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Following a dark tragedy, Orphan Kimberly Wood spent her childhood in foster care. Now, however, a legal adult, it's time to face the callous world and carve out a path for herself. Eliza Spencer has it all-a loving family, a happy home, and endless opportunities. When Eliza suggests that Kimberly begin working for her mother, Julia, it seems that everyone will win . . . but showing off your dream-life can invite the darkest nightmares. As Kimberly grows closer to Julia, she develops an unhealthy fascination with Eliza's sister, Mia, who'd brutally died years prior. Twisted truths are soon to follow, peril and despair in tow. To lose one's family once is hard, but twice may mean catastrophe.

Thriller / Mystery
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The torrential wind blew violently in the night, terrorizing all that stood in its way. However, nothing was more terrorizing than what Kimberly was experiencing at home.

The trees swayed and swerved through the wind, which found its way through the cracks in the walls. Kimberly’s feet curled under her covers and her blue lips quivered. She held her tattered teddy bear and hot water bottle tightly in her arms. Kimberly’s parents were fighting -again- and this time it sounded like it was physical.

Her family relied heavily on hot water bottles and electric blankets because they couldn’t afford to turn on the heater. This happened every year, always after Christmas. Her parents always spent more than their wages.

Especially her father, who spent hundreds on alcohol- which was all for him. He would use his credit card to pay, which left them in a lot of debt. She never understood why her mother chose to stay with him.

After all, he would rather use his money to fund his alcohol, than to fund his family. There was a time that Kimberly had holes in her shoes for months.

When she asked her father, he said he couldn’t afford it, but the next day, came home with hundreds worth of alcohol. That’s why she hated him with a deep passion.

“I can’t do this, Simon! You spent all our income, our wages, on alcohol!” Her mother said, “You’re drunk! You’re a father! We’re leaving- “

“You ain’t going anywhere, Katie!” Dad’s slurred voice bellowed throughout the house, sending chills through Kimberly’s spine. “Ya hear me? I make the rules in this house!”

Her mum scoffed. “To think I was disowned by my family to be with you! They warned me about you,” she said, “We’re leaving. I’m getting Kim and- “

Kimberly’s heart started racing. Could it be? Her mother was finally deciding to cut him out of their life-

There was a huge sound of glass breaking and a heavy slump to the ground. All the blood drained out of Kimberly’s face as she feared the worst.


“Good riddance.” she heard her dad say before he left the house with a huge slam.

Kimberly slowly left her room, flinching as her feet made contact with the cold wooden floor. She put her hands on her trust, hoping and praying that her mother wouldn’t be dead-

But she was. She met her mother sprawled on the floor, lifeless amidst the glass and food that were strewn across the living room. Kimberly held her breath as she walked over to her, being careful to dodge any glass and knelt next to her.

Her eyes were open, but she wasn’t… present. Her skin was stained with blood. It was horrifying for her to see her mother like this.

“M-mummy?” She shook her shoulder. No response. “Mummy, get up, please. You can’t leave me with… him! Please!” No response.

The tears started coming as the realization washed over her. Her mother was dead- and the monster she called her father had killed her. With shaky hands, she got up and grabbed the home phone, grateful her mother taught her the emergency number- 999.

She dialled it and held the phone to her face, and with a shaky voice, said, “Good evening. My mummy’s dead."

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