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Clara's life has never been her own. Every choice has a consequence and Clara's fate has already been written and if she were to change that, the results might be deadly..

Thriller / Mystery
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The house was burning... That was Clara first thought when she opened her eyes. Smoke filled the room as Clara tried to get up from... The floor she was confused as to why she was on the floor. Her body ached as she tried to move and try to find her way to the door. She coughed and her throat felt like it was on fire-she couldn't breath or see. It's like her whole being was on a different space. She ventured further in the room, bumping and stumbling in her efforts to find the door. All seem hopeless until... Voices. She could here voices in the distance, footsteps but from where. She tries to scream but her throat was scratched raw and she could only manage a whimper. The smoke was too strong it was filling her every being. She was gonna pass out again and die without any one knowing her existence... "H...e..lp"

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