Hearts Prisoner

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Mia Kincaid is on her way to her last family vacation before she heads off to college in the fall. It was supposed to be a summer full of excitement and memories. Lazy days spent on the lake and nights full of parties. It was to be her first real taste of freedom. The only problem was her family secrets were about to get in the way of her summer of fun. Logan Heart is hired to do a job. A job that will tug at the very heart he has kept hidden for so long. One split decision changes his whole job. Can Mia brake him? Can he brake her? Stuck together by his own decisions will Logan be able to complete his job or will he end up on the run because of his own beating heart? This story has been writer by myself and F0rbiddendesires

Thriller / Romance
M.K. Rissen
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Summer Vacation

“Mia, are you listening?”

“I think she has her headphones in.”

“Well tap her on the shoulder.” I felt my litter sister Harper tap me on the shoulder. I looked up and my mother was turned looking at me in the car. I removed a headphone.


“Is Brad going to come up to the cabin this summer?” She asked me.

“I don’t know for sure. He might come for the end of the summer. His family is going to Florida.” She smiled at me and turned back around. My family was headed to the mountains in Montana. We owned a cabin by a lake and we spent most summers there. Fishing, hiking, boating, and much more. It was one of my favorite places to go. This summer however was going to be one of my last for a while. I would turn nineteen in July and I was headed off to college when the summer ended. It took almost a day’s drive to get there and we had already been on the road for six hours. My little sister Harper just turned sixteen and our younger brother, Seth was turning thirteen. At least my family would still come to the cabin when I was gone.

My father Richard Kincaid, was the best man I have ever known. I was a total daddy’s girl. He owned a large shipping company and took very good care of his family. Needless to say, we were very comfortable and I was able to go to the college of my choice. My father and my mother, Joyce have been married since the dawn of time. They were still very much in love and had no problem showing it. My parents raised me well. My father has always been a very strict man, but he was also a fair man.

I have always been more mature for my age and I kept a pretty good head on my shoulders. While most kids my age were partying. I was home studying. I have always had goals and I have never let anything stand in my way of achieving them. I’m also stubborn as hell, something I get from my father. I reached forward and wrapped my arms around my father. “How much longer daddy? My butt hurts.” He tapped my arm.

“About two more hours.” I sat back and pressed the next song to play and closed my eyes. When I felt the car start to bump. I opened my eyes and knew we were on the rocky road to the cabin. One thing I loved about our cabin was it was the only house out here on Echo Lake. It was always so peaceful. My father bought our cabin when I was eight years old and we’ve been spending our summers there every year since.

I started dating Brad Miller in my sophomore year of high school. Brad is a good guy with a bright future ahead of himself. My parents took to him right away. Brad comes from a family of money and we are both headed off to Princeton in the fall. He has great manners, something my father takes pride in. The last two summers he joined us at the cabin for at least a week. I sighed to myself. Don’t get me wrong. I care a lot for Brad, I just don’t know if he is the one for me. I have felt stuck for the last couple of months. Like my life is lacking something. I have never done anything exciting or impulsive in my whole life. I feel like I’m stuck in a box and my only way out is to follow everything everyone expects from me.

Not that my goals are not imported to me. I just feel like something is missing. Brad just doesn’t fill that void for me. He is actually very boring. Always talks about school and what he wants to be. He is also not very touchy-feely. He never really has been. It’s a chore to get even a hug out of him. Not that I ever really wanted to jump into the sheets with him, but it took him almost two months before we even had our first kiss. He is a real gentleman, but I feel like I just needed something more. I was actually hoping he wouldn’t come this summer, as I had already made up my mind to break it off with him when school started. Something I just knew my parents wouldn’t be happy about.

Skipper started barking in the back seat when the cabin finally came into view. We always drove the suburban when he came out here. It held more and my father didn’t like to bring the Mercedes. About twenty minutes up the road was a very small town. It was usually where my mother and I would go for all the supplies we would need for the summer. My mother always put in our order before we came up here and the store would always have our things ready. I packed my usual things. Clothes, bathroom items, my music, and my books. I have always been into reading. I mean most of the time you would find my nose in a book. My other love was for music and I was a very accomplished piano player. I also loved to sing. For my senior project, I played a song I wrote on the piano and sang. I won first place and ended up playing it in front of the entire school for graduation.

“Were here folks, the ride is finally over.” My father announced and we all jumped out of the car. I needed to straighten my legs. I loved the air out here. It was always so clean and fresh. We arrived about an hour before the sun would set and we spent that hour taking everything inside and getting all set up. My father always has someone come out here and clean before we arrive. My parents spent some money over the last year and had the cabin remodeled and I was excited to see what was new. The cabin stood against the woods and there was a lot of wildlife out here. I remembered about two summers ago we had a bear break-in and do a lot of damage. The cabin was three stories. An attic was the third story, but it was my favorite place in the cabin. It had a balcony that faced the lake and I had convinced my parents to let me turn it into my bedroom.

My father had all new floors, doors, and windows put in. My mother picked out paint and we had a tightly locked security system put in. My father had cameras set up so he could see anything that went on here from our home. The inside of the cabin was all new. I loved it and couldn’t wait for this summer to begin. I promised myself I wasn’t going to talk about school and just enjoy myself. I was also looking forward to meeting up with some of the locals and maybe even going to a party or two. I wanted something exciting to happen before I left for school.

My father and I got the last of our things inside. My mother was already in the kitchen making something for dinner. My sister was setting up the table outside on the porch and my brother and Skipper were already down by the water playing. I sat the last bag down on the couch and pulled my long brown hair back into a bun. My father started to open up the cabin to let in some airflow. It was already hot, but the night was bringing in some cool air. I helped my mother finish up making the spaghetti before I put together a salad and took it out to the porch. My father was calling my bother to come to have dinner. We all set down together and started to eat.

“So tell me, Mia, do you already know what your classes are going to be?” I rolled my eyes to myself of course.

“I know some of them. I did get into music. Which I’m told is very hard to do. I’m happy about that.” Before they could keep asking me school questions. I cut them off. “Dad, did you get the boat this year?”

“I did, by the way, I forget to tell you all. I’m sorry but in the first week of July. I have to go back home for two weeks. I have some very important work that needs to be done.” My mother looked at him like he was nuts.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked him.

“I’m sorry Joyce, but I was only informed about it myself this morning.” My mother’s face fell and she looked sad. My father had never left during the summer before. If he had work to do he usually just did it from the cabin.

“You will be back for my birthday right?” I asked him. He smiled at me and patted my hand.

“Of course sweetheart. I would never miss that.” I smiled at him and went back to my food. My mother stayed quiet for the rest of the night and she looked almost angry. The only thing that sucked about being out here was the internet only worked when it felt like it, and even then it worked like shit. Sometime’s you would have to go into town just to make a decent phone call. We are pretty much on our own out here. My parents like it like that. One thing my father likes to do is hunt and we have a very large gun collect out here. My father taught me how to shoot at a very young age. My mother and sister hate guns and have never touched them. My father has been teaching my brother how to shoot and this is the first year he would get to go hunting with my father. I never really had a taste for killing animals, but I did enjoy shooting.

I cleaned up the kitchen for my mother and ended up being the last one to head off to bed. I walked past my parent’s bedroom and heard them arguing. My parents never really fought too much and I hated it when they did. I just tiptoed off to my room and chose to ignore it for the night. I’m pretty sure my mother is just upset that my dad is leaving for a few weeks. I turned the lights on and turned on my music. After I set my room up for the summer I went and took a shower. When I came out my phone was going off. I picked it up and saw I had a few text messages from Brad. I set on the bed and started to read them.

“Hey Mia, just wanted to let you know that I won’t be back from Florida in time to come out.”

“Are you mad at me? I’m sorry.”

“Where are you?”


I just rolled my eyes. I was actually relieved he wasn’t coming.

“Hey sorry, I have been busy. Just getting ready for bed now. No, I’m not mad, just enjoy your vacation with your family. I’ll see you in August.” I hit send and put my phone back on the charger. I was actually hoping he would have a summer fling and he would end things with me. Just so I didn’t have to do it myself. That sure would save me from the dooming conversation I would have to have with my parents. I opened the balcony doors and turned off the lights before I climbed into bed and fell asleep fast. I couldn’t wait for the summer to begin.

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