Royal Nightmare

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New Regime

No one knew were returning back today as no prior information was sent. Troy wanted it to be discreet, reasons known to him.

We landed in the palace at about 5pm, alighting the chopper with Axel, Theon and Ana - my new handmaid.

It was good to be back home, breathing in the refreshing air of our great kingdom. Appearing before us was Adrian, Echo, Gaius, Steflos, Ian and Dorothy.

Echo rushed at me, hugging me tightly in excitement. "I missed you, my queen. Good to have you back" she giggled in my ears and I rubbed her back, afterwhich I almost jumped on Adrian, but glad I realized myself before acting inept.

"Hey baby" he smiled, embracing me tightly, kissing my hair. "I missed you"

"You look stressed and emaciated" I replied tilting further into the warm hug before muttering "I missed you too"

After exchanging pleasantries with everyone that came to welcome us, we were led to the kings chambers - Daimondsite which housed the palace and the kings suite.

I had never been in the kings suite before. It was huge and built of real diamonds that shone on the walls as we walked through. Finally we got to the living room before Steflos spoke.

"Your majesty, Ambersite has been renovated and prepared for the queen"

Troy turned and glared at him with a hint of annoyance and gladly Steflos understood and retracted his steps.

"Where is the queen?" I asked out of concern.

"Queen mother, you're the queen, love" Troy quickly corrected me and kissed my lips.

"She has relocated to the Rubysite where she now belongs"

"Well, the queen will be staying with me here in Daimondsite" Troy spoke with so much authority.

"But, your majesty, that's against the law of the land" he protested.

"Which states -?" Troy arched a brow angrily at him waiting for his response and ofcourse the idiot spoke.

"The queen cannot stay with the king unless she's summoned and-" He growled, shutting him up.

"Steflos, are you going to also tell me how to relate with my wife?" he took few steps toward Steflos that he was now infront of him, towering over him because of his height.

"N-No, your majesty" he lowered his face, speaking in a low tone "What I'm saying is, its an abomination"

Oh my God! Such boldness coming from Steflos. He was literally still arguing even when the king was right infront of him.

"Listen to me Steflos, I don't fucking care if it's a taboo or a law that has existed for long, My wife will stay with me here at the Diamondsite and that's final. The kings word. Understood?" With emphasis to the kings word.

"Yes, your majesty"

"Good! Now can I have some alone time with my wife?" He snarled and walked over to me, wrapping his hands around my waist, he lowered his mouth kissing my neck impulsively as I giggled, throwing my head backwards to give him more room as Steflos walked out with Korina and Ian.

Next, he lifted me up bridal style, now kissing my lips passionately, with my hands massaging his hair as he strolled into the large ensuite royal bedroom.

"Waoh" I exclaimed, breaking our kiss as my eyes roamed the room. "This is heavenly"

He laughed and tried connecting our lips back together, when I halted him.

"Not now babe, I promise to give you a tour of the palace" he smirked and gently laid me down on the beautiful gold large king sized bed. It was so warm and soft and cozy and everything we could do on it overwhelmed me as I reconnected my lips with his.

The next morning after breakfast, Troy took me on a tour of the Diamondsite as earlier promised before we went to visit his father and much later his mother to pay our respects.

The former king was so excited to see us back and well. He longed to spend more time with us, but Troy said it was a brief stop by. There were lots of political and economical matters that needed his urgent attention.

As for the queen mother, she never pretended my presence disgusted her and refused seeing us, except Troy alone.

"I'm sorry, princess. Maybe we should go back"

"No, Its fine my love. I will wait for you here, you go in and see her" and that was how we resolved that issue.

Though he spent longer time there which obviously I understood the reason because he came out with a frown on his face and slightly angry. I wanted to ask about Gemma but hell no, his mood was already spoilt.

When we got to his office, Adrian, Axel, Theon Steflos, lady Vlalros and all the concil members were already seated as he had called for a meeting earlier.

It was like a conference seating where he sat at the head of the table and I sat beside him, while others sat facing each other on the opposite sides.

He peered at everyone's face again before he began giving each person the floor, to brief us on what's been happening, starting with Adrian.

"Your majesties" he bowed. "First of all, let me appreciate you both for giving me this great assignment. Apart from the ruckus going on outside the palace by some aggrieved citizens of Wayfort, the kingdom has been peaceful and economically stable. Though there was a fire outbreak in one of the mining industries at Naxos city......Thankfully no life was lost but there was an immense damage"

I heaved a sigh of relief after hearing no life was lost but was still worried as to what caused the fire.

The Naxos City gold mining industry was one of Doxa's major revenue sources as we were named the second largest exporters of gold in the world.

Gold was a raw treasure that was abundant in all the provinces of Doxa but a higher percentage in Naxos city, hence the industries location.

"Has the outbreak been investigated and the level of damage assessed?" Troy questioned with a straight face.

"Actually, investigations are ongoing to discover the cause and also determine the level of damage" Adrian answered confidently.

"Thank you so much Lord Adrian... Steflos, I want a meeting with Vitus and Vera Toles fixed. Hopefully by weekend, the assessment report will be available. Right?" he turned to Adrian who nodded affirmatively.

"Bernice" he motioned for her to speak. Lady Bernice Vlalros was the minister of state affairs and she was from Islandes.

After listening attentively to all the reports. Troy spoke.

"I appreciate each and everyone of you for a job well done, especially Adrian and Axel - Thank you for your unwavering support. However, you all know this is a new regime. As much as I would love to work with everyone who supported my father, I hate to say, some may have to leave......."he paused and glanced at our faces, as some were nodding in agreement.

"In this regime, the queen would have her full right and power to act as a co-monarch to me. This means that she will also fully participate in any decision making of this kingdom and as such full respect should be accorded to her"

As he spoke, some persons scowled while others were impassive. I needed no soothsayer to tell me that the kings words were not favourably accepted by all.

"Nevertheless, in the next two weeks, a list of the new cabinet members and their offices will be announced..... Any questions?" Lord Buros, acting uneasy cleared his throat to speak.

"Your m-majesty, let me formally welcome you and the queen back from your honeymoon" he forced a smile. "Actually, I would like to advice that you study the laws that govern the land and become very conversant and acquainted with it, as it will guide you properly in your leadership"

Immediately, Troy's hands were clenched into a fist and his face stiffened as I softly squeezed his thighs underneath the table to make him calm.

"Christopher, are you insinuating that I don't have enough knowledge of my land? Need I remind you, that for the past twenty three years of my life, all I've done is to study the laws, precepts , rules and guidelines of Doxa Kingdom" he growled loudly slamming his hands on the table, glaring intently at Lord Buros.

"Please calm down babe" I whispered lacing my fingers with his to pull him down but he was adamant, still glaring at him with red hot eyes, before Adrian stood up and held him by his shoulders whispering in his ears.

"Hey, Troy. Calm down man.... he's not worth it....he's purposely provoking you" and after a while, Troy was repose and sat back on his chair.

"This meeting has ended. You're dismissed" he announced as they filed out one after the other whispering amongst themselve leaving just I, Adrian, Steflos, Axel and Theon in the room.

"Your majesty" Steflos spoke and Troy raised his hands to hush him.

"Not now Steflos" and he nodded and walked out.

I breathed heavily, shaking my head unbelievably.

Was this what happened at their council meetings, no wonder my parents sometimes, came back angry and pained.


"Yes your majesty"

"Put a close eye on Christopher and Masalis. I want to know everything they are doing. Okay?"

"Ofcourse" he bowed and walked out with Axel. Then Troy pulled me to sit on his lap wrapping his arms around just underneath my breast kissing the back of my neck and inhaling my scent.

"I'm sorry baby for losing my temper" his warm kisses on my back making me to quiver.

"Its okay love... Lord Buros could not hide his anger. It was a transfer of aggression" I spoke as Adrian nodded.

"Exactly. So Troy you need to try to control you emotions. The fact is Aris is your wife and no body can change that" he shrugged as Troy kept his face buried in my hair, tightening his grip on me.

Later in the day, I chose to visit the queen's chambers with Echo, closely followed by Kace - my new bodyguard and Ana. Kace was very masculine and quite handsome just like the others.

"Wow, the remodeling is beautiful" I exclaimed with my mouth slightly opened once we stepped in.

"Modelled to suit your taste" Echo commented and we both laughed.

We've not really had alone time together for a long while now. And so when Troy chose to go address the growing crowd of protesters at the palace gate that evening with Adrian, I decided to hang out with Echo.

The chambers was big as that of the king, decorated with amber, another rare and precious stone that had a dark yellow-orange colour.

We strolled into the bedroom as I admired the ravaging beauty of the royal king sized bed and extra large walk in closet and a well furnished toilet with jacuzzi. It was heavenly. This was what royalty tasted like.

After the tour, we settled down in the queens office to discuss.

"So, how are things with Adrian?" I asked her because I was more curious about that.

"Sweet and perfect" she chuckled, staring into the air like she was reminiscing. I raised a brow at her and she smiled more.

"Does that mean, you guys have-?" She shyly dismissed my thought with a wave of her hands.

"No. Adrian is a reserved gentleman that wants things done the right way" she smiled as her cheeks were turning red.

Tell me about him. I rolled my eyes at her. He's just like Troy but more extreme. I chuckled. Couldn't believe Adrian was having such effect on Echo.

"And how are you enjoying being married to the king?" She shot back and I smiled at her.

"Its divine....... The best feeling in the world"

"Which?" She arched a brow at me and I shot her a puzzled stare. "The person or the position?"

"Both" I commented and we both burst into laughter.

"But seriously, I'm very happy for you. At the end of the day, you won. Love conquered all" she spoke and I couldn't help but tear up.

We hugged each other before pulling away. Then I decided to ask about Gemma, because I was curious.

She explained that Gemma was taken back to Wayfort while she was still in shock but she's out of shock but still unwell.

Words reaching the palace have it that she's down mentally as she keeps talking to herself reciting her wedding vows to an imaginary Troy.

"T-That's terrible" I stammered, with my lips trembling.

"I tell you. Somehow I feel for her?" Her face softened.

"Is there nothing that can be done?" I asked concerned while she gave me a taunting smile.

"If you're ready to give up the king, I believe she will be better" I gave her a tight lipped expression with crossed arms.

Never. I can never give up Troy for any woman.

She laughed out loud, pointing at me, with her nose and eyes crinkling. I loosened up and joined in the laughter before we were interrupted by Kace.

"Your majesty, the king is back and is requesting your presence" he spoke and Echo blushed with her hands plastered on her heart.

"Awww, he's so sweet" I rolled my eyes, shaking my head at her actions, amused.

As I was approaching the door of the kings suite, Korina was stepping out with a trolley load of clothes.

"Your majesty" she greeted me as I gave her a warm smile. "The king is about to go into the shower" she informed me and I quickly had a cue on what to do.

Once in, I stripped off my clothes and silently joined him the shower. I wrapped my hands around his naked torso, planting kisses on his back. He gasped and shuddered as my hands traveled down to his lowest region and that was all I needed.

He turned around to face me and cupped my face in his hands kissing me deeply for a couple of minutes before he pulled back. Both of us panting and ogling at each other.

"What do you want princess?" He asked in a demanding yet sexy voice. I bit my into my lower lips before whispering.

"You...... all of you my love" and that was the last I could remember for the rest of the night.

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