The Inshallah Factor - Death Fate and the Desert

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When his self assured mundane routine is chillingly and ruthlessly challenged, Don Bradley finds himself pitched headlong into an unfamiliar scenario of terror and the primeval world of self preservation. His initial escape from a bullet riddled and burning 4x4 into the empty blackness of the desert night was a fateful and narrow brush with death, that leads to further torment when he finally reaches the familiar sanctuary of the remote pipeline encampment only to find the unfolding nightmare is far from over. Up until the moment of his life threatening encounter, there were few who could seriously be identified as his nemesis, but as the story unfolds it is clear that simply being a non believing foreign worker in Saudi Arabia could be enough to make him a very clear and identifiable target . Fate now reinforces the situation when the leader of the assassins identifies him as the one that unknowingly murders one of his cousins during the first night's encounter at the encampment. He becomes the innocent and unsuspecting victim of a fanatical and ruthless group of Jihadists who are determined to destroy all traces of Western influence and what they perceive as the paramount harbinger of the corruption of the modern Arabian way of life. His battle for survival tests his will and strength of character that bring forth a loyal and unlikely group of sympathetic allies.

Thriller / Action
Ernest Gowers
Age Rating:


Then the heat of Arabia came out like a drawn sword and struck us speechless

T.E Lawrence - Seven Pillars of Wisdom

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