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Linda is left alone at home, she is just 13 and has no idea how to deal with any housework, however, her parents think that Linda is a smart young girl and knows everything which other 13-year-old don't know, during her difficulties she notices paranormal activities, is she brave enough to face it or will she get scared very easily?

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Chapter 1 - Out

'' Linda, your food is in the kitchen and you also need to throw the clothes in the washing machine, I nearly forgot, you also have to take the garbage out and throw the dishes in the dishwasher.
You also have to water all the plants near the kitchen window and feed the poor stray cats the leftover food when they come ''
'' Yes mom, I will do it for you ''
Linda's parents were about to leave when they realized that they had forgotten to book a cab, Linda's father, Anthony, booked a cab for them.
The moment after that, The cab arrived and picked them up, Linda was furious to have the house all by herself, she wanted to be at her cousin's house at this time, but unfortunately, her father didn't want her to be at their house
She just lay on her bed, thinking about the future and what could she possibly do, her phone was dead, her iPad was also dead and her computer was always lying in the corner, untouched.
She was getting bored and looking for company, at that very moment she hearing a BANGG, on the main door, she was panicking and sweating, she thought maybe her parents had forgotten something and that's why they decided to go home and take what they had forgotten, but she remembered watching them go and never come back, and if some vehicle passes by, the sound of the vehicle is very clear, her windows were wide open, she quickly shut them and sat in the room quietly not making a move, she waited and waited until her gut told her that maybe she was just imagining things or maybe the bang was coming from the neighbor's house.
She locked her bedroom door just to be vigilant.

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