Red Tide

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Theft and murder are prevalent in the seclusion of the open ocean in this historical thriller. Never worse than the infamous captain of The Red Tide and his merciless crew. Shanghaied out of Boston Harbor in 1898, aspiring medical student Wilhelm Munford finds himself stranded aboard the renegade ship with several other prisoners. Each unaware of their location or how they arrived. He soon realizes his new leader, known only as the Captain, runs a ship of criminals who never leave the safety of the open ocean. When the Captain learns of Wilhelm’s medical education, he forces him to join as an apprentice on horrific surgeries to their victims... all in a makeshift infirmary deep within the belly of the ship. After two years in captivity, Wilhelm makes a harrowing escape aboard a flaming vessel. He immediately plots his revenge against the Captain and savage crew. He returns to Boston Harbor and gains the help of his two best friends who thought he died the night of his disappearance. They assemble a ship stocked with weapons, a makeshift crew and head out to sea to begin their hunt for The Red Tide. Can Wilhelm get the vengeance he desires, or will he become another in the long line of casualties of the ruthless Captain? "Unbelievable characters. I could not put this book down! It was my first historical thriller and it certainly will not be my last!"

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Red Tide

By: Scott R. Greer

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