Mr. Stilton's Vision

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Chapter 3


Everyone was standing tightly together with their hands clasped together. I felt no more control over my body. What was to happen to me now? I suddenly felt very hot in my beautiful purple dress. But why? It was quite thin...


The crowd rose all at once and took each other’s hands. I felt chained in place with no control over my body. It was also getting very hot in the room. “Should not have eaten all those deserts before coming on stage must be making me sick?” I thought. But as my eyes moved to look at my fellow choir mates I could see the fear and worry on their faces too. It must not have been the cannolis…


And so the flashbacks kept coming, everyone in the room at the same place as me. Stuck, frozen, hot… Controlled by a stronger force. Finally, someone moved, and Mr. Stilton stepped on stage. He walked to the middle of the stage where he then turned around to look at me. Although this time he was not smiling, he looked very serious.

“Mr. Weaver, welcome to Salutri, the savior in Latin. Soon enough you will be just as fluent in the language as we. I am the founder of Metuendas Dcemonis, salutari, the demon, saviors. You must be very worried and confused as to why you can not move but know your suffering will be done soon. I imagine you would like a better explanation as to why you are here like many before you.

You see, Mr. Weaver, humanity is too forgiving and has a desire to evolve much faster than it can withstand. Over the years humanity has been destroying itself and this beautiful planet will eventually be wasted. But I believe we can put it to good use, in some sort. Surely you’ve heard of possession Mr. Weaver? Well, in my opinion, demons are more thankful for what they get, they are not always trying to evolve but rather consume what is in front of them. Which would mean that Earth may last shorter then if inhabited by humans, but nothing would be wasted. Every single piece of this planet would go to the sole consumption of our fellow demon. You, my friend, are in the process of hosting a great demon. The chant we gave you was a summoning spell so that whoever sings it can summon a demon into their body. Dear Mr. Christopher Marlowe most likely had not written that chant with the expectation of it to work. But here we are today trying to make use of this splendid planet. After all, demons need homes too and we will gladly welcome them.”

All the hope I had ever had of a good life, signing, a family, all faded away with Mr. Stilton’s words. I would no longer be anything but a host to a self-serving demon. All this explains the stone faces and synchronization of everyone in the room. They are all possessed by something greater than them that do not have any feelings. “Mr. Weaver the possession will be completed shortly, next month you will be going to find our subject. I leave you at that. I am very sorry your fate has come to this but know that it’s for a greater good” And with that, all went black.

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