Hunting of the BRUTE

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Justice delayed is justice denied There wasn't any delay , no one denied yet the justice wasn't served..... The question of why ? Is being answered..... Siddhartha's hunger for that question is being answered...... He runs for the answers in the darkest woods of modern world.....

Thriller / Mystery
Preethi Pree
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"tik tik" , there was a knock on the door.

The room was all dark and filled with pindrop silence. she felt chills down her spine , being locked inside such a room made her feel like she was in her own grave. The room had a small opening that allowed hardly no amount of light to pass inside.

" can someone hear me? " she screamed, yelled and did everything possible to get a response from the other side of the room, but all that she heard was her own voice echoing . soon after the reflecting echo , she heard few foot steps . she paused for a while and listened to the steps, she ran towards the door and placed her ear on the knob. she heard those steps again, a ray of hope rolled down her cheek as tears . she shouted again " can you hear me ?" and placed her ear on the knob again and waited for a response , but she ended up hearing nothing.

Her hope faded just like the daylight fading into the twilight. As she was about to pull away she heard another sound , she slowly went back and listened to it with utmost concentration. This sounded like chopping something, she identified.

So many wild thoughts flashed inside her mind , her imaginations went wild yet she held herself from those thoughts and sat next to the door , listening every single move on the other side of the door.

On the other side of the door , a tall figure stood under a dim flickering orange light. On listening to the screams ,he turned his head towards room and his lips curved upward, he enjoyed her screams and continued doing his work, the work of chopping. He pulled open a drawer and took a bowl and placed that below the outlet of the table and pushed all the flesh and blood into the bowl with the knife and gently placed the lid of the bowl and tighten it. He removed his apron and carried the bowl to the shelf on the otherside of the room . He pulled a plain sticker from a bunch and stuck that on the bowl and wrote "lips" and placed it safely in the shelf. This shelf had many similar bowls with tags, with spider webs in the corners and dust all over, the shelf had a haunting look.

He then walked to the door ; listening to the footsteps coming closer, the girl crawled away from the door. He unlatched the door and pushed open it , the girl saw a tall figure standing at the door, all that she could see was the outline of the man's figure, with a marker in his right hand.

" you have long nails, they are pretty " he pointed at her nails with those marker and exclaimed.

Just after those words ,he pulled the door and closed it. A few moments later, the girl heard the sound of slamming a door, her heart skipped a beat. The rest of the day, she was thinking about those words, trying to figure out the hidden meaning behind mentioning her nails.


The man walked in a room and took shower, a very relaxing shower, soon after coming out of the shower, he went near his wardrobe, picked up a light colour dress with matching accessories .

He had a dominating presence, yet he was gentle , manly and had a attraction smile. He was as sharp as knief with definit features, from his gaze to grin everything with would pierce through one's soul.

He got down to his garage and hopped into his favorite car and started driving it down the streets, enjoying the cool breeze kissing his face. He pulled infront of a massive building and opened the door, one of the staff member working there came to him and greeted him

"good morning sir"

"good morning " siddharth greeted back and continued "can you park my car?"

The staff member shook his head and extended his hands for the key. Siddharth gave him the keys and entered the building. Everyone he passed through greeted him and he responded them all with his charming smile, within no time he was in his room and saw three to four files lying on the table. He picked one of the them , walked near the floor to ceiling length window and gave a glance at the documents filed inside it. Just after one glance, he called his secretary and asked her to arrange a meeting with the person, whose information he was having In his hands.

Aaliya followed his orders and scheduled a meeting with the concerned person. After making an appointment with the person, she walked straight into siddhartha's room and briefed about the meeting.

"I've arranged you're meeting with Mr.Varun at 1o'clock in hotel pearl " she said.

she turned around to leave ,but was stopped by siddhartha's words,

" instead of me , you go to the meeting ".

she turned around with her brows raised questioningly, Siddharth looked at her with his head tilted to one side and nodded his head, signaling her to do it. She stood still for few seconds and nodded her head in acceptance.

When the clock hit 12 past 30 , Aaliya stood up and collected her wallet and file to leave for the meeting. At the same time siddharth walked out of his room and saw Aaliya moving out. He walked to her and stopped her on her track.

"are you on the way to the meeting ?" he asked

"yes" she replied with her eyes wide open and pushing her hair strands behind her ear.

"I'll drop you there" he said.

Aaliya thought of denying that, but as it was almost time for the meeting, she didn't say anything and followed siddharth down to the parking lot.

while on the way Aaliya turned towards siddharth and started a conversation.

" you asked me to arrange a meeting with Mr.Varun, but why aren't you going " she asked

"I forgot something at home , I'm returning to deal with that ,that's why" he replied without turning his face.

They remained in silence throughout the ride after this . Soon after a while ,they arrived at the destination, Aaliya got down and walked in while siddharth drove back to his house.

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