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The Clash of Grade 12 H-1

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“Good Morning Philippines. Live from Herrera First Laboratory Science High School, This Is Johnson of CNA Philippines. For First time in Kto12 history, Exit Exam of Grade 12 students will be a live show on TV. After controversies which took a life of one student and a bad reputation that threatens the school, Mr. Thaddeus James Herrera, president and founder, decided to open the door for media to witness this remedial test that will soon put to end to the public’s doubt on the reliability of exit exam results. For another three hours, we will soon conclude this issue and the final rankings will be announced this afternoon. Back to the studio!”


10 students. One goal. To be on the top of the Honor Roll Ladder.

One cheating incident leads to one death and betrayal.

Who will emerge victoriously and who will remain on top of the clash?

Let the clash of the braniacs begin. . .

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