Royal Nightmare

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The Lost Princess

Troy's POV

“What's really bothering you man?” Adrian asked me. “Since you returned from that meeting with the duke, you've been nothing but gloomy”

“A lot is on my mind........... A lot. I barely know if this will get any easier. Moving forward”

“Of course Troy, you know it would” Charles retorted. “You've got the best team around you. So just be positive”

“Charles you don't get it-”

“But I do” Adrian interrupted outlining all he thinks were a burden on my heart with his fingers one after the other. “Gemma, Kathy, Aris and then the fire incidence coupled with constituting a council..... Did I miss any?”

He asked and I laughed, shaking my head at him because he obviously understood me.

“Quit worrying about Gemma, Aris will talk to you about that” He commented attracting a confused stare from me.

“Aris.....why?” I questioned with a raised brow while Charles sat up on the chair, eager to hear the way forward. "Does she have any solution.......What does she have to say?"

But Adrian was obviously withholding information as he refused saying anything which resulted in a rising suspicion across kur faces.

“Stop it. You guys” He scolded grimly !

“Stop what? If you've got something to say, say it Adrian and don't keep us anxious for nothing” I and Charles attacked him.

“Fuck” he muttered, feeking exhausted. “Fine. Gemma can move into the palace”

“Hell No” Charles countered disapprovingly while my expression remained impassive though somewhat shocked.

“Did she agree to this?”

“Yea she did. I talked to her?” He nodded and I turned to Charles who was now pacing angrily.

“You fucking convinced Aris to let Gemma into the palace knowing fully well how toxic Gemma can be?” Charles yelled pointing at Adrian. "What do you tend to fucking achieve?"

“Charles, I think it's our best bet. I know it seems dangerous but it's just to speed up her recovery process” I spoke up after careful thoughts

“And what happens after she recovers... huh?" He stopped in his track, snorting and shaking his head. “You marry her. I can't believe you guys haven't thought about that? Listen guys, I know I may have acted disloyal in the past but one thing I'm sure about is that Gemma's parents aren't been sincere about her condition. Have any of you even seen her recently?”

“No” I and Adrian answered in unison still staring at Charles.

“Good. You see..... What If it was all a hoax?”

“No..... No....don't go there Charles” Adrian protested. “You're forgetting Gemma is our friend?”.

“I think 'was' is the most appropriate word” I corrected Adrian, and he gave scowled at me.

“He's right. She was our friend?” Charles retorted.

“Whatever..... We need to help her regardless. I believe things would not escalate beyond our control”

Adrian stated studying our faces as Charles collapsed on the chair exasperated, rubbing his face continuously whilst I kept running my fingers along my lower lips fully focused on Adrian's talks.

He was undoubtedly a man of many words.

So the guys and I were having a little hearty chat at that moment while waiting for Theon's arrival.

He was supposed to brief us about the investigation into finding the culprits behind the fire incidence.

Apparently, Adrian finally convinced us on helping Gemma and I saw myself consenting to it but with the clause of getting the queen's words before implementation.

Grave silence engulfed our midst for a brief moment before some mumbled words escaped my mouth yet again.

"I really need Kathy to return before something dreadful happens to my father” I said throwing my head backward on the chair's headrest.

Adrian shot me a quizzical gaze.... atleast I could feel the burning eyes “Is something wrong with the former king?” which meant they heard what I said.

"Not technically but his health is deteriorating rapidly and I haven't kept my end of our deal, yet”

The sudden concern of speeding up the process of returning the lost princess was borne out of the meeting I had earlier with the duke of Islandes and some of his Earl's.

The meeting was undoubtedly going fantastically well until one of the nosy Earl's decided to inquire about my father's health and the rumors that were beginning to emanate.

Not that he was wrong in showing concerns but I figured out his reasons. They were pellucid.

The rumors about his death were spreading like a pandemic, yet the rumourmongers blamed the crown for concealing the truth.

That moment, was when it dawned on me, that my father had limited time on his hands to eventually live.

Still, I hadn't kept my own part of the deal we made. He wanted to see Katherine before he died and even though, my source tells me she's been found. I needed more than that.

She had to come home — that was the deal.

“Well, don't worry about that. I trust Am to do a good job. He's really skilled, you know, and he would find a way to bring her home”

“Yes man. Just have faith” Charles added, stretching out himself on the chair he sat. He immediately changed our line of conversation bringing up memories which lightened our moods instantly.

That we got so carried away with the subjects, unaware of Gauis' presence.

“Your majesty” he called out, drawing our attention to him. He looked wary as I narrowed my eyes to him.

“What is the problem Gaius?”

“A letter for you” he bowed handing over an envelope to me but I paused on accepting it.

“Where is this coming from?”

“Amazon. He said it's from princess Katherine” and immediately we all gaped at him shocked. We were literally just discussing that and how on earth did Amazon know where to find me.

Well he was the master of disguise and nothing goes through him unnoticed.

I collected the letter abruptly from him without even reasoning and tore it open to retrieve it contents. That was when I noticed how much I was shuddering.

It's been what.....ten years or more since I last saw or heard from my sister. And now here I am about to go through her words.

It wasn't meant to be so. A rush of guilt swept through me just as Gauis felt and the enthusiasm died down. I didn't feel like reading the letter again even when the guys persuaded me, I declined.

This was my mothers fault but could I blame her entirely. I forgot about Katherine. Never for once did I look for her nor object to her exile.

I was the perfect son, always doing what mummy and daddy wanted.

“Troy, can we at least know what she said. Is she coming or not?” Adrian's apprehensive voice forced me back to consciousness and I handed it over to him to read.

Your Majesty,

Royal greetings to you.

Congratulations on your marriage and coronation.

Expect me soon.



“What?....that's it” Charles grumbled as we stared at ourselves bewildered. Adrian's hands were opened slightly apart, still clutching onto the paper.

“I can't believe this....” I mouthed, running my hands through my hair before Gaius' speech cleared our confusion.

“Your majesty, the princess is finally returning home. That's what the letter means. I know you expected a very lengthy one. Probably she's reserving that for her return” and with that a glimpse of hope and joy filled my face.

I was excited about that news and couldn't wait to share it with my father.

It was dinner time, and we were having it together — like the gathering of the last supper.

Everyone was seated and Aris was by my side as usual. The servants were helping in the service, as I entwined my hands in hers raising it up to my lips and planting a warm kiss over it.

She smiled at me as her blue eyes shone brightly in mine. I couldn't wait to have her tonight and Of course break the news of Katherine's return to her.

I'd surely missed her because of the busy day we both had.

Barely fifteen minutes into dinner, Theon's presence was announced as he rushed in panting like one who was being chased by a wolf.

His sudden disposition was by every means distracting and unsettling as everyone watched him intently.

Code of conduct.......... never let your presence connote panic in others.

For me, I knew whatever had him all worked up was definitely not good.

He strolled in, greeted us and whispered in my ear that he wanted an audience and it was urgent.

Meanwhile, we've been waiting for him for like forever before now, so I eye contacted Adrian and Charles, we excused ourselves and left the table, but not without calming down my beautiful princess who was already growing worried.

“What's going on Troy?”

“I don't know yet but everything is definitely fine. I'll be back soon” I kissed her hair and whispered. “Relax” and she nodded but I could still sense fear in her.

Stepping into the living room of the royal suite with Adrian, Charles, Troy and Gauis trailing behind, I growled loudly. “Theon, whatever made you cut short my dinner must be worth it” with a cold harsh tone.

“Now what's the problem?”

He breathed deeply trying to compose himself a little as we all focused on him waiting for whatever news he had to say before a broke it down.

Another shocking news that pulled me off my balance, sending me almost slumping to the ground if not for my friends who were there to hold onto me.

“Your majesty, there's been another fire outbreak in the Capital and in the palace........we don't know to what extent it might be”

Those were his words........ Another fire incident right in the midst of fishing out the culprits of the former attack.

This was much bigger as he explained and it fucking made me furious. I was pissed off and irritated more because we have had no luck in previous ones.p

The fucking palace and capital was on fire. There was no doubt lives and properties will be destroyed. I groaned quietly in pains as my legs weakened, unable to keep me on my feet.

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