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She was once a kind, merciful, honest, wise, fair and lovable Queen until she was betrayed. Then suddenly, on a verge of death; she made a deal to "hell" itself.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter One: The Fall of the Queen

Once upon a time, in a faraway galaxy, there was a world called ‘Helios’. It was ruled by the most beautiful and stronger of them all, THE QUEEN. She was a kind, merciful, honest, wise, fair and most of all; the Queen loves her people and the kingdom just as much how the people love her.

The people are living peaceful lives because of Queen’s fair leadership in the kingdom and Helios. She is a Queen you could ask for and need. Her kingdom is called KINGDOM OF ALL KINGDOMS, the ’PHILLEDIA’. But there was something in the kingdom that made the Queen in trouble. When the Queen is alone, her worries become larger and larger. Suddenly it spread to the Kingdom like poison, yet even the people knew the truth, they all deny it and act like nothing happens. The Queen look to her very kingdom, she felt sadness in her heart. She can’t do anything to help her people.

Then on a very cold night, the Queen takes a decision to deal with it and she thought she could finish it. She decides to call that group to his kingdom, the ‘ERIAS’. They are her royal knight that shed blood in their hands many times for the kingdom. And then the world war happens. The ground filled with blood and cold corpse that killed by a swords, spears, knifes in the war.

The Queen hears all the screams of her people in pain, every day and every night, as the war continues. She tried to save as many as she can but she finds herself weak and beaten, all the people she want to protect had died. As she watches her people die in vain, her heart starts screaming in pain and her helplessness. She doesn’t understand where she went wrong, she keeps asking herself; why this entire thing happening in her life and why would everybody she loves have to die? When the Queen can’t find the answer in her heart, finally, she falls on her knees and stares her kingdom burning. The people she loves all died, the kingdom where her all memories lies are burnt, everything her eyes sees are all gone and turn to ashes.

Then lastly, the Queen was the only one left.

Her power is drained, she wants to give up. She looked everywhere and told to herself that everything she fights for are none left. She wants to erase the pain by ending her life and be gone forever. Holding tight of the sword she used to protect and save her people she loves, The Queen stood up and stabs herself in the stomach. Then she falls on her knees with tears flowing followed by blood in her stomach. The blood slowly flows on the ground and goes deeper and deeper. Slowly a crack appears on the ground and small amounts of black smoke starts emitting from the cracks. The Queen finds herself staring at an indescribable black beast formed with only a smoke.

She looks surprise and thinks, ‘If only I have the power to save my people and my kingdom. If only I am much stronger to protect the people I love.’

The beast that is standing not quite far from her went closer and bends to face her bleeding face. The Queen looks at the beast with a blood flowing in her lips.

“Do you want to save them?” The voice of the beast is mysterious and intimidating to hear in her ear. She looks behind in the beast and sees the corpse cover in blood and a kingdom burning.

“Yes” The Queen replied. The beast stands, looking at the Queen and says.

“It cost more than what you imagine, Queen. Careful what you wish for.” The Queen that once filled with love and kindness, now is getting covered with hatred and anger. Over herself and the ones who are behind this. She stares in the beast dark red eyes and tightening the grip of her right hand with blood, she asks.

“My life ends anyway” Queen said and beast eyes look at her body, flowing in blood. She added,

“I’ll give you my life in exchange of...” Queen down her head and cough blood.

“DEATH” The Queen looks up and said with hatred in her voice. She stares at the beast and the beast knew that she is longing for the thirst of blood.

“What do you mean by death?” Her eyes glared at the people corpse laying the ground, “Everyone look like dead to me” the beast commented without any emotions in his voice. She look up, gritting her teeth.

“Death to the people who did this! I want to avenge my people!” She said as her tone is sharp as a sword.

“I can kill them for you.” The beast bends down again and said those words. She replied,

“No.” Suddenly the Queen’s eyes turn red.

“I’ll kill them with my very own hands” She said gritting her teeth with blood slowly flows. The beast slowly reached the queen’s golden hair, look at it with blood.

“As your wish, my queen” Then slowly, the beast kissed the Queen’s hair, gently and faints.

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