Royal Nightmare

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Running out of patience just to get home to the capital. I was done here with my assignment ready to return home to receive my bride to be. But then the king just had to delay my stay further.

I was so mad, disoriented and angry when I received the letter from the king asking me to spend additional days to gather more facts about the attack, apparently they were planning on retaliation.

For heaven's sake, there was no other information i needed to get. I'd done my work properly and gathered as many details concerning the attack of the Bashuri people. Families who experienced losses in one way or the other have been immensely compensated even though no amount of compensation can bring back the dead, that we know but regardless we still had to do the needful.

The more days I spent here, the more angrier and hostile I became. It's been five days since Aris set foot in court and I was yet to see her. I was physically present here but my heart was at home in Urvinum.

Many times, I just wanted to act stubborn and return disobeying the kings command. But then I talked to myself. Apparently, an extra two days will not hurt.

All over me I was so delighted and eagerly looking forward to meeting her. I knew she was going to be of great help to me because she wasnt just adorably beautiful but so intelligent and filled with wisdom. One which I desperately covet to help me rule the kingdom whenever the time came.

I spent the remaining days stuck in bed trying to get a letter across to her so that she wont be worried at all. Writing and trashing at will, I couldnt get to write the perfect letter yet when Charles walked into the room taking a seat on the couch.

"Hey Troy, what's up with you?" He nudged at me with his head.

"Fine..... just feeling frustrated you know" I rubbed the back of my neck gently while taking in my environment littered with wrinkled papers.

"Still can't get the letter done?" He asked again taking slow steps toward me.

"I dont know man! Maybe this is not a writing stuff. I need to see her face to face" I commented looking up at him. His face was somehow filled with pity.

"But I still dont get it Troy, why on earth the king would prolong your stay here. Sorry to say but anyhow I think about it, I still feel that letter wasnt sent by the king" he said shaking his head with all seriousness.

I stared at him perplexed and trying to see reasons with him but then how does one explain the kings seal on the letter. It just has to be him.

"Charles, please dont go there!" I pleaded with him debunking whatever thoughts he had in mind. "It is definitely the king" I clarified him with proofs.

I later gave up on writing the letter and chose to chill out with Charles hoping to continue when I'm more relaxed and coordinated.


"I thought the king said the prince would only be spending three days away" I asked Dorothy who was helping me comb my hair.

"Yes my lady, but it seems the prince's assignment got more serious, hence the delay" she spoke calmly.

"I'm worried Dorothy, what if it was something else and not really the assignment?"

"Dont make frightening assumptions my lady! They dont help" she cautioned me politely as she wrapped my hair into a bun.

"All set" she smiled. "You really are beautiful my lady! She commented on my beauty and I just let out a small smile.

I'd just finished with my daily activity of helping in the preparation of food for the royal family precisely lunch and I was tired. Wanted to take a short and quick nap when Echo came in with a bit happy mood.

"What's with the smiles?" I asked her looking at her face.

"You've got a letter from the prince........." she grinned widely and handed me the letter.

Immediately I heard the prince, my heart beats skipped and became erratic. Oh my God! What was happening to me? Why all these weird feelings. Within me I knew I was missing Troy but then on the outside, I kept feeling prideful to admit it.

"Thanks" I told her and took the letter from her. I felt anxious even to open it but I did anyways.

My dear lady Aris,

How are you doing over there in court? I sincerely apologise for not being there to receive and welcome you as it ought to be. Honestly I thought by now, I was going to be with you and behold your pretty face with those angelic smiles that melt away my sadness and sorrows.

But unfortunately something came up that demanded I stayed longer. I want to you to know that I think about you all the time and couldn't wait to see you hence this letter which took me hours before I got it right.

I dont intend for you to respond to this because I will be home before you know it. Just so you know, I eagerly look forward to seeing you again and being with you.

For the period of my absence, I heard lord Adrian is back, so I've asked him to keep you away from bad energies within the court.

Stay well my precious lady and see you soon.


There was really nothing to make me cry in it but I saw myself tearing up after reading maybe it was because I imagined his voice reading it to me. That strong sexy voice of his that could be used both authoritatively and romantically.

Echo handed me a box of tissues to dry up my eyes as she and Dorothy ensured I was fine after reading up.


Later in the evening, Adrian visited me. I was so excited to see him. Only seven days and it was looking like years I hadn't seen him. I observed that he first of all frowned at where I was staying. He said I wasn't a guard neither a maid to be staying in the Zoisite.

But then I just told him, it's just a house and I'd figured that out from day one that I was at the wrong place. Besides it was the queens order, who am I to flout it?

"But even at that, the right thing should be done irrespective of opinions" he lamented.

"Adrian, it's okay. Please it's just a house! I dont even care where I stay as long as I'm in court. And I will be the prince's wife someday"

"What.....!" He stressed out the word I just said playfully and laughing out staring at me. "Did someone just hype herself as the princess?" He teased.

"Oh c'mon Rian! Ofcourse! Then why am I here? Can you please explain that?" I rolled my eyes at him smiling.

"I'm happy for you babe. Like really happy for you. The only explanation I can give is you're right one hundred percent and that's why I'm advocating you be treated rightly".

Okay! So Adrain is an advocate for doing the right thing, respecting the crown and constituted authorities. Infact he was an upholder of the law of the land of Doxa. He represents fairness and equity.

Sometimes its tiring just being around him with all these traits but then, those are the things that make him sweet. Perhaps the reason why Troy has him so close and the crown has him on every conflict resolution delegation.

"So if Troy hadn't asked you to come see me, you wouldn't have thought of me. Right?" I charged him with an allegation.

"Well not really" he said cocking his head left and right like he was thinking of an excuse to come up with.

"Adrian! You know it is called abandonment?"

"Hey Aris, dont say that please. You know I can never do that - abandon you. I was held up with preparing the reports I told you about. I didn't want to show my face at court without submitting those reports, hence the short break. Nevertheless, how have you been doing and adjusting to court life?"

"So far so good" I murmured but didnt sound convincing enough.

"Aris, you just lied to me" he deciphered from my body language. "Look at me" he said using his hands on my face, he softly tilted them at his direction but they were bent down. So again he lifted my face up with his index and middle fingers placed under my chin. "What's been happening? Please tell me everything"

At that point, I went mute because I didn't know if revealing all the queen said to me and has been doing was the best. Ah! What do I do? It was all struggles in my head but then I summoned the courage and told him everything including giving him the rules to read.

He was disappointed and angry after getting to know everything and promised to tell Troy and my parents about it.

I pleaded with him not to not because I was afraid and didn't want further complicated issues and secondly, it was the queen involved - the second most powerful person in the whole of Doxa kingdom. She was untouchable and indispensable!

Adrain and I spent the rest of the evening together talking about random stuffs then switched over to the Bashuri attacks, discussing ways it could be handled other than what the crown was planning before he retired to his room. He was back to court and hopefully I'll get to see more of him as time goes on.

I went through Troy's letter twice again before dozing off.

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