Royal Nightmare

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A New Spouse

A week has gone by since we returned from the first phase of our honeymoon. Yes first phase, because I intend undertake another which will be much longer.

I was seated in my office with Adrian waiting for Theon. The large document that contained the names and achievements of all the ministers and advisors of the council was opened infront of me.

Also the report of the investigation concerning the fire outbreak at the industry in Naxos City was infront of me, as my eyes scrutinised it.

I sighed, massaging my temples enervated as I spoke. "Adrian, I don't understand this report at all. How could they say, nothing caused the fire?" He turned his attention to me from the parlour area where he sat shaking his head.

"I don't know man, I'm as confused as you are"

"It doesnt make sense. Fires dont just start on their own. Something or someone must have ignited it. This is a huge loss and would cost us millions to fix" I muttered feeling distressed.

Adrian stood up and strolled to the table where I sat. "Look man, I know this must have disrupted things but I would suggest, another team of forensics be sent and also the staffs there be interrogated. I think we might see a lead"

"We sent our best.....and yet they couldn't give us anything tangible" I reminded him.

"We could hire from another country" he retorted as I exhaled unbelievably.

I can't believe this..

"Your majesty" a knock on the door filled the room as the door opened and Theon walked in with Axel.

They greeted me and I offered them a seat.

"Did you get the list from her?" I asked Theon.

"Yes but she said, it's still incomplete"

"Well, we can help her complete it....cant we" I said sarcastically and we all chuckled before diving into the business of the day.

The change and shuffling of the cabinet was very crucial for the economic growth of Doxa kingdom and thus, was a very sensitive process.

After making my inputs on the document gotten from the queen, I let them do the remaining of the job and wanted to go catch a nap before it was time for lunch when Steflos barged into my office startling us.

"Your majesty..... your majesty" he panted heavily like one who was chased by a hungry lion.

"What is it Steflos?"

"The duke and duchess of Wayfort are here. In court" he reported and immediately my eyes widened. I never recalled sending for them.

"Why?" I demanded a quick explanation from Steflos. Since he seemed to know alot.

"To get an audience with you"

"What for?"

"I have no idea but I suspect it has to do with their daughter"

I huffed. "Their daughter. I rolled my eyes exhausted. "Where's the queen by the way?"

"She should be in the royal library" he replied as Adrian stared at me deadpanned before giving a nod of acknowledgement and I proceeded.

"Okay, Steflos. I will see them but not here and briefly. I was just stepping out to nap"

"Yes your majesty" and he left to arrange their meeting.

"What do they fucking want? Why can't they just let me be?" I mumbled under my breath, feeling Adrian's presence close by as his hands relaxed on my shoulders.

"They're worried about the health of Gemma" he said softly.

"And how's that any of my business?" I spoke with a clenched jaw and curled fist.

"Do you know Gemma's present condition? She's gone crazy, Troy. Like really psych" and I shot him a confused glare.


"That's right. It's very pathetic because she keeps reciting the vows she wrote for you and -" he exhaled as I rubbed my hands over my face slightly surprised.

Honestly I'd not even thought about how my actionsmay have affected Gemma all this while. I was so mad at her and got irritated whenever her name was mentioned.

"She literally imagines you're there. In other words she stuck on your wedding day" he explained with tight-lipped.

On hearing what Adrian said, I collapsed on the chair really mentally exhausted.

God, what was all this? I felt very terrible within me but more sympathetic towards her.

Gemma was a beautiful and wonderful lady that deserved better.

Not me, not this king whose heart has been taken. Not this man who is crazily in love with another woman.

No.....Gemma needed a man who could love and care for her and I wasn't the one.

She needed to understand that.


Moments later, the conference room was ready and the delegation from Wayfort which was obviously led by the Duke was ushered in.

I walked into the room, accompanied by Gaius, Ian and Adrian. After taking my seat, I glanced over the faces that were seated in my presence - a delegate of fifteen persons, and smiled lightly when I saw Christopher Buros.

Ofcourse he would always here- a strong advocate of Wayfort. I shook my head mentally.

After they introduced themselves, I beckoned on them to carry on with the reason they came and that was when I noticed, Buros was their spokesman.

Was I ready or prepared for another of his words battle after the last meeting? I dont think so. I became uneasy and wanted stopping him but something in me, signalled I should let him do his stuff.

And at that point, I started suppressing any surprise anger or emotions that might surface.

"Your majesty" Lord Buros bowed lightly before he spoke. "We are here basically because we were not happy with the sudden turn of events. And by events, we mean your marriage to lady Aris"

"Queen Aris" I corrected him as a hint of anger graced his face.

"Pardon me, Queen Aris. Up until the morn of your wedding, you made us believe Gemma was the one - the next queen, not until during the exchange of vows, we realized you tricked us all"

Busros' choice of words were gradually beginning to piss me off despite keeping my calm but I pressed harder in suppressing the urge to lash out.

"That singular act of yours has put Gemma into a state of shock and hallucinations. If you get to see her, you'd realize, it's all your fault. She only knows your name and keeps calling it" he took a long sigh.

"We are not happy at all. We the people of Wayfort feel slighted and cheated" He complained and I chuckled lightly, shutting my eyes briefly.

I know! yes, my actions didn't play out well. How could I find such a very sensitive issue amusing?

"So, what do you want? What do you expect the crown to do because the deed has been done?" I demanded to know with a raised voice and a hint of anger on it.

The duke cleared his throat to speak as the duchess still gave me the annoying attitude she came in with but I paid no attention to her.

Her eyes were literally blaring red like an alarm and shooting missiles at me.

"Your majesty" he began slowly and in a soft tone. "First and foremost, I congratulate you on behalf of Wayfort on your coronation as king. But just as lord Buros as spoken, our hearts are broken and our people are angry because of the very reasons stated" he stared at me as I readjusted myself on the chair.

"As a parent, I am more crushed, seeing my once lovely daughter in that pathetic condition without help. And we know, it is only you that can make her better, that's why we are pleading....." he paused and inhaled deeply with his eyes closed briefly probably weighing the enormity of his appeal before he continued.

"That you take her in as your second wife or better still as your mistress, if it will speed up her recovery process. We don't mind"

The moment those derogatory words filled the air, the duchess broke down in tears, even I was shocked at the demand. Did they unanimously agree on this or was it just the Duke's idea.

Adrian shot me a wide eyed glare instantly, chuckling unbelievably at what he just heard.

For more than twenty minutes, the room was silent apart from the sobs that came from the duchess.

I was dumbfounded and piqued.

How dare they make such insolent demand from me? As I wallowed in anger and fury, I recounted all the times, they've set Gemma up with me, when they knew, it was never going to work.

Gone were the days, I always listened to my parents and did what they wanted me to do even at the expense of my own happiness.

This young man here, was a changed man who was old enough to make his own goddamn decisions.

Besides Gemma deserved better. I would hurt her constantly because I don't love her. How about my wife - the queen? What happens to her?

No way! This was insaneous, stupid and unrealistic.

I called to Gaius, hiding the fury and anger I was feeling.

Whispering into his ears some instructions, I rose to my feet and left the room which I sensed caused infuriation amongst them as the room became noisy.

Still behind me I could hear Gaius' voice as he spoke. "Your graces, and lordships, his majesty has requested an adjournment of this meeting to another day which he will decide on. By this, I declare this meeting dismissed"

For the rest of the day, my mood was a kill joy. Everything I did to control myself wasn't working.

After the annoying meeting, I told Adrian I wanted to be alone as he chose to act as my bodyguard which I understood.

"No doing a anything stupid Troy" were his words but despite the warnings, I found myself in my bedroom venting my anger into innocent decors, glass wares and antiques that hung or sat lovingly on their own.

They came crashing down abruptly as I shattered them further ensuring they ended into particles, yet I wasn't feeling better.

From the door, I could hear continuous knocks, bangs and yelling but I was deaf and indifferent to them, till the voice of my soothing relief filtered into my ears - the voice of my queen, my princess, my world, my everything.

The moment I heard her voice, I unlocked the door to the room and she jumped on my body, hugging me so warm and tightly as Adrian, Theon, Echo and Gaius walked in taking a good look at the mess I'd created.

"I'm sorry.......I'm so sorry" she cried into my shoulder as I buried my face into her neck, inhaling all of her scent which was my calming medicine.

"Its okay my love......I'm here now" she whispered with those soft and sexy tone into my ears as I strode with her to the living area and we settled on one of the couches and pulled away from each other.

My hands were bruised and bleeding when she took in my appearance.

Without further delay, she rushed to fetch the first aid box.

Theon had signalled some of the servants to start cleaning the room while Adrian and Gauis assessed the damage I made.

Korina hurried in panicking and crying "Y-Your majesty are you okay?" She stammered roaming her eyes over me.

"I'm fine Korina. It was just a small bruise" I gave her a small smile as Aris returned with Echo carrying the box. It was cute to see her worried about her king.

Aris began dressing the injury as I winced in pain. It was more than a bruise, it was a deep cut that needed suturing and before I realized, she sutured it.

Putting a white sterile bandage over it, she swathed it tightly and planted some lovely kisses on it that made me want to have her in every way.

Adrian was seethed, looking at me but I ignored him as he strolled to the bar and poured some wine for himself.

"Your majesties, the room has been cleaned up" Gaius informed us as I nodded appreciatively at him

and Theon before he walked out.

Adrian handed a glass to Theon and another to me as we all stared at each other in utter silence. I knew they were all waiting for some explanations from me.

"I was so angry and needed to vent out the anger and tension that built up" I summarised it with a shrug.

"I understood, that was why I wanted to be with you, so you don't act rashly but yet you pushed me away" Adrian retorted with a hint of annoyance in his voice as I rolled my eyes at him and turned my gaze to Theon who was smirking.

"And what is funny Theon?" I narrowed my eyes at him as he forcefully gulped all the contents of his drinks avoiding my question.

"I'm sorry princess, I turned to Aris whose hands were locked in mine and she just cupped my left cheeks in her hand, smiled and kissed me.

"Its okay.... Adrian explained everything to me so I understand"

"I swear, I will deal with Christopher and everyonefrom Wayfort. Have they gone crazy?" I growled inhaling deeply.

"But she needs help" Theon spoke softly as I shot him a glare.

"And does that help mean he should get married to her as a second wife?" Adrian questioned as I huffed at Theon's comment.

Immediately that was said I felt Aris' countenance change.

A little fear and sadness took over and she couldnt hide it. I pulled her into a hug, burying my head in the crook of her neck, then slowly lifting my face towards her ear. "Its only you my love. I will never have eyes for any other woman" I muttered kissing the lobe of her ear as she gasped quietly.

"Look, guys I don't what Dionysius and his wife want to achieve but I really want to suggest the king pays Gemma a visit if it will help. As a friend ofcourse" he added.

"Theon, that is the most insaneous thing for you to say" Echo rebuked him. "I worked with Gemma closely. Making a deal with her is like making a deal with the devil himself"

"Exactly" Aris whispered in a low tone as her body stiffened.

How else do I make her understand that, Gemma was out of our lives for good? It troubled me to see her this worked up over nothing.

We spent the next hours discussing and bringing up suggestions on how to handle the Wayfort issue and their stupid propositions but there was no solution. So I dismissed everyone since it was late, instructing them to sleep over it.

Hopefully the next day, solutions would resurface and with that I and my queen retired to bed.


The next day, I had gone to the office quite earlier than usual, not only because I was kinda angry at Aris for denying me her precious body the previous night. But also stressed out because of the work load I had to tackle.

The work loads were even acting as a hindrance to paying my father a visit. I'd hardly spent time with him since we returned. It was just brief visit here and there and I really wanted to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him.

I was also expected to update him on princess Katherine's whereabouts. I knew he must be worried and eager for information.

The good news was that, my link told me that she's been located but convincing her to return to Doxa was the the next hurdle to surmount.

Well like I told him, if things became tougher he should alert me immediately and I would butt in.

Returning my focus back to the paper work on my desk, I became conscious of my left hand which was still in a pretty bad shape so I had to be careful as I worked.

"They're are here. Your majesty" Steflos said as he walked into my office. I raised my eyes from the paperwork on my table and glanced at him confused.

I couldn't remember setting up any meeting with anyone apart from the one with my friends,which was later in the evening.

"Who are you talking about?"

"The staffs from the industry in Naxos city and also the forensic team from Nothshire have arrived"

I looked at him still unable to comprehend and he literally understood before explaining things to me.

"Lord Adrian summoned some of the staffs from the industry and also sent for the forensic team from Nothshire"

"Oh!" I nodded in acknowledgement. "I get it now. Where's Adrian?" Just as he was about answering, Adrian walked in with a frown on his face that I ignored as I asked him to handle the visitors.

I wanted to be left alone for now. My body was high on some spewing testosterone. They needed to be let out of my system.

Memories from last night were resurfacing and I was gradually getting mad at the queen again.

She had never denied me the pleasure of her body even when she was damn tired. This was a first and it was well received by me - I didn't like it at all.

King Richard however was a benevolent man, kind enough to release his forensic team to help in our investigation. I really hope they're able to discover something.

The fire outbreak, the losses that will put on our economy, Gemma's condition, shuffling of the council and now Aris' attitude - they were all draining me.

Calm down Troy. Maybe she just felt for you, besides you were injured? My subconscious spoke to me and I scowled at it.

After racking my brain a little in my restless condition, I wanted taking a break when my office door opened and Aris walked in with a gloomy face.

I didn't even bother to talk to her first because she started, her hands crossed against her chest.

"Troy.....what happened? You didn't even wake me up. Its unlike you" she spoke as I eyed her but still couldn't resist her charm and how lovely she looked.

I glanced away from her. "I had alot on my table to handle" I lied, well not technically.

She huffed. "Which you do have every other day. Wait.... is this about last night? Because I -" she chuckled with a slightly parted mouth staring at me.

I looked at her briefly without saying a word and turned my gaze away as she strolled towards me.

"Baby, I'm sorry if this is about last night" she apologized "Your hands were badly injured and I didn't see how it could work -" She paused and gave me a half smile as I eyed her at her actions.

I knew exactly why she sounded this way

"When you've got a husband who-" And I didn't get her complete her statement as my lips crashed on hers, fighting for entrance. To my surprise, she let me in and with that we kissed so passionately like people who've been starved for weeks of food. I grabbed onto her thighs and lifted her on top of the table as she chuckled.

"What are you doing... your majesty?" she teased me as I bit her tongue softly, she moaned in pleasure, her hands rufling my hair and caressing my back.

"Making up for last night" I groaned in joy as she pointed towards the door.

"Dont worry about it" I said kissing her hair and going over to lock the door before coming back to her, ready to devour her while losing myself deep into her, still mindful of my hands.

There was no doubt, she appeared before me this afternoon because she felt guilty of denying me herself and came to makeup for it. The feeling was heavenly.

Aris' POV

Later at night, after dinner, we were all seated in the courtyard of the diamond site - the garden enjoying the moonlight and the nights cool breeze grazing our skins.

Troy and I were seated on a swing but I was lying with my head resting on his thighs and his hands caressing my hair, while Echo sat on Adrian's lap comfortably as his hands wrapped around her waist.

Theon walked in with two bottles of red wine, followed by Korina who carried six glasses on a tray, setting it down on the table before leaving. Theon opened the wines and poured into the cups handing them to us as we appreciated him before taking a seat.

Troy had summoned us again in hope that solutions on what to do about Gemma must have been found.

Honestly, I couldn't help but think about earlier today, how Troy took me in his office. It was the last thing I expected from him but he bullshited my expectations and devoured me with raw and wanting emotions.

I even teased him, reminding him he was the king of a fucking nation and not some porn star but he shut me up by driving deeper into me causing a nonstop moaning from my mouth.

Troy was the sweetest man on earth and was difficult to resist but recently, my nightmares were becoming more frequent and I observed they occurred the more I had sex with him.

Maybe they were beginning to get associated with my intimate life and that scared the hell out of me.

Troy's kiss on my lips brought my attention back to the meeting as Adrian was speaking.

"The fire report will be ready by midday tomorrow" he announced and I could feel Troy sigh relieved.

"So how about Gemma's condition, any unraveling?" Troy asked us as my eyes locked with Adrian's.

"I really feel for Gemma and in as much as I condemn all her obsessions of Troy and her maltreatment towards Aris, I would want her to get better -"

"So" Troy asked feeling agitated already at Adrian's direction.

"I would suggest, we bring her closer, probably to court and from time to time, Troy graces her with his presence till she recovers"

"Are you crazy. That will never happen" Troy growled loudly at Adrian as I squeezed his thighs to calm him.

"Adrian, you want my husband to pretend to be Gemma's husband. You want her to believe a lie and wake up to know the truth and plunge back into the same state?" I scolded with a soft tone, my body quivering.

"No Aris, that's not it....nobody is pretending to be her husband. It's just a visit as a friend and nothing more" he clarified as Echo squeezed his hands warmly and he kissed her nose.

We went back and front on this same issue. None of the suggestions were going down well with Troy until Gaius walked in on us and spoke as the adviser that he was.

"Your majesty. Lets find lady Gemma, a spouse - your look alike"

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