A tale that wasn't right..

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I've been running for hours with these damn hounds chasing me. As soon as I think I've lost them, I hear them hot on my trail again. I don't know how much longer I can keep running. I'm just glad I'm able to run on all four paws instead of two human legs. I would have been killed long a go. If those dogs get to me they will rip me to pieces, or at least do some major damage before the hunters manage to arrive. Not all hunters are alike, so I have no idea what awaits me if they manage to capture me. Some hunters kill for sport, while others captures their prey. The ones who captures their prey often sell their victims on the black supernatural market, for different reasons. Shit. I can feel myself losing speed. My paws are bleeding from running too long and from sliding down mountain hills. I need to lose them, and soon...

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I've been running for hours with these damn hounds chasing me. As soon as I think I've lost them, I hear them hot on my trail again. I don't know how much longer I can keep running.

I'm just glad I'm able to run on all four paws instead of two human legs. I would have been killed long a go.

If those dogs get to me they will rip me to pieces, or at least do some major damage before the hunters manage to arrive. Not all hunters are alike, so I have no idea what awaits me if they manage to capture me. Some hunters kill for sport, while others captures their prey. The ones who captures their prey often sell their victims on the black supernatural market, for different reasons.

Shit. I can feel myself losing speed. My paws are bleeding from running too long and from sliding down mountain hills. I need to lose them, and soon.

Is that? Yes! I can see some lights up ahead!

Running into a town right now might actually save me. Lots of places to hide, and the different smells the city has to offer might confuse some of the dogs. Maybe some of them gets run over by a car as well..

Come on, run!

I'm so close, I can smell the town already! Just a few more minutes!

Suddenly, it's as everything is in slow motion. I'm running out of the forest and into a road when I notice lights heading right towards me from my left side. Before I'm able to do anything, the car hits me and my world turns dark.

I can faintly hear the car hitting the breaks and someone running over in a panic.

"What the fuck did you hit?"

"I... I don't know.. it came out of nowhere!"

"Oh my god, is that a wolf? Did you kill it?"

"I don't think it's a fucking wolf.. it's too small in size to be a grown wolf.. Maybe a wolf pup? Should we just leave it here, or?"

Oh how wrong they both are..

The voices of the two young men slowly dissepears, and the darkness consumes me.


I was starting to wake up, but I still couldn't manage to open my eyelids. I could feel warmth from underneath, like I'm laying on something really soft. I couldn't recognize the smell, I didn't know these people. They didn't smell like hunters. I could faintly hear someone walking toward me, and I tried hard to open my eyes so I could see the danger and try to run away.

"Looks like she's starting to wake up.."

I heard a male voice say. He sounded soft and friendly. It sounds like one of the guys who hit me with their car.

"That's good, isn't it?"

I could hear the other male voice say. He sounded a bit more nervous than the other.

"Maybe we should've given the coyote to the hunters chasing after it? I heard lots of dogs chasing it. Maybe..." He start but he gets cut off by the other guy.

"Are you crazy?? It's not hunting season yet, and I would never just give a coyote to some damn hunters who is hunting illegally!"

I can feel his hand carefully petting my fur and I try to move my body, but it doesn't want to move, but I'm slowly managing to open my eyes.

"Ah, looks like she's finally waking up."

He bends down close to my face. "Hello there. Don't be scared. We had a vet take a look at you. You'll be fine in a few weeks. You're safe here."

Safe... The words so familiar, but never been proven to me. I'm never safe, but still, his gentle smile makes me want to believe him. The care he shows in his eyes makes me want to fall back asleep again.

"She doesn't understand human language, idiot..."

"Well, hopefully the sound of my voice will help calm her down." He tells me while smiling friendly at me. This guy really looks like one of the few good guys I've heard of.

He looks well built, handsome, blonde hair down to his eyes. It looks like he has been running his hands through his hair a few times.

I tried to move, but as I did I could feel some of the pain in my left back hip start to burn painfully, so I let out a whimper without meaning to.

"Hey hey, it's okay. Relax. I'll go get some more pain-medicine for you. Just.. stay... Okay?"

The guy runs over to the kitchen counter and start to look through a pharmacy bag.

The other guy just rolls his eyes at him for talking to me.

"Are you going to be alright here with that thing? I should probably head home. But I don't want to leave you here with a wild animal that might attack you in your sleep and kill you..."

I accidently let out a small growl. He is just being rude. I bet he's the one who hit me with his car...

"See? It's growling at us!"

No, just you..

"I'll be okay. I'm used to working with animals from when I was young and visited my uncle. He had a animal rescue center. I loved helping him out when I visited. I'll be okay." He answers with a friendly smile.

"Whatever.. Just call me tomorrow, alright? Just so I'll know you're alive."

He takes a quick look at his phone. "I gotta go. Talk to you tomorrow."

The nice guy waves at his rude friend as he walks out. Leaving me alone with the nice one.

So, he used to work with rescued animals, huh? That's interesting.

"Looks like it's just you and me, girl.. Hmm.. What should I call you?" It looks like he is deep in thought while trying to pick a name for me. He looks rather cute while doing so. God, what am I thinking? Bad thoughts, bad thoughts.

"How about.... Freyja, since you're a lady. It's an old Norse goddess name. I like it."

Freyja, I like it, but I wish I could just tell him my real name.. but... I would have to shift to be able to talk to him, and then I would probably freak him out by what I am and all hell would break lose. I guess I can play nice for a while, act like a domestic dog for a bit.

He pets my head again and I flinch at first as his hand gets close, but as he carefully pets me I start to relax and close my eyes again, enjoying the calming feeling his hand has. I bet he would do a good job at a rescue center.

"See, you're a good girl, Freyja. Just what I thought you'd be." He tells me with a big happy smile which makes me wag my tail a bit.


He gave me some food and water and told me to sleep. I could hear him going to bed as well. He had put me in a big dog bed on the floor with the softest blanket I've ever laid on. I wish I could take the blanket with me when I leave.


The next day I woke up to the smell of bacon. I can't remember the last time I ate bacon!

I tried to get up, but my body felt like it had been run over by a car.

Oh wait... It did.. I guess it wasn't a dream..

The guy turns around, as he sensed I was awake.

"Good morning sleepyhead. I hope you slept alright." He tells me with a smile. If I had been in my human form right now I would be blushing. He stood there in his jeans, and only his jeans. I can tell the guy works out. The guy has some nice muscles. My eyes couldn't help but stare at his strong back. I bet he has a six pack to show as soon as his fine ass turns around.

I gave him a yip, and he just smiled with all his teeth at me, grinning.

"You want bacon, huh? I guess I can share some with the lady of the house."

For some reason, this made me wag my tail again. And I'm strangely looking forward to staying here for a few days.

Suddenly there is someone entering the main door to the house, and I can see on his face that he wasn't expecting anyone at this hour. He carefully put the spatula away and slowly walks to the kitchen door. I start to growl and try to stand up.

"Yo, Owen, you're still alive??" A voice from the entrance of the house shouts out loud throughout the house. It's the same guy from last night. Hearing his voice makes me growl again in annoyance. And the guy I now know is named Owen just smiles and chuckles a little while looking at me.

The annoying guy enters the kitchen, and Owen walks back to the stove.

"You're still alive, I see.."

His eyes shift in my direction and he gives me a look of... Disgust? It feels like he doesn't like me being here.

"It didn't kill you.."

Owen turns around with a smile.

"Freyja is a kind and friendly coyote. I'm not scared of her. She won't hurt me."

I can see the other guy getting frustrated. "It's a wild animal! You should put a bullet through its head or give it to the hunters, instead of keeping it here in your house! It probably has deseases as well!"

I let out a growl as his words hit hard when it comes to putting a bullet through my head or giving me to the hunters. If only he knew..

"That's enough, Parker!" Wow, Owen actually looks pissed now. "You should go. As you can see, I'm alive, and perfectly fine with my new friend, the coyote." He turn to the food again to finish up. "Don't let the door hit you on your way out." He tells him not bothering to turn around.

Parker huffs and storms out of the house, slamming the door behind him as he leaves.

I carefully look up at Owen, worried that he might be angry with me as well, since his fight with his friend was about me.

Owen let's out a sigh and calmly turns around and give me a weak smile.

"I'm sorry about him.. He isn't a fan of wild animals. He's a good guy, so please don't judge him because of his tantrum there. He has his own reasons for not liking animals."

He walks over to me with a plate of food, and I can feel my mouth salavitate.

He just chuckles as he rubs his hand on my head while giving me the food. I'm so hungry that I can't even enjoy the food as it goes down. I can't remember how long I've been on the run and without food. The hunters had been on my tail for days, so I couldn't take a break without them showing up.

Before I know it, the plate is clean. I feel a bit sad that there isn't more, but at the same time I feel full and satisfied.

"You should rest a bit, and then I'll help you outside so you may relieve yourself."

It takes me a few seconds until I understand what he means, and oh.my.god, that is so embarrassing! I'm glad he doesn't know what I am.

I try to stand up on my own paws, determined to do this on my own. My front legs is shaky, but I manage to push myself up. But when I try to use my hind legs, a pain from hell burns through me and I whimper and fall back down.

Owen is quick to comfort me, and he looks rather worried. "Hey, relax. I'll help you out."

I don't want him to see me pee, for some reason. So I give him a little warning bark as he gets ready to lift me up. He pulls his hands away and raise them up in surrender. "Easy, easy.. Just trying to help."

It seems I won't be able to use my back hind legs for a while. If I could just get some privacy, then I could shift and just drag myself to the bathroom maybe?

"You should get some rest. I need to head to work soon." He looks at his watch. "I'll be back for lunch.. So don't go anywhere." He tells me with a smirk. And it honestly sounded way better than when I heard someone say it the last time I heard it while I was chained to a chair..

I watch him putting on a shirt on his delicious body. It should be a crime to cover that thing up. He grabs his car keys from the countertop and waves at me. "See you in a bit, Freyja." And then he heads out, locking the door as he leaves.

So, I have the house to myself for a few hours. Just what I wanted.. This is going to hurt really bad, since my legs are damaged... But shifting might also speed up my healing time.

I focus everything I have on shifting, visioning my human form as I can slowly feel my body changing.

Shifting usually doesn't hurt this bad, it's more uncomfortable than painful when you get used to it. But now, it fucking hurts like jumping on a trampoline with big ass nails as a bottom!

After a few gruesome minutes of torture, sorry, I mean shifting.. I am able to breath out. I feel like I just ran a marathon.

As I look down on myself, I first notice my hair, it has become pretty long since I last was in my human body. It's been a while.. I look down on my legs and they almost look like a fucking rainbow with all kinds of color from being in a car accident. Shit, it really looks bad. I'm surprised nothing is broken. Or is it? Did the vet x-ray me? Owen didn't tell me... And I wasn't awake for the doctor visit either..

I decide to drag my useless body along the floor on a quest to look for a bathroom to pee. I could really use the toiled, and a shower. God, I haven't had a decent shower in a long while.

After painfully dragging myself out of the kitchen and down the hall, I manage to sniff out the bathroom and enter.

It's mostly my left leg that's in a worse condition than the other, so I use my right leg to help push myself up on the toilet.

I do my thing and manage to move myself over to the shower on one leg while using my arms to hold on to something. I turn on the shower and it feels fricking cold as ice for the first few seconds before it gets warmer and I start to relax and enjoy it. I wish I could just stay in here all day with the hot water running down my body, softening up my sore muscles.

After spending 30 minutes in the shower, I decide to go around and explore a little.


I'm asleep in my doggie bed in my coyote form when I abruptly wake up from the door being yanked open by an angry Owen and Parker. I can hear them yelling at each other. I manage to get up and limp toward the kitchen door so I can see what's going on out in the hallway where they're at.

"Why the fuck did you tell them they could come and get her off my hands?! I don't want them taking her!" Owen yells at Parker.

"It's a wild animal, Owen! Get over it! We hit it with our car, it should have died! If we hadn't hit it, then the hunters would have hit it not long after..."

"Fuck you, Parker.."

"I told them your address." Parker carefully adds.

"You did what?!"

"They said they had been after the coyote for several days now...."

"I can't believe you right now... Why would you do this to me?" Owen sounds hurt, and he looks over to where I stand. He looks surprised to see me standing up, but his look shifts over to Parker as he starts to talk again;

"If it helps, they wanted her alive. I don't know why tho. But they sounded thrilled to know that we had her."

"We...don't have her. I have her. I'm taking care of her. I'm the one bonding with her. All you did was hit her with your car."

"Well, I didn't throw her out in front of the car, she ran into the road on her own!" He huffs. "Had I known you would take her in, I would have kept driving, leaving her to die in the road like the animal she is!"

"Get out." Owen sounds so angry and calm at the same time. It actually scares me a bit.

"Just give her to the hunters.. They told me they were willing to pay good money for her! I know you could use the cash.."

The silence is killing me, and it says a lot. Is Owen considering it? Does he really need money that bad? If I were in human form right now, I would cry..

I can see the wheels turning in Owen's head. And his next words breaks my heart.

"How much?" He bites out like the words disgusted him, but Parker only smiles like he has already won.

"The guy I ran into said they would be willing to pay us ten thousand!"

Owen's eyes grows big at the large sum of money.

"Why so much for a coyote?? It's not like it's a rare animal to come by.."

"I don't know, I didn't ask. I just heard money, and I know you could really need it. The guy said he was going to head over to the hotel they were staying at and get his hunter buddies, and then they'll come over..."

I think I've overstayed my welcome. It's time for me to leave.

I slowly backed out of the doorway, back to the kitchen, and I started to look for a way out. All the windows are closed. I could try to open the door. Let's hope it's not locked.

I limped over to the door while the two guys were still talking out in the hallway about hunters and money. I jumped up on my one good leg, well, barely good enough leg... And I used my front paws to open the door handle. LUCKILY the door wasn't locked! Thank you Owen for living in a friendly neighborhood where you trust your neighbors. I quietly limped out and headed toward the forest. I needed to get away before the hunters arrive.

**Owen's pov.**

"So, what do you say, Owen? It's a lot of money." Parker's irritating voice rings in my ears. He could be such a pain in the ass sometimes.

"I could really use the money, but my answer is no. I don't want to give her away to those hunters.. I don't want any blood money. I couldn't enjoy those money while knowing they might be torturing a innocent life. That's not who I am."

"Damnit Owen... Why do you have to be so damn stupid? Don't you see the opportunities you will have with that kind of money? You can fix you house, your car, hell, get a new car! Whatever you want!" I just shake my head no.. "Isn't it enough money, is that it? I'm sure they will pay you more, they seemed really interested in that specific coyote."

"My answer is no."

"For fucks sake, Owen...…!"

I can hear a car driving towards the house, and it looks like hunters. They are all dressed in dark green hunter gear with a hat and everything..

"This is your mess. You can go and tell them to leave. I'm not selling her to them."

Parker rubs his neck, and he suddenly looks really nervous. The hunters leaves their vehicle and is on their way toward the house.

Parker lowers his voice and looks at me with pleading eyes.

"I kinda already told them yes, and the money they offered wasn't 10, but 20 000.. I already accepted them. I really need the cash, Owen. I'm in so much trouble, you have no idea. This money will save my ass. You need to give the coyote to them." Fucking hell, this lying peace of shit.. "Who's more important to you, Owen. You childhood best friend, or a wild animal you met last night?"

I know he has some money trouble, he's always had them. He shouldn't be allowed to even walk around with money because he burns them up like he was a rich dude on holiday trying to impress someone.. I know he is behind on rent and his bills.. but at what cost?

The hunters arrives at my doorstep, and since the door is already open, they walk right over to us.

There's three men. One older and two around mid twenties, same as me. The older guy seems to be in charge.

"Where's the coyote?" He asks as he looks around.

Fuck you, Parker.

"She's in the kitchen.." I'm going to hell for this..

The guy nods, and gives his two boys a nod as well, but with a *follow me* look.

They walk into the kitchen, and it doesn't take long until the older guy storms back into the hallway to us;

"Do you think this is some kind of joke?! Where the fuck is she?!" He yells angrily at us.

"She's gone?" I can't explain the enormous relief I feel coming through my body at those words. She had managed to escape. But how?

"She was just there a few minutes ago.."

Why would she suddenly just up and leave? It not like she could understand us, right?

"Get the dogs, she can't have gotten far!" The guy yells to the other two hunters. They nod and run for the car. The older guy just stares angrily at us. "Do you think this is some kind of joke? I offered good money, and this is the thanks I get when I come to collect?"

Parker seems scared. Why would he be scared? Couldn't he just give them their money back and ask them to fuck off?

"Nothing about this is funny. I've never said yes to selling her to you. My answer is no. I want you and your fellow hunters off my land and never to return. Is that clear?"

"Owen, don't..." Parker almost begs me in a quiet voice. Why is he so scared?

The guy pulls out a gun and aims it at me. Oh fuck...

"I'm not asking." He tells me and then looks over at Parker. "I will leave as soon as I get my hands on the coyote. And when I do, you will get the rest of the money as promised. A deal is a deal."

His two hunter boys is running around the house with their dogs on a leash. It sounds like they are already on her trail. Shit... Why did this have to happen?

It pains me to just think about what will happen to her.

"Wha-what will happen to her when you get her?" I ask with glassy eyes.

The asshole smirks. He fucking smirks at me!

"Well, if you really want to know, then I don't mind telling you that I plan on selling her to the highest bidder at an auction I'm attending."

Suddenly, the dogs are going wild on their hunt, and it seems they are either closing in on her, or they've already found her. She's wounded, so I know she couldn't have gotten far.

"Sell her.. so you mean she will be sold as a pet? She will get a new home, someone to care for her?" I ask, hoping someone will look after her, or set her free.

The asshole just laugh. "Well, my bet is they will either keep her as a *pet*, a decoration piece, a slave, or use as a breeding bitch." He laugh some more. "I would personally use her for breeding. She is a fine looking specimen for a shifter."

A shifter? "What do you mean by shifter?"

He clicks his tounge. "I shouldn't have said that. Forget that last part."

The hounds are going wild again, and it sounds like they found what they were looking for.

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