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Chapter 2 - Angst

Linda looked around, she did not have a telephone to contact her parents, her phone was also dead, she charged her phone and waited, but it was very slow.

She wanted to shout for help because she had a feeling that someone was there in her house, she slowly opened the door and saw nobody, opened the door completely and then said gathering all the courage which her parents had left for her

''Who is here? , Please don't rob, I can help you with something but please don't take any of my belongings ''

She looked around once more and started making her way down the staircase, her breathing was getting faint, she felt like someone was choking her by the neck, she grabbed the railings and ordered

'' Please leave right now or else I will call the cops ''

She fainted.

The next time she woke up, it was dark, her house was not lit with lights, she remembered having the light ON when her parents had left the house, her body still felt weak, she felt hungry and headed towards the kitchen, she looked at the time it was 7:30, her lunch was still in the refrigerator, it was all cold and soggy, she watched videos and learned to make macaroni for herself.

The macaroni did not turn out as she was expecting, she missed her mother's cooking but she had no choice, Her mother had done shopping for Linda just so that she could fill her stomach, but when she was rummaging through all the ingredients she could hardly even name any item.

Having all these thoughts in her mind made her worry about how she will manage alone.

She started climbing the stairs and to her bedroom.

She shut the door tight and locked herself, she suddenly realized that she had forgotten to remove the trash from the house, She got up from her comfy bed and headed towards the kitchen, When she went downstairs she saw that the pots and pans were lying down on the floor, she was getting suspicious about these activities, she quickly took out the trash and locked herself in the bedroom, she could have no more, it had just been 9 hours since her parents were away, and she missed them a lot, her phone was charged but she didn't want to discuss this with her parents at all.

She just lay there, on her bed, staring at the ceiling, it made her feel insecure.

She looked outside the window trying to go in flashback but nothing came to her mind.

She finally fell asleep, She somehow abolished all the thoughts from her mind.


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