingdom"

"I knew it" I muttered. "What's this issue thats so urgent?"

"A growing crowd of persons are causing ruckus at the palace gate and have refused to leave, while another set are protesting right in the palace"

"What?" I frowned. "What do they want?"

"They want the queen to step down" he stated, a little irritated while I just stared at him impassively.

"Do we have a name?"

"Lord Buros and Lady Sica"

"Both from Wayfort, right?"

"Yea!" He nodded and continued. "But its nothing to worry about like I said. They are just aggrieved because of the situation, and I understand. I will handle it once we get back this evening" he said and kissed me.

The kiss was meant to be long and nice but I couldn't help but mentally picture what was happening at the palace currently, so I made it brief.

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