Royal Nightmare

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This is Absurd

Waking up quite early the next morning, I felt like shit. I'd barely had a proper rest. One was probably because of the change of environment. But I mostly travel and never felt such discomfort before.

I literally closed my eyes. Most of the times I was so conscious and alert feeling like something weird was going to happen. So right now my whole body system was messed up. I rose with a heavy head and aches all over. I needed to relax and be calm.

Because of the way I felt, I chose to remain in bed and force myself to sleep again. So when everyone was rising to the activities of a new day, I was about to catch a long sleep. One which I usually dont do.

Thankfully, I told Echo about the way I felt so that she wards off every form of distraction till I'm properly rested.

Didnt know I had slept for over five hours when I woke up again, feeling alot better. I called out to Echo whose duty post was always outside infront of my door together with the royal guards. She came in and helped me in showering and also having lunch. Afterwards I desperately wanted to take a tour of the palace and she volunteered to be my tour guide.

Actually, I saw that Echo was a nice person. She spoke well and was also versatile and more importantly exposed. She wasnt from Doxa kingdom but from a very farway village. Her exposure and versatility was as a result of her many travels in search of greener pastures before she finally found herself here in Urvinum.

The court was really very big covering a vast area of land within the capital. It had lots of gigantic structures too with beautiful architectural designs. Inasmuch as Echo had served here for almost two years, we still needed a map to point us to the right directions, all along accompanied by two royal guards.

Everything one wanted could actually be gotten in here without even stepping out. No wonder it felt so comfortable. The court was divided into seven sides with each side well fenced, gated and guarded.

Firstly, the Central side otherwise known as the Diamondsite housed the palace, the kings chambers, office, study. Bounded on the northern side was the Queens chamber also known as the Ambersite which also housed the royal kitchen, the queens office and the royal dinning.

On the Eastern side of the court was the Zirconsite which had the prince's chamber and the Arsenal where weapons were kept and sometimes made while the Southern side known as the Rubysite had the princess chambers, bride in waiting chambers and the queen mother's chambers.

The Cavansite was slightly in the western part of the court and was always the busiest side of the court. Mostly because it accommodated all the offices of the officials and others, the banquet halls, royal library and studies, the royal store and even the royal clinic.

These were actually the main parts of the court but then on the outskirt of the nothernside was the Zoisite which housed all living quaters of the royal advisors, guards and servants while on the southeastern side known as the agate site was the fighting training ground, golf course, football pitch, swimming pool, the stable and race track.

After spending over twelve hours touring round the court because areas like the Cavansite and Agateside were quite distant from others while Daimondsite, Ambersite, Rubysite and Zirconsite were more closer in proximity. I was tired and famished but then I had lots of questions on my mind which I was going to ask Echo once I was done with freshening up and having dinner.

Meanwhile, wrapping up with my dinner, i heard voices outside my door. It was almost like an arguement, then I stood up from the table and opened the door myself only to see Echo on her knees infront of Eusebius trying to explain stuffs to her.

"What is going on here?" I asked softly announcing my presence.

"Evening my lady" Eusebius lowered her head to the ground and up again. "I'm sorry but the queen is demanding an audience with you?"

Tilting my head to the side, trying to understand what she said. Yea I know I'm actually under the queen but why should be sending for me at such ungodly hour. Has she finally come to her senses or what?

"This night?" I asked for confirmation.

"Yes. Right away" she answered with a not too clear voice.

"And what is the reason if I may ask?"

She stared at me briefly and quickly moved her eyes away, closing her eyes and shaking her head slowly like it was a difficult thing I asked from her.

"Briefings...... briefings...... i think" she stammered.

"And why is Echo on her knees?" I scoffed.

"I'm sorry my lady. Please get up Echo" she pleaded and helped Echo to her feet.

Taking in the scenario, many things were out of place and didnt look right. But yea, whatever it is, I surely know would be revealed soon.

Moments later I was at Ambersite, where the queen chambers was sitted on a chair in her living room waiting for her.

Anxiety began to grip me as I forced myself to analyse the reason for my summon this late. Have I done something wrong or what? Awwww! I screamed in my head in pains. Aris you are all alone here. When will I set my eyes on Troy? I hope he had my back was my only wish.

Walking in majestically, the queen took her seat across from me while I stood up and greeted her while remaining standing.

She flickered her eyes all through my body. Eyeing from head to my toes continously all while loathing.

"Sit" she commanded me after I had stood for about fifteen minutes. I took my seat and turned slightly to my right side all to avoid her gaze.

"I really dont know what the prince saw in you? I must confess of all the young ladies I saw that evening on the day of the banquet, you are not even an inch close to any of them" She spoke spitefully with her voice raised. The words were hitting me so hard that I closed my eyes tightly while inhaling and exhaling air to calm my troubled mind.

"You think you've won my son's heart and probably making your pathetic parents proud? Nah!" She chuckled lightly. "Accepting the prince's proposal will be your worst decision and moving into this court will be one of the worst mistakes you've made in your life. That I can assure you. Dont you see that you're not welcomed here? How on earth do you think you can be of any match to Eridian. How?" She breathed angrily while for me, tears were starting to gather in my eyes and trickling down my face. I really wished I'd turned down this summon.

"Look Aris, I cant hide the fact that I dont like you, not that you did anything personal to me but accepting my son's proposal was my anger. If only you knew...... how long i have worked for Eridian's marriage since he was little, you would never had shown your ugly face at that ceremony. Because of you....... you!, the king is acting aberrant without even noticing it. You know what-" she smirked loudly. "You won't last here. And I swear to make those words a reality. If I were you, I wouldn't get too comfortable knowing any moment from now, I will be out. But while you're still here ....... " she pulled out a folder from her side stool. "Come here and have this" she called out to me. I sniffled using my hands to dry my face before accepting the folder from her.

"In there is every rule and regulations as well as your timetable of activities that you will abide by within your short stay here. Study them carefully and I so pray you break them so that you'll make the job so easy for me" she let out a wicked smile.

Sighing softly, I tried to hold back the second phase of tears that were making their way down my cheeks but i couldnt. I had never felt so humiliated and talked down like this before. Standing there with the folder in my hand, trembling and sniffling, my head was full. There was obviously no need to ask any further questions. All the answers I needed had been summed up in one.

"You can leave" she commanded again. I tried to take the first step but I couldnt move. My legs felt so heavy and glued to the ground that the effort I put in caused my imbalance and I fell to the ground with a loud scream that shook the queen but then she remained seated expressionless.

Echo rushed inside the room and helped me up to my feet but it was painful. I had already sprained my ankles and movement back was going to be more difficult. So once we were outside the Ambersite, she requested one of the guards carried me back while she followed behind holding the folder in her arms.

Throughout the walk back to the Zoisite, I kept crying remembering every word the queen spoke to me. How could she hate me this way. Well I really dont blame her. If there is anyone that should be blamed, it should be duchess Isadora Floros who chose to include my name in this stupid selection ceremony. But do I regret attending? Never! I know the prince might not have fallen in love with me yet but I know i have captured his heart and that will be my consolation.


The next morning, I decided to stay indoors having had a sprained ankle and probably go through all the rules and regulations and timetable that was handed over to me yesterday. Glancing through the files, I could not believe my eyes. Was this a joke or what?

Rules and Regulations

1. You are not expected to move or be seen in any sides of the court except the Zoisite where you reside unless you are summoned.

2. You are not to see or been seen with prince alone in anyplace and at anytime within your short stay here. More especially Failure to do so will attract an immediate dismissal from court.

3. As part of your activities as a bride in waiting, you are expected to be in the kitchen always helping in preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bearing in mind that apart from special occasions every member of the royal family eats separately and differently.

4. You are not permitted to leave court to anywhere, moreso to visit your home or your parents. If you fail to adhere, you will be dismissed outrightly.

5. Again, as tradition demands, you are supposed to appear with the prince on special occasions but you will not do it. You must call in sick anytime such need arises or face the tune of the music. As time progresses, more will be added to the list.

What? Was this some type of joke or what? I couldnt believe my eyes. My head was so full and heavy. Feeling loads of frustration and confusion, I raked my hand through my hair continously all the while screaming out loud in my head. I was so angry. Taking in deep breaths and exhaling out, I needed someone to go through it too and probably explain it to my comprehension.

"Echo! Echo!" I called out to her and she came in. I handed the files over to her and she glanced through it critically reading out the rules over again one after another. The next thing I heard from her mouth was "This is bullshit!" and immediately she covered her mouth with her hands and fell to her knees.

"I'm so sorry my lady for the usage of language" she apologized.

For a moment there, I felt lost when I heard her apologies but then realizing what she said, I burst out into serious laughter that made me tear up hurting my stomach rather than take offense at her choice of words.

"This is bullshit!" I later repeated her words in between laughter to make her feel better. "Its okay Echo" I said still chuckling and then she joined me in laughing when she saw I didnt pay keen attention to her choice of words. We both laughed out harder as I spoke again. "This is preprustrous!"

"And unrealistic" she added jokingly causing us to laugh some more. Letting out all of the hate and anger and built up tension was really satisfying.

After a while of goofing around, we switched over to a more serious mood analysing the whole rules. "But this is Absurd! Its unfair" She spoke painfully. "The queen really hates you. How could she do this?" She commented still ranting a bit angry.

I just stared at her for few minutes while she lamented on my behalf before I spoke up.

"I know she hates me and all of that. If she really had her way, I would never have come here in the first place. But then how could I hate her back?" I shook my head softly communicating my feelings to Echo. "This is a woman that will one day be my predecessor, my mother inlaw and obviously a grandmother to my children....tell me how I can reciprocate back this hate......"I stressed out. "I just have to show that I'm different and I've got lots of love in my heart to share" I sighed. "I have no choice than to love irrespective of her actions" I smiled sadly.

Taking in deep breaths, Echo nodded hesitantly in agreement to all I said. "You're a good person my lady with a very big heart. I hope the prince sees this and adores you even more" she commented with a sad smile.

I was really getting fond of Echo in less than forty eight hours. I just had to hug her. I needed a shoulder to cry on. I really wished Rian was here, he's been my only best friend but maybe Echo could be added to that list soon.

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