Some people should never play poker

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Neil was charged with the assault on the WPC, and later some eight months before his release, he stood trial in connection with the attempted murder of Georgia. He did not face any charges in respect of the murder of Francesca.

Costas Sophoriou was charged with the murder of Francesca Taddei, and the attempted murder of Georgia Taddei.

Neil received a 16 year sentence. Costas a Life sentence for the murder of Francesca and a concurrent 16 year sentence for the attempted murder of Georgia.

None of those people owed gambling money by Neil were paid.

Alice continued to make money on the Stock Market and set herself up as a financial adviser working out of an office close to home.

Gio did not get ‘the promotion’ – instead, on the advice of Alice, he decided that he should resign before he was pushed. He acts as Alice’s accountant and number cruncher. He also runs the boys to their various sporting activities and attends Gamblers Anonymous meetings.

It is not a good outcome – but Alice is content with it. Gio’s views can only be guessed at.

Jinty moved into the attic flat with Amanda (who has still not told her that she knows about her sad background). They still see Sasha from time to time, but she works as a dancer on the cruise liners, so she is more often away. She sends postcards.

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