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The story covers a number of issues we face in the modern society such as political indecision, racism and religious bigotry. Please keep an open mind while reading. Bad politics has left the people of a country for dead. Poverty and corruption rule. As a result of this political tumult, the people begin to commit crimes and cause havoc. A man begins to make calculated kills of top officials. Can anyone stop this murderer while saving the country from it's self?

Thriller / Mystery
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This night was darker than usual. Charcoal was the blackest thing he knew but this night was darker. It grew darker still with blood, corruption and evil. The pregnant clouds stood proud in the sky showering the purest form of water into the most impure filth that was this city. Walking through this dark blustery night was a man in a black trenchcoat. He wasn't brighter than the city but he wasn't darker either. But then, most people in this city lived their lives that way. Coherent flow with tenebrosity of this corrupt burg. The roads, the walkways the alleys were all free of thinking beings. A few still lingered here and there though. A few cars that sped through the road in this rainy night with their headlights shining bright light. As if it made the city any less of the dark pit it was. A few pedestrians making their way to their houses holding umbrellas above their head. Umbrellas that still couldn't completely protect them from the rain. And the darkness of this city was in that nature. An umbrella of light could spare you some of the darkness but not all. At times this city could be dark enough to render your umbrella of light inutile. With one glance at the scenario, the only thing odd was him sauntering along unprotected from the rain in the walkway while others who dared face the darkness and storminess of this night ran. He wouldn't say he was unbothered by the rain. He just didn't care enough to make anything colossal of it. There was a bigger task at hand. That's what held his attention. He turned the corner. A car moved slowly through the road, headlights on, which was normal if the person driving was sane. He walked into the road unto the cars path. The car screeched to a stop. He looked through the windscreen and the headlight helped him make out the faces of those seated in the car. Two people, one on the driver seat, the other on the passenger seat, cigarette in hand. He scanned the face of the smoker. Just the face he wanted to see. It was the face he expected to see. The driver pushed his hands against steering wheel hard enough to push down a brick wall, proof being the loud blare that convulsed the silence in this macabre night. The driver, tired of horning, stuck his head out of the window and yelled out obscenities at him. He ignored the driver's words. The driver wasn't any darker than the city and he most certainly wasn't brighter. The man beside him however, was the only thing darker than this city in the premises. He put his hands into his coat pocket and brought out his pistol - desert eagle. He leveled it at the smoker beside the driver.

Peace be unto the world as your troubled soul leaves it. Of this darkness you are free. Be gone!

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