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In a modern magic world, you are the daughter of a powerful family of fierce magic users. But what happens when you can't use magic and the government kills anybody they deem useless saying “it's a great honor and you're helping the community that way”. Find yourself in a world full of discrimination, hatred, and revolution.

Thriller / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

People say life is the best gift you ever received, you beg to differ. Because you’re lying in bed trying to sleep, you hear your parents arguing. “That creature is worthless, I should have killed it the moment it was born!” your father yells at your mother. “How could you say such cruel words? She’s just a child” your mother cries back. They argue throughout the night you hear everything from your father’s hatred-filled words to your mother crying loudly trying to defend you.

You hear a bang and then your mother screams and you run downstairs to see what just happened. As you turn the corner into the kitchen, you see a horrid sight, your mother bleeding from the shoulder as your father is holding a gun. You run-up to your mother, she’s crying, you don’t know what to do. She’s bleeding everywhere, you look to your father to see if he will give any help. He just scoffs “worthless bitch.” he mumbles under his breath as he walks back to his bed. “I’m okay sweetie, just a scratch.” your mother reassures you.

She gets up with a groan and ambles over to the kitchen cabinet, then pulls out a first aid kit. “Go back to bed, sweetie, you will have a big day tomorrow and you need all the rest you can get,” she says with a smile on her face. Begrudgingly, you walk back up the stairs, climb into your bed, and look at the clock at, 2:38 am it reads. You try to get some rest but can’t cause you’re worried about your mother knowing your father will do anything to her when he’s angry.

At around 8:00 in the morning, your mother knocks on your door “honey time to wake up. We have a big day ahead of us!” she says in a joyful tone as if nothing ever happened last night. You slowly get out of bed, still tired as you didn’t sleep at all last night too scared from the events that had happened prior. You walk to the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror, your curly hair a rat nest, you have bags under your eyes, your chocolate brown skin is all blotchy, and your crystal blue eyes are dull.

You turn to the shower and turn on the faucet; You strip down and slowly get into the shower. You grab the rag and lather it with soap and start sluggishly washing yourself, getting all of your mother’s blood off your hands and face. Once done, you rinse off all the soap and grab the shampoo, squeeze some into your hair and start scrubbing your scalp, making sure to get all the dandruff and dirt out of your hair. As you rinse out all the soap from your hair and slowly turn off the faucet, you step out of the shower and grab two towels.

You wrap your hair in one to make sure it gets nice and dry and start drying yourself off with the other. Once done drying you unwrap your hair and pick up the comb from the cup on the counter. You part your hair into four sections and slowly start combing out your hair, getting all the painful knots and kinks out. After what feels like hours, your hair’s finally untangled and no longer looking like a rat’s nest. You grab a brush and quickly put your hair up into a messy ponytail.

You walk out of the bathroom and go to your closet, and you pick out a decent-looking outfit. You rushed to put everything on and then you dashed downstairs. You’re greeted by your mom in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal on the counter. You can see her bandages poking out from her right sleeve, but you ignore it. You walk to the counter, sit on the stool, and slowly start eating your cereal. “How’d do you sleep, honey?” your mother asks. You stare at her blankly as you don’t talk at all and like your father says you probably will never speak. You finish your bowl of cereal, get up, and put the dish in the sink, “all done?” your mother asks.

You nod slowly, then walk over to the shoe cubbies next to the front door and pick out your favorite pair of shoes, well your only pair of shoes. You put on your shoes and walk back to the kitchen; you see your mother has just gotten her purse and you walk over to the garage with her. Once at the garage your mother pulls out her keys from her purse and unlocks the car. You walk over to the passenger side and get in. Once your mother’s in the car, you guys pull out of the garage and start driving.

“Do you know where we’re going today, honey?” your mother asks, knowing full well all she said to you was that today is an important day. You shake your head no, “well honey today we’re having your race check to see what type of magic you’ll be able to produce!” your mother says with a cheerful tone. “What?” you think to yourself, race checks happen when your 16 years old, you’re only 14 why would you be having a race check now? You tilt your head to show that you’re confused “well, honey everyone in your family has been an early bloomer, so that’s why we’re going now instead of later.” your mother clarifies knowing that’s what you were questioning. You’re still puzzled as you have shown no signs of being able to use magic yet.

After riding in silence for a bit, you and your mother pull up to the doctor’s office. You have a pit in your stomach. What if you can’t use magic and that’s why you have shown no signs? You walk up to the doors and go inside; you sit down in one of the available seats while your mother goes up to the front desk to check you in for your appointment. Once she finished, she sits in the seat next to you.

You sit in silence, the only noise is the little boy next to you, coughing up a storm. Your mind is going a mile a minute. What if your father’s right? What if you are just a useless bitch? As you’re thinking up a storm, a nurse walks out of the office door. You look up at her; she has Ivory skin with virgin brown hair. Her irises are blood-red and razor-sharp teeth fill her mouth. She’s wearing an all blue nurse’s outfit, and she looks to be about 5’2. “Riley Loreley,” the nurse says. Your mother looks at you and tells you to get up as the nurse just called your name, you stand up and walk over to the door not wanting to know what the doctor will say.

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