Pine Brook Falls - The Charlie Noble Chronicles Book 1

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Chapter fourteen

I followed Trevor down the block. He was a few feet ahead of me and walking fast. I didn’t know where we were going and I didn’t ask. I felt the gun scraping against the small of my back as we walked. It was uncomfortable. I had never shot anyone before and didn’t think I would need it, but something told me to take it.

The sun had almost completely set behind the mountains. The last slivers of orange light bled out across the houses lined along the street. The day was surrendering to the night, giving the creature that lurked in the woods free reign to roam in the coming darkness.

Trevor stopped and waited for me to catch up. He didn’t turn back but kept his focus directly ahead. What was he up to?

“Where are we going? What did you mean when you said this was about where Becky had gone?”

He looked around nervously before turning to me. The sun had completely slipped behind the mountains. The lack of a moon made everything feel more ominous.

“I came across something today. I don’t know what it means but people in this town are clearly hiding something,” his voice was low but purposeful.

I couldn’t discern any deceit in his voice but as I had mentioned previously, I was no human lie detector. My first thought was that this was some sort of ruse because he knew I had grown suspicious of him. If he did have anything to do with Becky’s disappearance, he might be trying to lure me out to make me disappear to. My friend at my back was my guarantee that was not going to happen.

“I figured this whole town is whacked out of its mind. I don’t trust anyone. I don’t need you to tell me that people are LYING to me.”

I let the words linger a moment. The extra emphasis I put into my voice still echoed in the air. Would Trevor catch the hint? I waited but was let down when he quickly turned from me and started off again, waving for me to follow him.

The August air was hot and thick. Sweat dripped off my chin as we continued our night-time adventure. A few cars drove by and a dog barked as we passed a small fence. I looked around the quiet street. It felt normal. I wondered if the occupants of these houses were as crazy as the people I had met earlier. Could one person’s perception of crazy be another’s view of normalcy?

We stopped again. I saw the small single-story house that Trevor was starting at. There was one big picture window in front that was illuminated from interior lights. I hoped Trevor’s interest didn’t go beyond admiring the house from afar. I noticed the park down the next block. The same park that led us into the woods the night before. Did everything have to lead back to the woods?

Trevor stepped off the curb. I caught him by the shoulder and spun him around. His hands went straight into the air as he shrugged my hand away. His eyes bore done on me.

“No further. I am tired of this crap. I don’t know where you think you’re going, but I am not going back to the woods. Not after last night. Not yet, at least,” I told him.

“Whoa, hey,” he waved his hands at me, “that’s not where we’re going. We are going over there,” Trevor pointed to the single story house he had been looking at.

I immediately began to object but Trevor turned around and ran across the street. I felt the weight of the gun in my waistband. It had started to slip down my pants. I quickly adjusted it. Looking across the street, I saw Trevor move around to the side of the house by the garage. What did this have to do with Becky? What the hell was Trevor up to? Too many questions rumbled around in my head that I thought I was going to lose it. I knew I wasn’t going to get any answers by standing around so I made my way across the street and followed Trevor around to the garage.

I looked around at the other houses for watchful eyes. It wouldn’t be good if someone saw us snooping around on their neighbor’s property. We definitely stood out. Fortunately, the street was deserted and most of the houses had their blinds drawn.

I felt like I should have been wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit with bells on my feet. I felt exposed. I don’t break the law nor do I routinely trespass on other people’s property. But yet, here I was.

There was a small walkway between the garage and the neighbor’s wood fence. I found Trevor standing by a door that undoubtedly led to the garage. He turned to me and held one finger to his lips. From the window in the side garage door, I saw a light turn on. Trevor ducked below the window. I did the same, although, I was far enough from the window that I wasn’t at risk of being seen. His finger still to his lips.

A few minutes passed and the light blinked out. Trevor inched up and peered through the window. I remained where I was. I knew I shouldn’t be there. Maybe this was what the Sheriff had meant about the home burglaries. Was Trevor trying to get me involved and using my sister as leverage to lure me here? I felt my anger growing and at any moment, it was going to blow. I took a deep breath.

“Come here. Stay quiet.”

“What is this about,” I said. I stayed where I was.

“You have to see this. I told you, it’s about Becky. Come here.”

I was going to hit him. Just hearing him speak my sister’s name was intensifying my anger. I kept my hands at my side as I inched over to him. I stopped just before the door, not wanting to take a chance of being seen from the window. Trevor pointed to the window.

“Look inside. Charlie, I wouldn’t bullshit you.”

I took another breath and looked inside the window. All the air left my lungs at once. I pressed my forehead hard against the glass, no longer worrying if anyone saw me. I felt my heart drop. Tears ran down my cheeks at the sight of my sister’s car. 

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