Heart's Prisoner

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Close Encounters

Logan’s POV

Hovering over Mia I looked down at her and knew I needed to get up before it was too late. It was clear she wasn’t going to stop me. Part of me wondered what the hell was wrong with her. I had ripped her from her family at gunpoint. I had handcuffed her to a bed. The other half didn’t care, it just wanted her. That was the part I was afraid of.

Mia was a smart girl, too smart to be laying underneath me in my bed. Still, I dipped my head capturing her full lips with mine. Her soft lips didn’t resist me at all, in fact, she raised her hands pulling me closer to her.

Breaking our kiss I looked down at her. Her lips were slightly swollen from our kiss. Our eyes met and I suddenly noticed how she had tried to hide her bruise under her eye with makeup. It was my fault she had gotten hit. I should have been able to protect her.

Shaking my head I jumped up out of bed. Mia gasped, “Logan don’t go.”

I turned around. “Mia I’m your fucking kidnapper. I’m not your boyfriend.”

She looked at me and I could see the hurt in her eyes, “I fucking know who you are Logan.” I sighed as she got up storming past me.

At the last possible second, I reached out grabbing her arm bringing her back to me. Her hands rested on my chest as I pushed her back against the wall kissing her. “Mia,” I said looking down at her.

Mia ran her hands down my chest and I had to close my eyes and think really hard of all the reasons I didn’t need to drag her right back to my bed. For one I didn’t need her screaming about being raped after she was reunited with her family. Opening my eyes I looked down at her shaking her head. “Mia, what are you doing?”

She looked down taking her hands off of me so quickly you would have thought I had burned her. “I’m sorry,” she whispered holding her hands to her chest.

I sighed taking her hands in mine, “I don’t want you doing something you will regret later.”

Mia’s eyes looked up at mine, “what about you? Do you regret kissing me.”

“I have lots of regrets princess, but honestly kissing you isn’t one of them.”

I was caught off guard by Mia throwing herself back in my arms. My lips crashed down onto hers and I could feel the hunger in her kiss. Shit, I needed this girl to fear me. I needed her to hate me. Yet here she was and this was definitely not hating me. If I fucked her would she hate me then?

Backing up with her in my arms I pulled her back down onto the bed with me. Back to where we had started only now my lips were running down her neck and to the front of her throat. “Logan,” she whispered as she arched her body up to mine.

My brain was screaming at me to stop but with Mia’s hands on my body and my name escaping from those sweet lips of hers it was impossible. I wanted her and lust pushed all reasonable thoughts clear out of my head.

Her tanktop made accessing her breast far to easy and as my tongue circled her nipple Mia’s gasp filled the room. I had to be dreaming, there was no way the spoiled princess would be in my bed offering herself to me. Sliding my free hand between her legs I slipped under her shorts and found her soaking wet.

Her soft moans filled the room as my fingers slid into her. I was going to hell I just knew it. Mia was going to snap back into reality any second and probably kill me with a knife out of my own fucking kitchen. Whatever, I didn’t care.

Leaning up I looked down at her as she bit her lip. Her eyes met mine and I realized she hadn’t lied when she said she felt safe with me. She was so trusting, so...innocent. No, it couldn’t be possible for her to have never been touched. She had come too willing to my bed.

Dipping my head back down I captured her breast again feeling her fingers glide through my hair moments before she cried out my name. Pushing myself up I looked down at her, our lips meeting again as she pulled me back down to her.

The sound of my phone caught us both off guard and the reality of what he just happened seemed to snap into both of us. I jumped up grabbing my phone “yeah,” I said walking out of the room needing to get as far away from her before I screwed up things even more than I just had.

“They are coming for her.”

I frowned hearing Stephen’s voice on the other end of the phone. “What? Who?”

He sighed, “Nate and James told McGreggor how you let Mia escape. They convinced him to let them watch her. You don’t have much time.”

“Fuck,” I yelled out, putting my hand on my head. It could be a trap, they could want me to move her. There was only one way up and one way down my road. I for some reason trusted Stephen more than the others. He hadn’t wanted to take Mia, not really he liked to act tough but that’s all it was. Stephen like I had assumed that daddy would do right and if anything Mia would be home safe and sound the next morning.

“Thanks for the heads up,” I said hanging up and walking back down the hall.

Mia had moved to sit up and when I walked in she looked up at me with no expression whatsoever in her face. I didn’t have time to deal with her emotions, we had to move. Walking past her I dig a bag and my closet and tossed it beside her. “We have to leave, pack what you can.”

“What? She asked confused as she looked down at the bag as if it might reach out and grab her. “Logan, did I do something wrong?”

“Just go throw whatever shit you want to take with you in the bag Mia. We don’t have much time.” When she still didn’t move I walked up to her stopping directly in front of her. “Look I’m sorry about what happen end. I can promise you I’ll never fucking touch you again but we have to go now. Nate and James are already on their way to get you.”

Mia’s face fell and as much as I wanted to pull her into my arms I knew what had happened had been a huge mistake. I seemed to be fucking up with her all the way around. I watched her walk away with tears in her eyes.

Going to my closet I grabbed my own bag and started throwing in everything I could get to fit. I had thought about other places we could go if we had to move but I had never chosen exactly where to go. Now I had to make that decision fast and pray I made the right one.

Walking down the hall I pushed the door open to Mia’s room. She walked out tossing her bag at me not saying a word. I caught it sighing, she really had nothing to pack, a couple of days worth of clothes. Heading to the kitchen I threw what in what I could. I didn’t know when we would be able to stop for supplies.

I sighed looking over at Mia sitting on my couch petting Reece. I could only imagine the things that were flying through her head. Shaking my head I hated myself, I had kidnapped her and in less than three days was trying to fuck her. “Come on,” I said angrily.

Mia didn’t look up only followed behind me. Whistling for Reece to follow us I locked the door behind us knowing that it wouldn’t do much good. I had worked hard to get this place and now I felt like I was saying goodbye to it. Would I always be in the run after this?

In all aspects, I was betraying McGreggor. Whenever I got where I was going I would call Collin. He would smooth things over for me and convince him that Mia was better off with me. It made me nervous going against McGreggor, I’d seen people disappear for far less. I needed Collin on my side.

Letting down my tailgate I whistled again for Reece and once he was in the back I grabbed his bag of food off the porch and shut it back. Climbing in my truck I looked over at Mia and sighed, “it’s going to be ok Mia.”

She turned her head to look out the window not bothering to answer me. As I pulled off I couldn’t help but think it was better if she didn’t talk, it was better if she kept those eyes off of me. If she stayed mad at me she would stay away from me.

I heard her start to cry so I turned the radio up enough to cover the sounds. I felt like crap. I had warned her I was no better than those other guys. Mia acted like no prisoner I had ever seen, not that I’d actually seen any. She had every opportunity to try and escape me last night yet she ended up in my bed. The exact opposite of where she needed to be. Turning North at the end of my road I hoped I was making the right decision.

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