Royal Nightmare

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I can Forgive

Aris' POV

Waking up the next morning, Troy was already out of bed. I felt so weak and tired from the long night.

There were so much going on in my mind, and over the days I've tried to act strong about them when in the real sense they were depressing me.

After marrying Troy, I thought we would have been free from the whole Gemma's drama but it doesnt look like it.

It seems we are just getting started. In as much as I felt pity for her, I couldnt let her affect my family. Look at my husband, he's been constantly worried about her for nothing, considering the stupid demand her people requested.

All the suggestions from Gauis and others, there was no way, I was letting Troy go with their stupid plans. Maybe if i acted, they wouldn't dare show their faces here at court, talk more of placing impossible demands.

Speaking of shuffling the cabinet, Troy had given me the complied list to vet and scrutinze and also make my input. Probably I would go through it later but there was no I was letting Buros make that list.

It was obvious, he was hell bent on making our reign unbearable and problematic. I had other pressing issues I wanted to discuss with my friend. I missed Adrian so much, though he's around but since I became queen, we've hardly spent time alone.

Paying him a visit wouldn't be so bad, afterall, he was also in court or summoning him... Nah, I think the former is better.

Quickly, I rose up from the bed and freshend up. I was dressing up when a knock filtered from the door, followed by Ana's voice.

"Your majesty - " and before she could speak further, the door bursts opened and Dorothy walked in.

"Good morning my queen" she curtsied as I threw the blue chiffon blouse over my body.

"Dorothy what is the problem?"

"You cant wear those, your majesty" she disapproved of my outfits and I looked at her quizzed.

"And why is that?"

"Because you've got an official function to attend to with the king" and with that, she scanned through the closet and saw the perfect dress for the occasion.

Settling for a red sheath gown that was inches above my knees with a brown trench coat and a nude pumps. She curled my hair and let it fall to my shoulders and did a natural make up on my face.

"You look stunning, my queen" Anna complimented as I gazed at myself. I was beyond gorgeous.

"Well... thank you Dorothy. But if I may ask, what is this address about?"

"Its your first official appearance as queen and the king wants to make a press address. He wants you by him" she said as I shrugged.

"Okay" and she led me out of the room to have breakfast before heading over to the kings office.

As we walked past, the guards and servants kept bowing in acknowledgement till I got to the kings office.

"Hey baby" Adrian hugged me tightly, once I stepped in. "You look gorgeous" then I pulled away, scanning my eyes over the room.

"What's going on? Where's Troy?"

"He just stepped out, will be back soon" he said pulling me over to take a seat. I could sense something was wrong but Adrian was doing a great job in concealing his emotions.

He took my hands in his and faced me, "Look Aris, I hope you will be okay with it"

"Okay with what Rian? What's going on? First I wanted coming to see you before -"

"Wait" he stopped me. "To see me? Is everything alright with you?" he cupped my face with his hands and I gently shoved it away.

"Everything is fine. Just missing my best friend. That's all"

"Aww" he pouted. "I can understand that but maybe we could arrange something" he cocked his head to the side with a raised brow. "What do you think?"

"Sure we can and we will but for now, can you tell me what's going on" I demanded as he sighed and relaxed back on the couch, raking his hands through his hair when suddenly, Troy walked in dressed majestically in a navy blue suit with white shirt, followed by Steflos and Gauis.

"Morning princess" he sauntered towards me with a smile as I stood up and hugged him.

"Morning my love" I whispered, my face buried in his shoulders as his hands roamed my back before we pulled away from each other, though he was now holding my hands.

His eyes hovered over my body, and he bit his lips in an appealing manner and nudged me forward again pressing his lips against mine as I granted him access and he deepened the kiss.

Conscious of the persons in the room, I had to stop the process. "Baby, we have to stop" and he smiled, withdrawing his lips as our forehead were now resting on each other. He used his hands, tracing the lines on my lips.

"I can never get tired of you........ You look beautiful as always" he kissed my lips before tugging me towards his seat and onto his laps.

It was at that moment, Steflos and Guais offered their greetings as I chuckled. Their expressions were unreadable but I bet they were a bit exhilarated by our public display of affection.

I think someone needed to tell Troy that he was now king and should be less romantic because of his subjects.

"Adrian, you can go speak to him now" Troy informed Adrian with a suspicious nod and he walked out of the room. I gave him a quizzical gaze.

"What's going on? Why is nobody telling me anything?"

"What do you mean love? Is this about my early wake?" He asked and I shook my head lightly.

"Not really but you didn't inform me about a press address"

"Oh..... about that. I'm sorry" he apologized, brushing my hair to the back, away from my face. "We need to assure the people that they are safe and we would protect them, no matter what" he sighed. "Honestly there's been alot panic of lately, after the news that the fire outbreak was a deliberate act, not an accident"

"W-what?" I muttered with my eyes widened.

"Yes and that was the reason, Steflos suggested we do this press conference to restore hope. Is that okay by you?"

"Ofcourse" I answered, a little shakened. "So are we close to finding the culprit?"

"Haven't heard from Theon. Probably he would brief us this evening" and he nudged me forward and kissed my lips. It was a brief kiss, and just when I wanted to ask about Adrian, Steflos informed us it was time for the press conference.

I stood up from the kings laps and stretched out my dress, arranged my hair with my hands before we exited the office.

The press conference lasted longer than I thought. Troy said it was just a message of assurance but here we were entertaining dozens of questions from journalists. I was literally fighting the urge not to put up a frown on my face.

I was tired more especially at the type of questions that were spewing from their mouths. I bet during the past kings reign, no one will dare question him this way. It was like they had more regard for him than Troy.

Or was it because of me? I guess I should learn to appear more fierce - but that wasnt my personality.

Hours later, we were done after I spoke up putting an end to all the unnecessary questions emanating from the inquisitive journalists.

There was no doubt Steflos was mad at me for abruptly ending our press conference because a deep scowl creased his face and remained there but I cared less.

As we got back to the office, I had to ask Troy about Adrian because he was nowhere to be found up until now. He literally missed the conference but Troy just shrugged his shoulders lightly and pulled me in for a hug burying his face in my hair, inhaling all of my scent.

Then he withdrew and kissed me lightly. "You did well....Thank you" and I acknowledged his actions with a smile. I knew the questions were also getting on his nerves as they were on mine.

So what I did was a favour to the both of us.

"I'm tired...... can we go home?" He whispered with a sexy smile plastered on his face.

"You do realise we are home?" I teased him with my hands over his neck.

"Dont act naive, your majesty..... you know exactly what I'm talking about" he rolled his eyes at me.

Instantly the thoughts of his questions flooded my head. I couldn't believe Troy would ask me about producing a heir so soon. I meant we've been fucking married for what.......? Less than a month and he wanted a child.

Hell no! I wasn't mentally and physically prepared. That had to wait, maybe for the next two years. I had alot to do as queen. I wanted my reign to be different from others. I wanted to give my 100% loyalty to the people of Doxa.

With that, I needed to do something fast or else with the constant sex appeal from Troy, I could get pregnant in a twinkle of an eye.

"I thought you said you had alot to do today.... besides how about the list....." I tried to distract his thoughts from sex forgetting I was the one with the list.

"Are you okay princess?" He cocked his head to the side, staring at me puzzled. "You're forgetting you're the one with the list"

"Oh shit" I facepalmed pretending not to know. "I'm sorry, i guess i should quickly go through it the final time, since it would be announced this weekend" I said wriggling out of his grip to escape.

Then he smiled like he could see through me.

"Not so fast princess. First things first" and with those words, I knew I was dammed.

He strolled over to the door and locked it, avoiding disturbances as I breathed heavily, collapsing on the chair. It was pure futility arguing with the king.

I swear, Troy's sexual urges were second to none and you can't stop him in that mood. I understood how painful it made him feel whenever I turned him down, so i gave up.

No more struggling or turning him down, I do whatever he wants, wherever he wants.

Like now, this would be the second time he's fucking me in his damn office and don't get me wrong, I love everything about it. I mean it was crazy and sexy at the same time.

I bet the former king was more decent than this.

Moments later, we were both gasping for breaths and my limbs felt loose and heavy with pleasure. Every moment shared with this man was perfect.

I lay ontop of Troy who was lying on the couch. The office was a mess, we created a perfect mess because the king wanted to have me everywhere in his office - and I didn't object.

"That was incredible princess" he bit his lips, caressing my scattered hair as I smiled, remembering the hot, wild, passionate sex session.

"I bet the guards heard me screaming"

"It doesnt matter if they do. You're still their queen"

"Yea, their fucking queen" I smiled, rolling my eyes at him.

"I love it when you scream my name.... gosh you're so fucking satisfying" he mouthed, his eyes darkening.

"And so are you.... C'mon your majesty" I slapped his chest playfully. "Let's get dressed before -"

I hadn't completed my statement when Ian's voice echoed from the door.

"Your majesty, Lord Adrian"

"Shit" I muttered and jumped up from his body, putting on my clothes hurriedly as he did same.

"Uhm....give us a minute Adrian" Troy replied and I gaped at him, wide eyed.

"What?" He shrugged and I just shook my head at him.

Adrain walked in minutes later with his eyes roaming around the room. We were both seatd on the couch, fully dressed with my legs across Troy's laps.

"Cmon man, you've got to stop defying your office" Adrian breathed out as Troy furrowed a brow at him.

"What do you mean?"

"Seriously?" He stared at me but my expression was unreadable. "Would you two get a room" and instantly I and Troy bursted out into laughter.

"How could you tell?" I asked him as he settled on the single chair opposite us, chuckling with a guilty expression.

I clasped my hand over my mouth surprised. "Oh my God Rian, have you and-"

"Cmon princess, dont go there, Adrian is not a saint, remember" Troy dismissed my thoughts making some eye contacts with Adrian as I chuckled incredibly.

The eye contacts between these two was something I could never match up to.

They literally communicated through their eyes with each person understanding what the other was saying.

After their inaudible conversation, Troy kissed my hair. "C'mon princess, there's somewhere we have to be" and with that, we stood up and left the office.

Moments later, we found ourselves at Cavansite where the administrative offices, banquet hall, royal library amongst others were located.

"Where are we going to?" I went with the urge to ask the question in my head.

"Someone, we want you to meet" Adrian answered as we stopped infront of the kings royal study.

Troy pushed the door opened as we walked in. I gasped as my eyes fell on no other than my enemy - the one I swore to kill if I ever faced him again.

"Ch- Charles" I called out almost in a whisper and he fell to his knees. I immediately turned to Troy, his hands were wrapped around my waist.

"Hey....its okay. You asked me to bring him and here he is. But if it's too much for you to handle, we can leave" he whispered.

"No. It's fine. Remember what I told you.. besides I'm now queen. so it's fine" I nodded fighting with my emotions from the past.

Charles spent the next one hour apologising to me for what he did. And even though, I dont blame him completely, he betrayed his king.

But, nevertheless I asked for his return and reinstatement because, Troy has been somewhat miserable not having his best friend. Even though he usually denied it, I knew he still cared about him.

"I forgive you Charles and I pray things would eventually go back to normal between us. You were a good friend, just that you allowed yourself to be used by the former queen..." I exhaled heavily darting my eyes between Troy and Adrian who were staring axiously at me because my next word mattered alot.

"Welcome to the family" I said excited causing a cheering noise from the friends as Charles lurched at me in a tight hug.

"Thank you so much Queen Aris..." that sounded awkward coming from him, I scrunched my face lightly as he chuckled.

"I think Aris will be fine"

"Ofcourse" and he hugged his friends as I watched their little reunion with smiles.

We had alot of catching up to do - well they did, I was just the fourth wheel.

After the reunion in the study, we decided to head back to the chambers to have lunch and thereafter drinks.

Thankfully, Echo came around, otherwise inwould have been so bored. So while the guys were on their discussion in the garden, I whisked her away to the living room for some juicy gossip.

"I can't believe you'd forgive Charles" she spoke with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, its long over due..... isnt it?" I half shrugged. "Besides what's the use of holding grudges when it also keeps you caged? And Troy missed his best friend also?"

"I can see that... and you're right. You're a good queen Aris" she smiled and I pulled her into a hug.

The week went by quickly and it was finally weekend. I was glad and couldnt wait to visit Rythfork. Obviously it was going to be a long weekend.

After we got back from our honeymoon, I've been on Troy to let me go see my parents. There was no doubt I had missed them so much and couldnt wait to see them.

Ana and Korina had already parked a little luggage for I and the king. Troy informed me that we were going with the clique as expected. That made me super excited about the trip.

So here I was, dressed in a midi black off shoulder gown with a brown belt across my stomach.

"Hey princess" Troy kissed my cheeks as he struggled in folding the sleeves of the white shirt he wore.

"Here, let me help" and he allowed me. After rolling the sleeves up to his elbow, I scanned through his body.

This looked like no king- he looked like the prince with the blue Jean trousers and white sneakers. He was perfect. I couldn't help but spread my arms across his neck, staring into his eyes as he chuckled at my actions.

"What is it princess?"

"Just admiring look so handsome that I can hardly resist your charms" I said biting into my lower lips as his hands wrapped my waist and he pulled closer that our heads were touching.

"I love you Troy" I closed my eyes to show the seriousness of the words I said and before I could open them, his lips crashed on mine and we kissed so passionately, our tongues twirling and fighting for possession.

Then he pulled backwards as we let out heavy breaths...staring longingly at each other.

"I love you my queen" and he kissed me briefly but I ddint want to let go of him.

Honestly, I was having an emotional rush and it was getting the best part of me. I knew I loved Troy but i was currently feeling a whole new level of deep affectionate love for him, one I couldnt fathom.

"Hey babe, we're gonna be late if we dont leave now. Are you okay?" He gave me a concerned look, entwining my hands from his neck when Charles walked in on us.

"Hey man, we're waiting for you guys?"

"Give us few minutes, we'll be out" he turned and spoke to Charles.

"Is everything alright?"

"Ofcourse" Troy smiled.

"Okay....we'll be outside" and with that Charles left and I collapsed on the couch.

Confusion was written all over Troy and he squatted infront of me, cupping my face in his hands. "Princess are you not well? Should we cancel the trip?" And I shook my head dissenting.

Deep within me, I wanted to communicate my feelings to him but since they were new, I needed to explore or should I say study them first.

Switching moods, I kissed him briefly with a smile. "I'm fine now. We can head out" but it was obvious, he didnt buy that but responded anyways.

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