Daughter of the devil

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Being raised by her mother after the death of her father , Courtney is more of a quiet girl . Her mother is a witch and her father is the devil himself. During Armageddon , her father was defeated by Micheal the archangel . As her father burns in the river of brimstone , he sends visions to her which slowly drives insane . But when an accident releases her father from hell . Courtney and her friends fight him to stop the Apocalypse. But will Courtney be able to accept her inner demons or will she join her father and rule earth .

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

It was a cold evening , trees made noise as the wind blew . Sounds of children were lowered since they'd be asleep .

Noises raised as one could here married couples arguing and children crying but it was normal in Chesterley.

Two people , mother and daughter , who looked very young rushed into their house.

"Courtney, do you remember the word "said the lady.

The child nodded in response. The mother took powder and designed the sigil of Baphomet , which is known to be a satanic sign. As she recited the enchantment , fire like that from appeared . Lo and behold , Lucifer the fallen angel arrived .

"Hello Courtney. How are my little demon"

"Daddy , I miss you"

"Same here"

" Amanda , I lost the Armageddon . Now , I shall get banished . When Courtney reaches the age of sixteen gave her this "

He handed his wife a mirror decorated in rare gems.

As he kissed his daughter , he disappeared in a fit of flames.

"Mom, I think I had a nightmare again "

" Sweetheart , it's just a nightmare . Nothing will happen . Goodnight , you have school tomorrow"

" Goodnight ,mom" .

As the sun shines bright , teens waited for the bus to go to school . Courtney met her friend , Lilith. The two had been friends since childhood. The two seem like sisters.

"Courtney , ready for today's test "

"Yh , kinda of "

"Cool , hurry the bus is here "

The two quickly entered the bus .

"Good morning , Mr . Jay." she said to the driver.

"Good morning , Courtney"he replied.

She went to sit by Lilith . It was their second semester in Woodside Academy. Courtney could be described as a good student , hardworking and moreover intelligent. Lilith found herself lucky cause Courtney wasn't much of the talkative.

The bus stopped at the school gate , she greeted the security guard and left for religion class. They had a class on Heaven and Hell.

"Good morning , students"

"Good morning , Miss Doris "

"Today , I'll be asking questions on Heaven and Hell. "

"Courtney , please explain to the class the term 'heaven and Hell'."

"Heaven is the place that good people go to when they pass on which is ruled by God who created earth and Hell however is a place that evil people go to suffer in the pit of fire and brimstone ruled by Satan "

The class was shocked because the lesson was just new.

"Wow , that was correct. I see you are really prepared this term"

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