Daughter of the devil

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Chapter 2

As the bell rang at the end of school , Courtney decided to spend the night at Lilith's house .

She informed her mom before she told Lilith . As they were walking , Courtney saw a the man who was in her dream . But believed it to be a mirage.

The two switched off the lamps and said good night. Courtney fell sound asleep due to the cold weather.

She found herself in the circus , her parents sent her to as a child. She walked around and heard man calling her name , it sounded like that of her late father . She followed the voice but fell into a dark pit and heard "save my child" repeatedly. She fell and had a knife through chest .

She suddenly woke up but realized it was just a dream.

"Courtney , what happened"

"Um nothing, just a bad dream"

The two got up and quickly went to school where they met their friends , Sasha , Constantine , who was named after the Roman emperor and Trini. As they walked down the hallway, students and teachers were whispering about something . Later on, Tasha , the school's gossip said three seniors were caught in satanic ritual that killed them . It was said it was to realease the one who burned for eternity.

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