Hush (The Hush Series, Book #1)

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This story is about a girl named Roxanne, she grew up in a family that is full of cruelty. Later on, she learned the truth of her family; the real family. She even learned that her adoptive mother wants her dead. Will she overcome this?

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Chapter 1

Julia's POV: I'm alone in my room and my parents were at work but suddenly the rain bursts outside. "What am I going to do it's raining outside?" I said to myself and sit down beside of my study table and I think of what I supposed to do.

"I should text mom and ask her of when will she return home?" I took out my phone from my pocket and then texted her.

-To Mom-

Hey, mom! I know that you are busy because of work but can I just ask of what time will you back home?"

-From Julia-

I sent the message to her and I wait for her to reply as I wait I started to get bored of it and I started to play video games and make sone art crafts and then watch movies.

Later on, I'm still waiting until I received a message from my father.

I texted Mom, not my Dad...what is going on? Okay, fine I'll read his text and then when I did; I just cried.

-From Dad-

"Hi dear, I'm sorry for what I'm going to tell you about your mother. But she's dead. Someone killed your mother...I'm sorry, Julia."

-To Julia

I cried as I put my phone down and when sun comes down. "Oh my gosh! Why did my mom died? who killed her? WHO?" I said and then I became sad and down about myself.

I went to my bed and then I lied down until it's getting dark and I realized that Dad hasn't return yet. And then, the rain stopped and I heard the door. "Come in, please." I said and it was my Dad. His home! But I wasn't that happy to see him back. I just want my Mom so desperatedly.

Author's Note: Okay guys, you all know this story from my old account which I couldn't access now. But I am putting all stories that I have written there. So please stand by and bear with me, okay? Thank you.

And sorry that this chapter is also I will make it up next time. :)

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