The Crime Lord's Unfortunate Surprise

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Elijah Vasiliev is recently crowned crime lord of Russia after his father's passing. As his first decree he wishes to expand his kingdom in promising places, seeing that he already had contacts in Jamaica he thought why not. Rose Thorne a innocent yet not so innocent Jamaican starts her senior year in high school. Rose has her life planned out, but when her father can't pay the price ....she does.

Thriller / Romance
Shoshana Burke
Age Rating:

Chapter 1. Time to pay

Elijah's Pov

"What do you mean he ha hasn't paid us yet"?!? I asked my second-in-command and best friend. he kept putting off the payments until he stopped answering his phone. No doubt I was angry. Why the fuck didn't you send someone over there,Kole's eyes fell, they didn't come back Elijah.

Get the jet ready we're leaving in an hour to deal with this motherfucker. FIND HIM!!

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