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When unfortunate things start to linger, do you believe in gods and demons? When things don't go your way, do you believe in fate and destiny? When you meet your demise, do you blame the gods? Or the demented? Alexis, who recently left Saint Paul Academy, was invited to it's Halloween special event that holds one of the finest horror house in the country. All went well at first, but things start to get peculiar when two of her friends suddenly went missing.

Thriller / Drama
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Demented: Part 1

The alarm went off while Alexis stared blankly at the grey ceiling. Her dull eyes turned to the left as she watched her phone vibrate and ring. It had always been this way since she left Saint Paul Academy. She basically grew up there, and the people that once were strangers, came to be one of those precious and close to her heart. It had been, that she was bright and cheerful, bubbly and active, spending her years there as a proud student. She was later known as one of the school's star student, later known in the world of sports as well.She had been doing everything she loved, that as the years went by, people, especially those her age, catch her name through rumors and gossips.
"Queen of Saint Paul" was one of those million names people had given her. She was the best of the best, but unfortunately had to leave her home behind and start anew. It was unknown until today, the reason why she switched to home school, and had been the gossip for one year. Ever since, she cut all ties with those around her, no one knowing what and why she did that.


It was about 10 in the evening of November 26, when one of her friends so desperately tried to call her. It is said that the "Halloween Special " held by Saint Paul, invited her to the said event. Joining the fun thrills and scares 24/7.

It had come to mind, that Saint Paul held one of the best Horror Houses in the country. A time of the year where youngsters await this special day, to gather in groups as they witness the wonders of the dark and thrilling house. People of all ages came, vloggers and other artists as well, came to visit as it does catches the attention of people in the many places of the country. Now, November 27, she decided to join the fun.Showing her face once again to the public eye.


"I still need to focus on school though. "

She thought as a message popped up her screen,she quickly prepared what she needed and tried to survive the day.


"ughhh what the hell?? How am I supposed to understand this?"

She scanned her books and papers, websites and examples, yet nothing helped her understand such activity. She grew frustrated and decided to ditch it and continue tomorrow. She wasted alot of energy for the day, and so, she scrolled through social media for a while.She decided to go at 3 in the afternoon, luckily, It was only 2, so she had an hour to relax and think about what is to happen later on.


"Mom... So there's this Halloween Special at Saint Paul, I was wondering if you'd let me go there.."

"Saint Paul?"



"I thought you grew tired of that school."

"Yeah but, I haven't been there for over two years now, and wouldn't it be rude if I don't go? They've invited me over."



It grew silent. Alexis just stood there, her arm clinging to the other, and her head down.Her legs shaking, afraid that maybe, she wouldn't be able to go.

Minutes passed by and her mother avoided the question, she prepared the ingredients for dinner later on. Alexis understood that her mother was thinking about it, and It was taught to her to not leave when she isn't told to. So, she stood there for a few more minutes, shaking nervously.


Her head lifted up, her eyes sparkled but her face showed no emotion. She bowed down and thanked her.

"Just come home before dinner time. You may go."

She excused herself and headed to her room, preparing.


Alexis stood by the front gate. It was pouring with people. She stared in awe at the humongous building before her. Such nostalgia overwhelmed her, she didn't even notice those who greeted her.


Was what caught her attention and looked to her right. The voice bringing her back to euphoric days.
An old friend waved as her good old squad was behind her.


Was all she managed to say while walking to their direction. She had plenty of friends, but those of the four was exceptionally special in her life. They grew up together, one's parents was everyone's parents. In their grade school days, they often played by the town's park until sunset. Barely coming home, they too, spent most of their nights camping at Alexis' backyard. When they entered high school, they started to build their own circles of friends, they come together not so often as before. But the bond was still there. Only the four knew why she left, and only they stuck by her side through everything and anything.

"How have you been?"

Her only female friend, Kayle, gave her a hug, the sparkle in her eyes.She had black and shiny long hair, her eyes as brown as leather, and surely, had the attitude of a boy at times. It was only her that she could relate to, since they were the only girls in the circle. Both had the vibe of boys, and sometimes, had the vibe of girls. Either way, they were a duo no one can compare to.

"I've been here and there, even after two years, I still couldn't grasp the atmosphere you know?"

"Boring, as you might say."


"How have you been Ash? Still stuck in the girl drama with Russel?"

Alexis smirked. Ash and Russel liked the same girl, naturally, it meant rivalry. They both grew apart, trying to win that lady's heart. Like a typical story, she hitted on both of them spontaneously, yet neither of them knew about it. It went on for a while, until Kayle caught her flirting with another boy. Before Alexis left, both the boys still were not on good terms.

"Yeah, it was no biggy! Just don't mention her now because it creeps the hell out of me."

Ash exclaimed, tapping Russel's back, him hitting Ash back like they always do.

"Besides, isn't it you two who's got unfinished business, hmmm?"

Ash smirked at Alexis. The rest of the group gave an "oooof" expression while looking at Russel and Alexis. It was known that the two had a fling during the summer of freshman year.
Like two teens blindly walking on what ifs and guesses. Supposedly, both were in the courting stage, but then the incident between Ash, Russel, and another girl happened. All went downhill from there. Although from the outside, they both seemed like they got over it, the feelings were still present, lingering in the deepest parts of their hearts.

"We're over it, right Alexis?"

Alexis knew she still had feelings for him, but both were to afraid to start over, start anew. They thought, maybe it was better that way, like it never happened.

"Yeah, it was a long time ago, we were just kids."


"We're friends right?"

"Yes, yes we are."

The both stared at each other, wondering if there was ever a chance, just too blind to take it. One last stare and everyone grew silent.


"Okaaayyyy, shall we enter the oh-so-scary horror house?"

"You bet!"

Kyle tried to brighten up the mood, Everyone turned and prepared their stuff. In just a few minutes, it's doors shall open, and thus, the fun shall begin.

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