Royal Nightmare

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Author's Note

HI wonderful readers 🥰

I really hoped you enjoyed this story. It's so amazing and sad at the same time that this story has a good number of reads but the likes and reviews remain poor.

Its disheartening and discouraging to writers especially after putting in so much effort in writing this piece and it ends up being appreciated by only a few.

So, enough of the plenty lamentations, all I'm saying and soliciting for is for you to like my story and leave a honest review for me about anything - the plot, writing style, grammar, spelling, and the likes.

Constructive criticisms are most welcome - no hard feelings, honestly.

Just help your girl in her aspirations of being a great writer someday.

It will also help me in making this book a near perfect work of fiction.

So here is the

Drum rolls....


Royal revenge has been renewed for a book two....Yah😁😁😁. (Screaming and jumping in excitement)

Ofcourse the story is not ended. Its just beginning and there's no way I will leave my awesome readers unattended to.

This means that in a couple of weeks, I will be dishing out pages from book two but before then, Book one would have to get atleast 150 likes and 15 reviews before I proceed.

Which obviously says one thing.....Y'all are gonna advertise this book for me😁 to your friends and recommend it to others encouraging them to like and drop a review as they read.

You know why? Because you love me🥰🥰 and you love Troy and Aris and Alexander. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and would not want to be kept waiting. (Joking but serious😉)

Okay, 😁 that's on a lighter note but I need all your help.

Thank you so much for supporting this humble girl from across many seas 🌏🌏🌏😁😁

Question Time

1. Favourite character?

2. Favourite scene?

3. Favourite moment?

4. Worst scene?

5. Most annoying character?

6. What would you have me change or include in the next book?

I can't wait to start reading your answers. I'm so nervous but I know I will enjoy them.❤❤

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