Royal Nightmare

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Today felt very exhausting before it even began. Laying on the bed, I was still sobbing and wetting my pillows as I remembered the aueen mother's words from two days ago - not the unimportant ones she ranted about, but the one that could literally challenge my position as queen.

I had also kept it a secret from Troy and Adrian because I didn't want further relationship complications.

This should have been the last thing to think about but I couldn't resist the urge. Troy and I have got a great intimate life, we do have great sex and randomly so why hasn't anything happened yet?

Maybe my mindset.....since I hadn't been ready or even thought about getting pregnant before.

But something bothered me more. Was Troy sharing his concerns with others, rather than with me?

Apart from the time he asked me when I would be ready to produce an heir, he's been so muffled about the whole thing.

I also remembered ignoring his question that day, taking it lightly until Adrian's clarity and now the Sheila's reminder.

Think!. Think of a way Aris! My subconscious coiced out.

Maybe seducing Troy could work, thankfully it was that time of the month when women ovulated but then, it was all wrong timing with everything happening, I bet sex would be the last thing on Troy's mind.

Nevertheless, I will take my chances.

Apparently, I decided to surprise him and prepare dinner again for him. Echo and I were in the kitchen together with the kitchen staffs.

The look they give me, made me understand their thoughts. Possibly they were wondering if cooking for the king was now part of my routine.

I smiled a little amused at their facial expressions but it didn't stop me.

As for Echo, I thought of confronting her about her funny attitudes back at Rythfork but chose to ignore and forgive.

“Adrian said some suspects have been arrested” she spoke, initiating a conversation since the atmosphere was so silent apart from sounds from the kitchen wares.

I nodded, confirming her statement because Troy and Adrian hinted me also.

“They're currently investigating them” She continued while her hands moved swiftly chopping the carrots and peas. “About five of them....”

“Five?” I mumbled and shot her a stare, she nodded.

“Yea and according to him, one of them keeps requesting for an audience with you”

Immediately she said that, the wooden spoon I was holding fell out of my hands and onto the floor triggering the attention of the kitchen staffs as I glared at her.

“What? Asking for me?”


“Why...? What for?”

“Uhm.... He didn't really say” she shrugged “But he's been constantly ranting that you know him”

The whole news got me offended as my whole body stiffened.

What was this.... a trap? What relationship could I possibly have with criminal suspects?

Probably it was all a mistake. I shook off the thought and didn't say any further on that issue as I continued with my cooking.


Yes I did it! It worked. My subconscious was dancing excitedly in my head. It was an easy-peasy move. How did I ever forget that Troy could hardly resist my charms?

Still lying in bed after five rounds of intense love making — thrice last night and twice this morning, I was fucking exhausted to the point that I could barely stand on my feet without them wobbling and pushing me down.

Troy noticed my predicament and managed to carry me into the bathroom as we had a very hot bath, thereafter we ate breakfast before he stepped out to the office to begin the days activities.

Thoughts of last night remained stamped on my heart. Concentration seemed lost since all I could focus on was the hot passionate crazy intimate moment I shared with my husband.

For a minute there, I hadn't quite taken into consideration how sex starved we both were due to the constant lurking issues here and there.

Troy just couldn't stop admiring me and professing his undying love for me over and over again. If he had his way, he would definitely had ditched foung to the office today which I so wished would happen.

But then, he was the king and belongs to the people of Doxa as much as he belonged to me, so it would be selfish of me to keep him all night and still have him to myself all day.

Besides, I needed peace and tranquility to be restored back to the kingdom as soon as possible.

So here I was idle - by choice and spending most of the day in bed rummaging in thoughts.

I thought of how early it would be for me confirm if my plans succeeded because I needed to get pregnant as soon as possible. Maybe I could take a pregnancy test this evening or better still by the weekend to ascertain.

By the afternoon, Ana served me lunch in bed after I had been mentally exhausted.

After eating, I felt a bit energised and saw it as my cue to attend to pending matters. Working from the living room seemed as the best option for me, since I was practically avoiding the office - the last memory there wasn't a pleasant one.

Flipping through the files, I studied their contents one after the other for a while before drifting back in thoughts of all the damages and losses the kingdom had experienced within a short time.

There was no telling how happy I was when Theon and his team were able to make an arrest. Hopefully, the real reason for the attacks will be revealed soon.

Notwithstanding, the Theon was awesome at what he did - establishing a difficult trail, that was really commendable. I really hoped he will get promoted to head the ministry of defense of Doxa or be the commander of Doxa's army once the council is constituted.

Three hours later, the doors to the king's chambers flung opened and Troy, Adrian and Charles walked in, worry spread across their faces.

“What's wrong?” I asked them almost becoming apprehensive as Charles walked to the bar and poured them some strong alcoholic liquid.

Standing up from the desk, I strolled to where Troy had collapsed on the chair with a sulky face. “What is it Troy?” I cupped his face in my hands, tilting his face towards me as I studied it.

He closed it eyes and swallowed hard as I noticed the throbbing of his Adam's apple.

“Princess, why would a criminal suspect be asking for you?” He asked in a soft tone, peering deeply into my eyes.

“W-what” I darted my eyes between the three of them and the expression was the same.


You have got to be kidding me? I huffed unbelievably, still looking at them.

“Are you guys for real?” I scowled. “You think I will endanger the lives of my people?” I snapped out angrily and stood up. Troy caught onto my wrist halting my movement.

“Hey, no one is accusing you of anything. Okay”

“Your eyes are all doing the talking” I scoffed as Troy tugged me down and back to his side.

“Aris, we are not here to blame you for anything just as Troy said. The problem is the suspects are being too stubborn and have refused to say anything”

Adrian remarked.

“Theon has actually tried every approach to get words from their mouth but to no avail” Charles added, shrugging his shoulders lightly and sipping his wine.


“Since one of them keeps asking for you, though we don't know the relationship yet, but we think we could use it to our advantage” Adrian stated, as my body stiffened in anger.

“Have you guys gone crazy. You want to put me in danger. How on earth would I grant a criminal audience?Ugh... ” I yelled, shooting them a scary glare.

“I can't believe this” Troy released his grip on my wrists and exhaled deeply, rubbing his face in mild frustration.

“Princess. Listen it's for the good of our people. Please do this for Doxa...for us.. The earlier they speak up, the better for us” He pleaded, as the room grew utterly silent, everyone eagerly waiting for my response.

I thought intensely about it all. Deep within me, I was more than curious to find out about this stranger that knows me and what he wanted.

“Fine. I will grant him audience. Tomorrow, my office” I said and immediately Troy tugged me to himself and next crashed his lips on mine for a hot, deep kiss of relief and probably gratitude.

From the corner of my eyes, I noticed relief and happiness quickly replaced the worry that once overwhelmed Adrian and Charles.


The next day as agreed upon, I was preparing myself to meet with this stranger.

Honestly, somehow I was nervous not because I felt he could harm me - of course there will be security around but the fact that a secret might be revealed.

I had an unusual feeling about meeting him.

Everything did not feel right. Troy could obviously sense the budding tension in me, so he pulled me down to his sit on his laps whilst wrapping his hands around me.

“Hey, it's going to be fine” he spoke kissing my temples as I let out a nervous chuckle.

We were seated in his office, waiting to be alerted by Theon about the timing.

Adrian was seriously tapping his foot on the ground, which informed me of how agitated he must be.

“Guys, please just calm down” Charles' voice echoed. “The air in this room is so tense. I can literally feel it. I mean what's the worst that can happen?” He stared at our faces.

Adrian was impassive while Troy shrugged and snorted.

As for me, drips of sweats were beginning to form in all the right places of my body - forehead, palms and feet, even with the chilly office.

Suddenly, the door opened and Theon walked in wearing a serious expression. He was closely followed by Gauis. “Your majesty its time” he spoke with an unreadable expression as I released alot of tensed air that had been sucked in with my chest rising and falling rapidly.

Rising to my feet, I gave Troy a brief deep kiss, hugged Adrian as Charles gave me thumbs up sign - of goodluck before I walked out.

"Theon please take care of my wife and ensure her safety” I could hear Troy's appeal to Theon behind me.

Why did it suddenly feel like I was going off to war where my chances of survival and return were under probability? I smiled a little at his cute attitude.

As I walked into my office, I noticed the number of security details that had been placed in the right areas. They were outnumbered. Theon briefed me a little about the criminal before leaving to get him.

Moments later, the door opened and a man stepped in flanked by two guards. He wasn't wriggling out of their hold but was extremely calm.

“Are you the one craving audience with me?” I asked, my voice filled with authority.

“Yes” he answered coldly with so much boldness, as one of the guards hit him hard on his stomach, and he yelped in pain.

“That is our queen so you must show her some respect. Do you understand?” The guard growled as he nodded and apologized to me?

“I-I'm sorry your.....majesty” he sniffled. I ordered the guards to lower him to a chair since he was in handcuffs.

“Now who are you and what do you want? Why did you request to see me?” I questioned anxiously glaring at him.

He turned his head to the sides, and scanned through the room before his gaze fell back on me.

He widened his eyes slightly, cocking his head to the side, he chined up at the guards, signalling he needed privacy.

"You want me to send the guards out" I asked, almost getting scared but later realized his hands were bound, so he was as good as harmless.

So I ordered all the guards to step out, at first they protested but I stressed the command sternly.

“So, we're all alone. Why did you ask for me?”

“Harissa” he whispered staring into my face with so much admiration.

“Sorry” I said with a frown. “Who is that?”

“ are Harissa” he nudged his face towards me in a low voice as I chuckled, so much confused.

“I can't believe I would see you after all these years” he spoke, his face soft and sad.

“What are you talking about. Who are you?” I interrogated again, feeling uneasy as I observed his appearance — dark brown disheveled hair with blue eyes, well toned body and handsome face. He was also tall — like Troy's height.

Becoming self-conscious once again, I jolted back to the real world as he slowly voiced out responding to my question.

“I am Alexander Ackerman. I am your brother”

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