Mr. Stilton's Vision

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Chapter 4

1 Month Later

Find a host, get destruction. Find a host, get destruction. Find a host, get destruction… As Mr. Stilton had told me earlier that day. Walking through the poorer part of town was not ideal, my host body just wouldn’t stop clenching at every chrysanthemum, guitar or the faint smell of wine that we would come across. It was a rainy day and there weren’t very many hosts to pick from. But I must find one. I’m hungry, hungry for destruction, hungry for chaos. “...She’s only a bird in a gilded cage” That song. I’ve heard it before. I turn around and there, in front of a small barbershop, stood a young girl with blond hair a worn-down yellow dress. Perfect I thought. The perfect host. As I walked over I felt the excitement of finally getting the destruction I want pass through my body. “Hello there Miss, what might your name be?” She looked at me in astonishment. With the clothing Mr. Stilton was providing me I was most definitely a sight to see. But she just stared. Finally, I raised my eyebrows and she seemed to snap out of it. “Viola Sir, Viola Heather” “Well Miss Heather, my name is Alexander Weaver and I was wondering if you’d like to play at my venue tonight?”

Hey guys! So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it! I’d be sooooo grateful if you could like and leave a review. I’m working on another story right now (I think I’m gonna call it Feel), it will be a full-length story more along the lines of romance/drama/self re-flexion type thing. I’ve put the summary bellow, let me know what you think!


Madelaine Lapierre looks like your typical popular girl, bitch, Queen B, whatever you want to call it. But the keyword is looks not is. She is smart, loyal, calm, patient, artsy, but also a hardcore rocker.

Madelaine has always been judged by her attitude due to the way she looks. People expect her to be one thing and to go with the way society works. But she doesn’t want to, she wants to be herself, feel like herself. So when her eleventh grade begins and people are pushing her more than ever to be the way society expects her to be she’s finally had enough.

Stereotypes will be brought to light, others will be changed. Some will fall while others will rise. But a person trying to be themselves is a dangerous thing for they are unpredictable and our society is none but predictability.

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