Mystery of the murder

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A girl died before her wedding night. No evidence found from the crime scene. Police Officer finds some complexion in this case. Can the police solve the case or they failed?

Thriller / Mystery
Sakib Rahman
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Chapter 1

This was not simple death, said Dr.Ron. How can you tell that with surety, asked Cooper? You know Cooper when someone died, normally that body contains proofs. When we start post mortem we understand that to look to the body. Look here, the hands of the girl have a black mark. It created because when the killer tries to attack her, she tried to defend but she can’t. Killer had the weapon and he might be stronger than her. I talked with the girl’s father he told me that the girl didn’t involve in any other relationship or any other bad circumstance with anyone. His father arranged her marriage and she agreed to do it because she hadn’t a relationship, said, cooper.

The girl died in her house before the night of the wedding. Anything you found at the crime scene, Cooper?“No”, said Cooper. The doctor continues his brief.“I think the killer or anything which or what did it, he was not very professional. First he unconscious her, then put a rope on her neck to make this death-like suicide.

Cooper goes back to his room at the police station, thinking himself, “this case gonna be tough. No clue, no object can be found which can help me to close this case.

The next morning, Cooper visited the girl’s house to interrogate her father and re-investigate the crime scene. When he reached there he saw a man just left the house with a bag. Cooper asked the girl’s father,” Mr. Cliff, who was it?“Cliff replied, “he was the owner of the bride’s wedding dress. The wedding gown was from his shop. He rent wedding gown to poor people like us. We rented a wedding gown from him. Wedding is not gonna happen, so he took back his gown. What brings you here? Did you find anything about my daughter’s death?” “Your daughter was murdered, she did not commit suicide”, Cooper replied. Cliff gets shocked in this news and asked, why someone would murder her?“I don’t know”, Cooper replied and asked, “can I see your daughter’s room again?” “Oh!sure”, replied Mr.Cliff. Cooper enter the daughter’s room and started to examine the room again. He finds a diary of the dead girl. He takes it and asked Mr.Cliff,” the gown owner, what is his name?” “Mr.Rupert, he has a shop full of wedding dress”, replied Mr.Cliff.“Where it is?“,Cooper asked.“To the north, end of the village”, replied Cliff.“Okay, I need to talk with him”, said Cooper. Cliff asked with curiosity, “why? what he did?.“Nothing, just for some formal negotiation”, replied Cooper.”Oh! I See,” Cliff said.

-Are you Mr.Rupert?

-Yeah, Unfortunately, I am. Who you Mr...?

-I am Police officer Cooper Greysmith.

-So, how can I help you, Officer?

-Do you know Ms. Jane?

-Yeah, she died 3 days ago. Poor girl, couldn’t enjoy her marriage.

-Did you rent a wedding dress for her wedding?

-Yes, that’s my business, I rent wedding dress for both brides and grooms. Are you married?

-Me?Oh no.

-Okay, whenever you think you are ready for marriage then come to my shop. I will give you the best wedding suit at a low cost. Ha Ha.

-That’s funny, now stop advertising. Tell me why did you kill Miss Jane?

-Sorry? What you just said? Do you mean that I killed miss Jane?Why?She was not my enemy. I didn’t know her since she and her father came to my shop for a gown. How can you blame me for that? You don’t have any proof of that, right?

-I don’t have any proof yet but your activity is quite suspicious.

-Suspicious? Seriously? What kind of activity make me suspicious?

-Miss Jane died 3 days ago, and you went there house to bring back your gown? What’s so hurry to bring that back?

-Look, officer, you put funny and illogical blame on me. This is my business, I cannot put my things idly back in that house. Jane is dead and her wedding will never happen. Then, why I don’t take back my stuff?

-Okay, you are right but there is a reason to kill her.

-Okay, go ahead, tell me. Why I killed her?

-You don’t want that, the gown is used at the wedding. So, you killed her, gown never used and you already paid. It’s all winnings for you.

-Wait wait, then why I need to rent that gown if I don’t want someone to use it.

-It’s simple, you need money somehow and you need to earn that in any possible way. You can break the marriage if you don’t want Jane to use that gown. But you didn’t do that. Because if you do so, Mr.clifford would ask you to return his money. That’s why you killed her.

-Brief of your complaint is, I actually want to remain that gown new and together with providing me money. Isn’t it?


-Officer, you are wrong and now you harass me. If I need money, why I doing this business? I can kidnap someone and ask for ransom money, I can work as a contract killer. There is a lot of work. And ask every villager in our village. I have a farm and I get good money from that. Now I will remain happy if you leave my shop now.

-Ok, but remember, I will meet you soon.

Cooper asked for a visit to Dan’s house. Dan who was Janes fiance.

“Thanks, Dan for the meeting, how are you?“, asked Cooper.“Good but not literally”, replied Dan. Again Cooper asked Dan, “what do you do?” “I work in a farm “, replied Dan.

-Did you like Miss Jane?

-Yes, that’s why I said yes to the wedding.

-Did you have any relationship in the past?


-Do you know anyone who had an argument with Jane or anyone who could hurt her?

-No, I don’t know. Jane was a very good girl. Everyone loved her. He was always happy. I don’t think he had argued with someone. Please, officer, do something. I want to know what actually happened with Jane.

Next day in office

“Mr.Cooper, I find something but don’t sure it can help you or not in Miss Jane’s case”, said Coopers deputy Mr.Fisher.“What Mr.Fisher?” asked cooper.“There is another death that happened 3 months ago. Which were a girl and she died before her wedding night”, replied Fisher.“Is that case reported?“, again Cooper asked Fisher.“No, the girl had arrhythmia or some kind of heart disease. Probably she died normally. That’s why it’s not reported”, said fisher.“Then how did you know about that death?” “Sir, the girl was my neighbor. When searching for a clue in Miss Janes’s case, then I found a weird link between two deaths. Both girls died before their wedding night” replied Fisher.“Good job fisher. It can be a lead for us. Now I need another quick conversation with Mr.Rupert.”

In the Ruperts shop,

-Hi, Mr.Rupert.

-You again!!!

-I told you, we will meet again.

-Whatever you ask me this time, my answers will be no.

-Listen, I am here not for Jane’s case.

-Then for what?

-Just cooperate Mr.Rupert. Please remember 3 months ago another girl died before her wedding. Did she rent a gown from your shop?


-Then how can you deny that those deaths are not connected with you, Mr.Rupert?

-My shop has about 5 wedding gown. All of the weddings were completed without any disturbance or accident, except these. It proves that I didn’t involve in any murder. So making quick money from wedding gown which was your thought, does not make any stand against me.

-Are you sure?

-Of course.

A quick thought comes to Cooper’s mind. Then he asked, “Is that two girls rented the same gown or another gown?

-Let me check......Yes, same gown.

-Sounds like that gown is haunted.

-What are you talking Officer? Ghost or spirit killed them?

-No, I just joking. I don’t believe ghost stories or something like that.murderer must be human. Is that gown only rented twice?

-No, my former employee, Joshua rented that for his wedding.

-Now, Joshua married?

-No, his wedding did not happen.


-His fiance and her whole family died in a fire accident. Their whole house burnt. No one survived.

-Where is Joshua now?

-I don’t know. Sometimes he visits my shop. After that accident, he left my job. Most of the time people find him in front of her fiance, Lisa’s burnt house.

-How was Joshua? I mean as a human?

-He was a good, hard-working man. He loved Lisa. He mad about her.

-When he last time visited your shop?

-It’s about a week ago.

-Thanks, Rupert, I promise you, I will never bother you again for any cases.

Joshua sitting on the field. Remains of Lisa’s house now in front of him.

-Are you Joshua?

-Who are You?

-I am Police Officer Cooper Greysmith.

-What can I do for You?

-Can I seat here?


-I need to talk with you.

-About what?

-About you. Did you know Lisa?

-Yeah, she was my fiance.

-Where is she now?

-I don’t know. Maybe she is in that house or she is with God.

-Joshua do you know two girls from your village, who were died before their weddings?

-No, I don’t know about any weddings or any dead girl. I always live here.

-If you always live here, then why you visited Mr.Ruperts shop a week ago.

-I don’t know what are you talking about. Forgive me, I need to go for a piss.

Suddenly Joshua stand up and started running. But other police officers who were waiting nearby, they capture Joshua. They take him to the Police station for interrogation.

At Police Station, Joshua seating in the interrogation room in front of Cooper.

-Why you try to run away Joshua?

-I need to piss.

-Then, why you started running?

-I don’t want to talk with you or either anyone.

“Just answer some of my questions”, said Cooper. Joshua said with anger, “I told you, I don’t want to talk.” “If you don’t answer, then Lisa’s soul will get hurt. She will never forgive you what you have done for”, Cooper again said.“Lisa do nothing, why you involve her in this interrogation?” “Okay, I will not mention her name in again in this case. Just answer me.”

-Did you kill those two girls?

-Yes, I did.


-They rented the same wedding dress, which my Lisa rented. They take preparation for weddings. Lisa never made her wedding, she died with sufferings and pains. I lost her, it seems I lost everything in the world. Lisa died with two pains. One, she died by burning and the other is she never gets married. So, anyone, who tries to wear that gown at the wedding, they will never make it. Those pains and sufferings my Lisa get, others will also get the same pains and sufferings.

-So, basically, you did that for your love? Isn’t it?

-I did it for Lisa.

-Why don’t you steal that gown instead of murder? If you steal that gown, no one rented that, no one gets hurt.

-I tried, but I didn’t steal that. Rupert’s shop is always full of customers. At night, his brother sleeps in that shop to protect shop items. So, I can’t break that shop at night.

-Did you ever think about that what you did, that was a crime? You took two innocents life. What did you get? Did Lisa come back to your life again? Did you and Lisa get married finally? Nothing happened. You only put you in crime and make Lisa’s soul sad. Now tell me, how did you kill them?

-The first girl, I didn’t do anything to her. That night, when she was seating beside her window, I try to enter the house through the window, but she saw me. I had a knife and I want to cut her throat. She scared when she saw a knife in my hands. Suddenly she fell down and unconscious. Then I left her room. I didn’t kill her.

-How you killed Jane?

-Jane was sleeping in her room, I entered her room but she woke up. I tried to shut her mouth with hands but she tried to defend herself. After a few moments, I felt that she was not moving. Then I put ropes on her neck and hang her with a fan.

-Lisa sees you every time from heaven and she now has hate for you.

-Stop it, please. I can’t bear it anymore.

-Alright, I am finished almost. Your statement is recorded now. And Police department will charge you in one for an attempt to murder and others for torture and murder cases. Get ready for your pains and sufferings Joshua.

Cooper buys a bottle of beer for Mr.Fisher. His contribution to this case is little but effective. He now appreciated by all Police department.“Very simple pieces of information sometimes make a big difference”, Cooper said to himself.

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